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Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

 I'm finally back w/a few pics of my V's Day decor.  Here is the little penny rug I designed for my gals at church for craft nite last mth. I tried to design something that would be simple enough for beginners, but give the more experienced crafters in the group a little more challenge.
 I put all of their supplies in a cute little Valentine bag(bright pink w/hearts all over) and included a couple of goodies for them as well.  I think there were about 14 ladies that nite and we all had a ball.  I had not taught any craft classes in over 10 yrs. but wasn't really nervous, I was more concerned about remembering all the steps to tell them when working w/wool applique. I also had them play a little game and the winner won some very cute Valentine gifts.  (can't seem to find the pic of it tho')
 I made up a pattern, complete w/color photo and templates, plus all the directions if they wanted to finish it at home.  None of the gals had ever worked w/wool, but several said they thought it very relaxing and I've had several orders for more kits they'd like to work on, most said something SPRINGY!
I also took several of my candle mats, penny rugs, ornies and pillows(from all the seasons) I've made over the yrs.(I pretty much stripped the house~LOL) and showed them what all you can make out of wool.  They were all very complimentary and receptive to learning a new craft.   I really enjoyed getting back in the swing of it all.  We all ate dinner together first and everyone brought snacks to enjoy throughout the evening.  It was a really fun nite and they voted to get together every month instead of every other month.

 sorry for the dim lighting.....it was very cloudy that day I took these.  I have 2 sets of the 'X & O' blocks, one on either side of the 'hearth'.  They are really the same shade of red, but the 'o' looks more orange b/c of the shadow.
 Valentine's Day was our 27th anniversary and so it is always at the top of my list for favorite holidays!
 We got to enjoy part of our day together by taking an afternoon road trip which we ended up getting into a snowstorm!!  We actually slid and did a 'half donut' in the parking lot of the restaurant we ate at for dinner.   Oh what fun, ha!   Kinda reminded me of our honeymoon, where we had to drive about 30mph on the highway, cuz the snow was coming down so hard!!
 The very next nite, our oldest son and future daughter-in-law cooked dinner for us and did the dishes to boot!  They created a fantastic meal, very delicious, turned out the kitchen lights, then lit a candle, turned on some Kenny G music and took off.  They wanted to do something special for us for our anniversary and we both agreed they did a wonderful job!! (every time I walked into the kitchen while they were cooking, I had to keep my head down or shut my eyes, as they wanted it to be a surprise)LOL.
 All in all, we had a wonderful time and look forward to many more yrs. to come if the Lord allows!  (PLEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZ God?)
 As part of the celebration, I sent out a newsletter over the wkend. to all of my customers from my Etsy shop and told them about a little SALE going on now.   If any of you want to be included, just type in VALENTINE10(all caps and no spaces) when you check out, for a little extra savings of 10% off anything in my shop (which most items are already discounted to begin with).  The sale ends tonite at midnight.  (just click on the word - Etsy, above to take you there).
 There is some new wool and new cross stitch graphs that I listed recently and I have another order on the way!  I've had several ideas(for quite sometime) of some new things I'd like to offer on there and maybe even here on my blog as the yr. unfolds, so I'll mention them later on.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and even if you don't have a valentine, just remember that God is our one true Valentine and He loves us more than anyone could ever imagine!!