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Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, I'm finally back w/a couple of finishes and a BIG announcement that I'll tell you about near the end of this post. (yes, you can scroll down now if you can't stand the excitement, LOL)!

I've been on a bit of a 'spring' kick w/my stitching lately and wanted to share what I've been up to.
First up is 'Are You My Mother?' by Bent Creek. I used a totally different fabric and added a piece of wool to the bottom, as well as some faux flowers and a ribbon, which can be taken off if you don't like it. I just thot it needed something else added to make it feel a bit more 'springy'. ha
Here's another finished item I made recently. The pattern is by the wonderfully talented Brenda Gervais, of 'With Thy Needle and Thread'/Country Stitches designer. I love most everything she designs, but hate to admit that I've made very few of her things. Her patterns are in bigger print and much easier to read than some I've done.This one is called, 'Chocolate Bunnies' and I used some over dyed threads than what it called for. For the bunnies, I used 'Sable' from GAST, and for the fabric I used 16ct. White Birch Heatherfield, which gives it more of a 'prim' look and feel to it. They no longer make this color of Heatherfield fabric, but I've always adored the nubby texture and tiny flecks of color it has. It was really popular yrs. ago when I had my shop, but only comes in one color/size nowadays. However, I still have quite a bit left in my craft room of different sizes/colors, tee hee.I also added some faux flowers to this one too. The pattern actually called for it on this one. :))I am thinking of making it again on larger count fabric next time, so the 'egg' would be a lot bigger.

On to the big announcement: after MUCH praying, pondering and planning for way over a year, I finally decided to jump on board and open an Etsy shop!!! Yep, I actually opened it almost a month ago, but it sat empty until just this past wk end when I was finally able to list things for sale in it.
It's called My Lil' Craft Room!!! (wonder where I got that name)??? lol

The first five people that order something from the shop will receive a little extra handmade goodie as a thank you, but I'm not telling you what it is! It'll be a 'surprise'!!!

I will be selling handmade items, as well as lots of supplies for your favorite stitching past times. Cross stitch, primitive stitch, wool applique, craft items, overdyed floss, fabric(linens/wool, etc.), needles and patterns are just a few of the things I'll be offering.

**The older kits/patterns that have never been used or opened will be offered at a big discounted price. A few of them have already sold, so I am listing what's left and I'll be adding to it again soon.

***But here's the BIG kicker, I will try my best to discount even the newer items just a little off of regular retail prices to offset the shipping costs. If there's ever anything that you need/want me to order, just let me know and I'll see if I can get it for you, but please keep in mind that I'm just starting out, so I'll be adding lots more items as time/money allow. I'll update as I get them listed, so check back every now/then.

Have a great week everyone! I've got lots of linen to cut and get listed, so I need to get off of here.As always,thanks so much for stopping by.

P.S.~ I've turned off my word verification thingy recently as it was very difficult to see and I want to make it easy for you to leave comments, however, I still have blogger approval turned on as I have been hit w/some security problems recently. If you ever get an email from me that has a strange link to it or just seems odd to you, DO NOT open it!! Please contact me and let me know, as some of you have done recently~thank you so much!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

25 yrs. ago today!

I would love to tell you that I'm writing this aboard a huge cruise ship heading towards the Bahamas. Can you see the white sandy beach up ahead, turquoise waters and smell the salty air?? Or perhaps snuggled in a log cabin in the mountains, warming up by the fire after a day of skiing, or maybe even flying overseas for the first time, anxiously awaiting the tour of a lifetime. But NOPE, none of these places are where I'm writing from. I'm just at home, like most days, only this one I awoke to an awful noise of dear hubby throwing up in the bathroom that gave me the heebie jeebies! On our 25th wedding anniversary to beat all!!! (How dare he get sick today of all days)!! LOL

Actually, we had made reservations a few wks. ago to take a little trip to Gatlinburg, Tn. for a few days. But last wk. we realized things weren't working out for us to go, so we cancelled, but weren't really sure of the reason. Now we know~I'm so glad we were at home when he got sick instead of stuck in some motel several hrs. from home. The Lord knew ahead of time and I'm so thankful we listened to that 'still small voice'. The voice that tells you things you sometimes don't want to hear, but it's always for your benefit.

