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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lodge Family Room ~ Part One

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you live here in the states. I'm not quite finished decorating for Christmas yet, so I thought I'd give you a little tour of our family room, taken from last winter. This is part of the addition we added onto the back of our house. It's about 14 X 18, with a cathedral ceiling. The paint color is actually more of a khaki color, depending on what time of day you see it in. I did NOT make this wall hanging, but I did buy it for half price a few yrs. ago at a country/prim store. We were even able to find 'lodge' lamps. :))

This is one of my favorite Pine Mt. pillows.
I sort of made up the design for the end table mats, using Moda quilt fabric charm packs and I added the prairie points for a little more design element. The moose w/the 3 holes is actually a toothbrush holder, but I put pens in it, (which I should have left in for the pic) ~ tee hee.

Here is the middle of our huge sectional couch. On the left end, it 'pops' out as a recliner, while on the right side is the chaise lounge part. Plus it folds out in the center to make a queen-size bed, but not really very comfortable.

I did not make the quilted picture, but I did make both of the Pine Mt. pillows.
The other end table on the rt. side of the couch. Found the moose ceramic dish at Kohl's several yrs. ago.
This is the top of the sofa table that stands in front of 3 large windows.
What's a lodge room w/out a bear rug??? LOL
The back door leading out to the deck. I made the wreath last yr. and sprayed the 'snow' to give it a more wintry look, then added the rusty stars/bell and berries, etc. A friend of mine gave me the 'expandable' moose.
The tv sits in between the back door (which has now been painted black, and looks much better since this was taken) and the fireplace.

My honey, Mr. Fix-It, designed the little arch to fit the window over the 3 big windows and also made the 'floating' shelf underneath.

This concludes part one of the tour, but I promise to be back soon w/the rest of the pics!

I hope everyone is starting to feel the magic in the air caused by celebrating the most wonderful time of the yr. ~ our Saviour's birth. Here's a neat thought from one of Joel Osteen's books, "I hope you have your perfect Christmas, but if it doesn't seem to be that way at first, keep in mind that you don't know what God has in store. He may still be wrapping the perfect Christmas gift for you to open later".
Have a great wk. everyone!
Tanya ***

Thursday, November 18, 2010

T'giving Decor ~ Part Two

Hi everyone!

I'm back to show you the inside decor that I told you about on my last post. This is a shelf that hangs in my kitchen on the wall behind the big farmhouse table. I had my 'cherry' dishes on it for the longest time, but decided I needed to switch it out for the seasons. This was not stitched by me but was used as a shop model even before cubes were popular. I will apologize for a few blurred pics in advance.
Mr. Pilgrim himself ~ lol

The sign I bought at HL last yr. for half price. The crow is attached to the base. I can't remember where I got the wood pumpkin/crow, behind the sign, I've had it for several yrs.
I used to sell these little seasonal wooden pieces in my shop ~ they always had a circle cut out in the middle that you put your stitching in. I made the two little pumpkins yrs. ago out of Debbie Mumm fabric.

I made two of these a couple of yrs. ago. I used wool felt on top of a 'waffle-weave' dishrag, the kind you find in the prim shops w/the matching placemats, etc. I've also used them to make pillows too. I think they make a nice background for stitched pieces and easy to sew through.
These 3 resin figurines I found at HL last yr. for half price. (I don't like to pay full price for anything if I don't have to). :))

Here they are up close, but a little blurred, sorry. The Daddy..........
The Mommy.........

The baby.....

I removed the Halloween towels I had hanging on the double ovens and replaced them w/these. The top one actually matches the tablerunner, but I bought them at two different stores.
and one more little hanging pilgrim family.....

Are you all ready for the big day? Lots of wonderful food and laughter around the table and giving thanks to the Lord for all that He has given us.

Last yr. at this same time, we didn't have our kitchen finished remodeling(it was pretty much bare) so Mr. Fix-It made me a 'makeshift' counter so I'd have a place to put all the food. Our oldest son invited 3 of his friends over(we usually have my hubby's family over, but they were eating elsewhere), so we had a total of FIVE teenage boys to feed and let's just say, they put a good 'dent' in the amount of food I had cooked, lol. We sat at card tables with bare floors, since we had no big table at that point, but I remember feeling like it was one of the nicest Thanksgiving Days we ever had, even tho' our families weren't w/us (mine lives several hrs. away).
Do any of you have fond memories about Thanksgiving? If so, please share. I would love reading about them.
Next time I hope to share some finished projects I've been working on, so until then, have a wonderful T'giving Day wherever you live!

Tanya ***

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Decor ~ Part One

Hi everyone! I've been a bit under the weather lately, so have not been on here as much. It started out as a scratchy throat, which turned into a really bad sore throat/sinus infection, which now feels like a nasty head cold/cough, but I'm on the mend even tho' I still sound like I'm talking through my nose, lol. I've had to really push myself this wk. to get anything done, but wanted to go ahead and share some pics w/you.

Most of you who've been following me for any length of time, know that I LOVE to decorate for each season. I switched out the Halloween decor for the T'giving around our home and have to break it into two posts ~ indoor and outdoor. I'll start w/the outdoor. Some are handmade and some are not. This sign hangs on our garage door. Front door ~ which still needs to be painted a different color.
I love this little guy's dangly legs.

