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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Primitive Room Displays

I don't know about you but these darling rooms decorated for the nearby holidays have me wanting to move right into them!  I was at a prim shop a few wks. ago and couldn't help but sneak in a few pics walking from room to room.  I just love it when shop owners give you great ideas that you can literally take home w/you.  Of course, they want you to buy their wares, but I love getting new ideas on how I can add a little something extra to my own home.
 This same room in red was in another much darker color scheme this same time last year and the bed was on another wall.  Just some cute ways to rearrange and go w/a lighter, more holidayish (is that a word??), style.
 I can't wait to do up a guestroom like this someday.......and I promise to show pics of how it all turns out later down the road when it actually happens.

 These last two pics are a bit on the bright side b/c of the huge windows off to the side, but I did the best I could w/my phone camera........

 I made some homemade cinnamon rolls today, so now I need a nap, lol
Happy decorating!!!