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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If Life Gives You Lemons...........

You know the old saying......if life gives you lemons, make lemonade! My step~daughter's kitchen is all done in a 'lemon' theme, so for her b'day last wk. I decided awhile back that I would try to make her a few things. I recently found this new pattern by Angel Stitchin. The pattern came w/3 lemon buttons, but I changed the colors of the threads just a little. They also had a chunky looking checkerboard design off to the side, but I omitted it because of the time factor. I'd like to pass the chart along, so if anyone wants it, just leave a comment. If there's more than one, I'll draw a name. Please know that you'll have to buy your own buttons. They are from 'Just Another Button Co."
I took this pic w/out the flash on so it'd give you a better idea on the colors.

This is only the second time I've ever made a double flange pillow, but I was pleased w/how it turned out. I found the lemon fabric at JoAnn's. Do you know how hard it is to find things w/lemons on them???

I also made her a reversible apron out of the same material. Kind of a retro look to it.
Since I'm a big fan of anything w/rick rack on it, I just had to add some...
Here's the back side.....I just kept it plain, w/no pockets or the apron gets too bulky.
I found her a green wire basket at JoAnn's too, so made her a gift basket, w/all things lemony...lol. A lemon candle, lemon handsoap for the kitchen sink, new yellow/green dishcloths and some lemon/lime stickers that you put on plastic drink cups when you have people over, so you know whose is whose. ha
My hubby's parents went w/us to visit them and celebrate her b'day on Sat. (Our oldest son drove in later and surprised her, but youngest son had to work that day). This is what my MIL(her paternal grandmother) gave her.... a beautiful set of old dishes. Several boxes in fact, so it took awhile to haul it all inside.
Here's a few more of the pieces......
All in all, I think she was very pleased w/everything she got and we had a wonderful time of family fellowship all day long. There was just a sweet spirit the whole day and lots of good food and laughter~ we had tears in our eyes we laughed so hard reminiscing about the kids when they were little.

Her town is also home to a real nice quilt shop, so all of us gals got to snatch some time in the afternoon to do a little fabric shopping. Brooke, our granddaughter, talked me into getting an apron pattern for us to make together when she comes for a visit. She picked out some cute cupcake material for it, so hopefully we'll be able to get together again soon.

I am still having some problems leaving comments on some of your blog posts. I'm really not sure what the problem is OR how to fix it, but please know I've tried. Some blogs it won't let me leave any at all and some it will, so if you've not heard from me lately, it's not because I haven't tried.

The summer is going by so fast, but I sure hope everyone's enjoying it while it lasts. We are in a heat advisory this wk. VERY HOT and VERY HUMID, so I'm gonna stay in and get back to sewing!
Happy Stitching!