Years ago there was a gal who used to make things out of wood and sold them in my shop on consignment. Of course, her stuff was so darling that I had to buy some of her things myself. LOL!

Here's a Lizzie Kate I stitched and framed yrs. ago. It is still a favorite of mine.

Notice the handmade buttons. Another gal used to sell her buttons in my shop. The one on the bottom has spices added to it for more texture.

I'm pretty sure this is an old Country Stitches pattern. I still have a few more patterns like this one that I need to make up yet. It's actually a pretty good size. I used wool felt and varigated floss on it. I love the leaf fabric strip that goes down the side and I added the leaf buttons to it.

Some of my wood pieces have parts broken off. Can you tell what's missing?? :)))

I believe this is an older Bent Creek pattern. I used to sell the frames in my shop too.

Another missing piece..... sigh

Does anyone remember when these cr. stitch panels were popular?? Notice the buttons in each corner actually match the fabric. (Click on to get a closer view) of the little guy sitting in the canoe ~ he is handmade and so is the fish/fishing rod and also the middle tree down below him. That gal did an amazing job getting him to look just like the fabric.

Wish I knew how to crop this pic so the dried mud on the porch wouldn't show up! LOL But that's what the real world around here looks like when you have 2 carpenters in the family that work outdoors a lot! :))

Since we've had 70*+ weather all week long, a bunch of the neighbors and ourselves included, went ahead and hung out some Christmas lights, (which to me look funny mixed in w/the T'gving decor). Everyone tries to take advantage of the warm weather.
We are NOT turning ours on until AFTER Thanksgiving, however, several of the other neighbors just never wait that long. Our street is hilarious ~ they have a mixture of big snowmen blow-ups right next to the big turkey blow-ups. It seems they do it earlier and earlier each yr. I'll have to try to get a pic of those to show you later. They will probably wonder why I'm taking pics of their houses! ha I'll have to be sneaky about it!
Thought I'd leave ya w/a little bit of humor........
Chr. lights mixed in w/the Harvest decor. LOL

Stay tuned for part two, sometime next wk. I hope! Have a great wkend. everyone!
I'm not sure anyone gets on here much this late in the week, so let me know if ya stop by.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hello blogger buddies! LOL

I have several things to share that don't really relate to each other a whole lot, but thot I'd go ahead and put them all in one post anyway.

This snowman I stitched a few yrs. ago, but as usual, I never made him into anything until Sat. I finally dug through my stash of fabric and found something I thot would work ~it's an Angel Stitchin' pattern from several yrs. ago and I stitched it on 10ct. Sand Tula. I thot I'd try something different this time and make it into a 'pillowcase' pillow, fully lined. I also added the extra snowflake buttons surrounding the stitched part.

This pic didn't turn out too clear, but you can see I finally finished Jolly Jack, by All Thru the Night. For some reason, he seemed to take me forever to finish, but I'm glad he's done. I will have him framed later on.

This is my neighbor lady ~ Martha on Halloween night, who's been battling cancer for over a yr. She always brings so much spirit to our neighborhood and loves to dress to the hilt for the holidays, along w/decorating the front of her house for each season. She had to dress warmer than the rest of us that nite, due to health reasons.
I didn't mean to chop off the top of her 'mohawk' wig ~ it was bright green and very spikey. I thot I got a better view of it, but was in a hurry as the trick or treaters were coming down the road. LOL

Here's what she was wearing underneath her coat. She had fake 'tattoos' that were actually like 'sleeves or socks' that you pull up your arms. I thot they looked pretty realistic. She cracks us all up!

Here's a pic of her house all decked out. It was all lit up at night and that cat is new this yr. It stands 19 ft. tall and the eyes light up. Scary...............LOL

This little guy is Ian, not sure where he lives or how old(I'm thinkin' 3~ish), was soooooo cute. He kept pushing his buttons and Buzz Lightyear's voice would activate, then he'd fall down (in our driveway) flat on his back looking up at the sky and he'd just lay there. We all laughed and laughed over it, but I never did figure out why he kept getting down on the ground like that. He was a hoot!

Back to swap things. This is what all I sent to Wendy, she finally got her box from me, so now I can show you what I sent her.

The fabric I used doesn't show up too well, but it is actually Osnaburg, w/little flecks in it. I used real wool for the moon and stars.

I made a couple of these cute little owl ornaments, sent her one, but had to keep one for myself. :)) The wings were a light tan checked homespun, which doesn't show up too well.

This is something I just came up with, design wise. It's actually a homespun towel, turned into a candle mat.
I loved the wool on this one.

And I threw in a few non-handmade goodies as well.

She & I LOVE gingerbread, so it was actually hard to part w/this one. I later went back and had to buy myself one! LOL
Fall Medley buttons ~mostly acorns and leaves.

Another tin like the one I sent to Sheila. I put the buttons inside.

That's all folks. I need to start supper, so I best get going! This always takes me way longer than I think it will.
Always glad you stopped by! Have a great wk. everyone! Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet???