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Thursday, November 18, 2010

T'giving Decor ~ Part Two

Hi everyone!

I'm back to show you the inside decor that I told you about on my last post. This is a shelf that hangs in my kitchen on the wall behind the big farmhouse table. I had my 'cherry' dishes on it for the longest time, but decided I needed to switch it out for the seasons. This was not stitched by me but was used as a shop model even before cubes were popular. I will apologize for a few blurred pics in advance.
Mr. Pilgrim himself ~ lol

The sign I bought at HL last yr. for half price. The crow is attached to the base. I can't remember where I got the wood pumpkin/crow, behind the sign, I've had it for several yrs.
I used to sell these little seasonal wooden pieces in my shop ~ they always had a circle cut out in the middle that you put your stitching in. I made the two little pumpkins yrs. ago out of Debbie Mumm fabric.

I made two of these a couple of yrs. ago. I used wool felt on top of a 'waffle-weave' dishrag, the kind you find in the prim shops w/the matching placemats, etc. I've also used them to make pillows too. I think they make a nice background for stitched pieces and easy to sew through.
These 3 resin figurines I found at HL last yr. for half price. (I don't like to pay full price for anything if I don't have to). :))

Here they are up close, but a little blurred, sorry. The Daddy..........
The Mommy.........

The baby.....

I removed the Halloween towels I had hanging on the double ovens and replaced them w/these. The top one actually matches the tablerunner, but I bought them at two different stores.
and one more little hanging pilgrim family.....

Are you all ready for the big day? Lots of wonderful food and laughter around the table and giving thanks to the Lord for all that He has given us.

Last yr. at this same time, we didn't have our kitchen finished remodeling(it was pretty much bare) so Mr. Fix-It made me a 'makeshift' counter so I'd have a place to put all the food. Our oldest son invited 3 of his friends over(we usually have my hubby's family over, but they were eating elsewhere), so we had a total of FIVE teenage boys to feed and let's just say, they put a good 'dent' in the amount of food I had cooked, lol. We sat at card tables with bare floors, since we had no big table at that point, but I remember feeling like it was one of the nicest Thanksgiving Days we ever had, even tho' our families weren't w/us (mine lives several hrs. away).
Do any of you have fond memories about Thanksgiving? If so, please share. I would love reading about them.
Next time I hope to share some finished projects I've been working on, so until then, have a wonderful T'giving Day wherever you live!

Tanya ***


Parsley said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I love it all!

Carol said...

Lots of cute Thanksgiving decorations in your home, Tanya. And I love your kitchen cupboards...

Sometimes it is the "imperfect" holidays that are the most fun!! Our funniest story was from a few years back when my brother-in-law was cooking the turkey in one of those big electric roasters. I was trying to turn off a light in the hallway and inadvertently turned OFF the switch for the roaster for the turkey!! Well, it wasn't noticed for at least three hours so, needless to say, we ended up eating VERY, VERY LATE that night! We'll never forget that Thanksgiving, that's for sure!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

Christine said...

Hi Tanya! Everything looks set for a lovely Thanksgiving this year in your home!
I love the pumpkins stitched on the tea towels.
Thanks for sharing!

Country Prims said...

More amazing goodies Tanya!
You are so organised in your home and trust you have a great time at Thanksgiving-it sure will be homely:)

I especially love the tea towels too,

Blessings, Shazy x

Angie Berry said...

Very cute Thanksgiving decor! What a great idea to sew wool felt on top of a 'waffle-weave' dishrag and using the towels for pillows! I will definitely remember that. There are some really neat patterns and colors out there but I don't need that many, never even thought of using them for something else. I hang holiday towels on my oven door also. It's far enough away from the sink that I know no one will use them to dry their hands. Very cute Tanya!