I thank the Lord all the time for giving me such a wonderful man all these yrs. He's never gotten mad at me or the kids, he's always loved us w/the kind of love that only God can give. The kind that Christ loved his bride with, the church. So I just want to mention, that even tho' we didn't get to celebrate in the way I had pictured for a long, long time, I'm just so thankful and glad that we have such a wonderful relationship (with the Lord at the head of it) and that we're together today, despite the sick germs.

On the flip side~I've gotten to spend most the day stitching(in between playing nursemaid), which has been really therapeutic for me, and didn't have to do any chores or even fix dinner~ I gave myself the day off. LOL

I hope whether you are single, married or dating, that each of you experiences what TRUE love is all about~the LOVE that God has for each one of us and gave up His Son for us so that we can have a real, true relationship w/Him.

My honey ordered this beautiful cake the other day, good thing or he wouldn't have gotten to eat any of it today.
I ordered this heart spring from a dear friend~ Sheila and as always, she added a few things to the box.Thanks again Sheila, I treasure it all, but esp. our 'online' friendship!
This is a little stitchery that I added bits of wool to and turned into a flange pillow.And a little snowman purse that I forgot to show awhile back, using a freebie pattern. The handles actually make 6 pockets on it. I still need to add the magnetic snap.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are You Ready for a Craft Sale???

Today's sale is for various cross stitch kits from designers~Hob Nobb Designs, Lizzie*Kate, and Bent Creek. These are older kits, but have NEVER been used, like brand new, only older and w/a big discount! All these kits are in their original packaging. Here's how it will work:

I prefer to accept payments through PayPal, which you can use even if you don't have a PayPal acct. These prices you see here will NOT reflect shipping costs. That will be added later, after I receive notice, along with your address, so I will know how much to add for actual shipping. It will be first come, first served. You will need to send me an email stating which kit/kits that you want to purchase. Please don't forget to add your address in the email. I will accept international addresses as well. I will mark it sale pending until I receive payment.

First up is a Hob-Nobb Design kit w/a large handmade Angel button(over 2 inches long), graph and also the fabric. Comes in a nice compact plastic box. $9.00 each OR all 3 kits below for $25.0016 ct. Hickory Heatherfield fabric included....A second Hob-Nobb Des. kit~'School Days'~comes with a darling handmade 'raincoat' button, graph and also the fabric. $9.00 each or all 3 kits for $25.00. This would make a darling teacher's gift!16ct. White Birch Heatherfield fabric included...(I still have some of this fabric left if anyone wants me to cut them a piece, just let me know what size and I'll quote you a price).Third kit by Hob-Nobb Des. is 'BOO', a cute ghost button and 3 candy corn buttons, graph, and also the fabric is included for $9.oo each OR all 3 kits for $25.0016ct. Hickory Heatherfield fabric is included...Next up is a Bent Creek Zipper kit~'Jack'. Included in the zipper bag is the graph, linen fabric, threads, embellishments and needle, plus you can re-use the 6 by 9 in. zipper bag for many things~all for only $12.50. I use all my zipper bags for carrying current small projects in.Lizzie*Kate kit~'Long May She Wave' comes in a cute little plastic re-usable 'purse'. Graph, fabric (hand-dyed relic linen), star embellishment, needle and exclusive chart for $8.00. (original price was $18.00).L*K kit~'Vinnie Von Fang' ~ is a special edition kit, complete w/hand-dyed 'Transylvania Green' linen, Mill Hill ceramic pumpkin button, silver bow, 2 yellow star buttons, sparkly crystal cufflinks, glittery silver fiber, crazy eyes, black seed beeds, needle and graph~ all for only $12.50 OR both kits(Betty Broomstick) for $24.00. (Each kit was originally $28.00 each). ***Both Vinnie and Betty have been sold~thanks Jo!L*K kit~'Betty Broomstick'~comes with exclusive hand-dyed 'Halloween' linen, pumpkin glass necklace, sliver bow, fuzzy black hair fiber, 2 yellow star buttons, sparkly crystal earrings, glittery fuchsia shoe fiber, black seed beads, bristly broom, needle and graph all for $12.50 each OR both Vinnie and Betty for $24.00. Edited~both Vinnie and Betty have been sold! Thanks! Bent Creek kits~2 Cracker kits available. 'Halloween' Holiday Crackers kit includes: 32 ct. linen, floss, embellishments, graph and needle. Asking $10.00 each OR $18.00 for both kits.Bent Creek 'Christmas' Holiday Crackers kit includes: 32 ct. linen, floss, embellishments, graph and needle all for $10.00 OR both Cracker kits for $18.00.
That's it for today, but I still have lots more kits/patterns(not all are cross stitch related), etc. to sell in the near future. Any questions~just email if you already have my email addie OR click on the 'contact me' button which is located on the upper right sidebar.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shopping!!! LOL

