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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lodge Family Room ~ Part One

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you live here in the states. I'm not quite finished decorating for Christmas yet, so I thought I'd give you a little tour of our family room, taken from last winter. This is part of the addition we added onto the back of our house. It's about 14 X 18, with a cathedral ceiling. The paint color is actually more of a khaki color, depending on what time of day you see it in. I did NOT make this wall hanging, but I did buy it for half price a few yrs. ago at a country/prim store. We were even able to find 'lodge' lamps. :))

This is one of my favorite Pine Mt. pillows.
I sort of made up the design for the end table mats, using Moda quilt fabric charm packs and I added the prairie points for a little more design element. The moose w/the 3 holes is actually a toothbrush holder, but I put pens in it, (which I should have left in for the pic) ~ tee hee.

Here is the middle of our huge sectional couch. On the left end, it 'pops' out as a recliner, while on the right side is the chaise lounge part. Plus it folds out in the center to make a queen-size bed, but not really very comfortable.

I did not make the quilted picture, but I did make both of the Pine Mt. pillows.
The other end table on the rt. side of the couch. Found the moose ceramic dish at Kohl's several yrs. ago.
This is the top of the sofa table that stands in front of 3 large windows.
What's a lodge room w/out a bear rug??? LOL
The back door leading out to the deck. I made the wreath last yr. and sprayed the 'snow' to give it a more wintry look, then added the rusty stars/bell and berries, etc. A friend of mine gave me the 'expandable' moose.
The tv sits in between the back door (which has now been painted black, and looks much better since this was taken) and the fireplace.

My honey, Mr. Fix-It, designed the little arch to fit the window over the 3 big windows and also made the 'floating' shelf underneath.

This concludes part one of the tour, but I promise to be back soon w/the rest of the pics!

I hope everyone is starting to feel the magic in the air caused by celebrating the most wonderful time of the yr. ~ our Saviour's birth. Here's a neat thought from one of Joel Osteen's books, "I hope you have your perfect Christmas, but if it doesn't seem to be that way at first, keep in mind that you don't know what God has in store. He may still be wrapping the perfect Christmas gift for you to open later".
Have a great wk. everyone!
Tanya ***


Christine said...

That room is a great addition to your home, Tanya and you have it all so well co-ordinated! The long table runner is probably my favorite but the moose are fun! Aren't you lucky to have a Mr Fix-it - the arch window and shelf really set it all off!
Thanks and looking forward to part 2!

Tanya said...

Thanks Christine! I will show close-ups of the table runner and items on the shelf, fireplace and plaque over the tv on the next post, so stay tuned.........


Parsley said...


Sheila said...

Hi there Tanya~
your decorating for the holidays is way ahead of me! I haven't even started my own, just to busy doing for everyone else! It's all good though.
I love the quote at the end of your post today. I'm going to write that one down and pass it on!

Karen said...

The Log Cabin quilt would be good one for me!

Carol said...

Your room looks so warm and cozy, Tanya. And I love the little mats on the end table--so pretty :)

Country Prims said...

Hi Tanya,
You sure have given your family room the cabin look-it all ties together great and you have made some great things! Don't know where you get the time:)

Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor.

Tell hubs, that was a neat idea-the little window and the shelf.

Shazy x

Angie Berry said...

Love that quote! That is so very true. If we all could only realize that God is constantly working for our good, maybe we wouldn't be so anxious and impatient all the time. Thank you for the reminder, I need that daily!

I love your lodge room. All of the design elements and colors blend together so beautifully! The wall hanging and pillows are wonderful and that bear rug is too cute! I was thinking "Oh no, she has one of those?" Lol, glad it was the cute kind! I really like how you have the shelf above the windows decorated. Very nice Tanya! A wonderfully warm room that I would not want to leave!

Wendy K said...

Hi Tanya,
I'm behind as usual with my 'reading'...lol! Love your lodge room, everything looks soooo lovely and inviting, I love the bear rug and the little pine pillows. Of to catch up on more reading...hahaha!
Hugs Wendy x