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let's Get This Tour Over ~ Craft Room Part Three

Did anyone remember that we needed to finish this tour so we can move on?LOL

This part of the 'tour' focuses mostly on the other side of the room, where I store my fabric and wool. Mr. Fix-It hung shelves for all my $$$ store baskets. Each basket holds a certain color scheme, type of fabric, or seasonal fabrics.

Here's where we left off last time. Remember I mentioned that I had another window in the room? It faces the front of the house. As you can see, there isn't much room between the sewing area and the cutting area. (yes, I am having a hard time trying to find matching material to make window valances). I really have tried, honest! :))

Oops, the room looks almost blue in this pic. Must have been the bright sunlight shining through the other window, that we haven't had the pleasure of receiving the last few days. I really needed to stain the tabletop or cover it w/formica, but just left it plain for now, however it does get stains on it from time to time. It measure 3ft. wide by 6 ft. long. The light fixture has 'Daylight' bulbs in it for truer color.More fabric underneath. These 2 bins are actually holding up the tabletop. (there are two more bins underneath in the back that are empty). They are a bit higher than regular table height, making it easier for me to use my rotary cutter w/out having to bend over as much.I had my dear hubby nail 2 yard sticks end to end to the outside so I can easily measure my fabric.Some cute little baskets I found to store some of my newer patterns I have obtained over the past yr. or so.I can't remember where I bought the giant paper clip, but I use it to hold patterns that I'm working on. The black basket in the back holds most of my interfacing.This sewing chest was given to me by my MIL. It is sort of 3D looking and very heavy. It has compartments inside, to hide things from myself, ha!For some reason this lampshade always sits crooked! LOL I never can get it to stay on straight.It sits at the very end of the tabletop and fabric baskets. Guess what this bin holds???Yep, all of my WOOL!!! Of course, they had to be color-coordinated too! Each basket is plum full, so not sure where I'll end up storing the new stuff. I'm running out of room!!!! I know, it's such a dilemma!! :))
Hands to work, hearts to God, which is hard to see, but that's what it says.There was just enough room to hang it next to the fabric baskets. Here's how it looks all together...Of course, I forgot to show how I reach up that high....my step stool fits perfectly in the small leftover space. Usually it is piled w/magazines and things I've made..LOLJust to make sure that you don't think the room looks this nice and neat ALL the time, here is what it usually looks like...........

That's it folks............hope you enjoyed the 'tour' of my humble little craft room.

*** Keep saving up those pennies cuz I'm STILL working on a BIG craft sale, (w/special discounts for all my bloggy buddies) coming soon to a blog near you!!! LOL

Enjoy the day whatever the weather! As always, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments! I truly do appreciate them!!

Happy Stitching,