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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Are You Ready for Feb???

I'm ready!!  I've had this cute little wool applique quilt done for several weeks now, just waiting for it to get closer to the new month so I could hang it and show you all how it turned out.  It's another one of the monthly blocks that I converted from an Art to Heart booklet.  My goal is to make each month's applique out of wool and just border it w/cotton fabric.  I love how it turned out!  
Was rather pleased w/myself for once, ha ha.
 Here's where it ended up, but couldn't get a brighter pic for ya.  The "love" hanger I've had for quite awhile, so I thought it went perfectly w/this month's theme.  I have it on the corner fireplace mantel in my craft room, so I can see it often.
 I just basically come up w/my own color scheme for each month and it seems to work out for the most part.

Some of you were asking me how my wool appl. class went last Fri. nite, but we ended up having to postpone it till tomorrow nite(this Fri.) b/c of the bad weather we've been having.  So the kits are all cut out, the sample penny rug has been finished and the bags have all their supplies in them.  All I have to do is run off some more of the handouts and pages of templates and they're all ready for the big nite.  I will try and remember to take pics as the evening unfolds.  Hopefully the weather will hold up for us.  It's supposed to warm up some by then, fingers crossed.

 Here's BJ our 'chunky' Beagle, all curled up on his beanbag in the craft room. It sounds like someone is wrestling w/plastic bags when he gets on there and goes round and round till he finds just the right spot of comfort!  Cracks me up!  I'm sure he loves it not so much b/c I'm in there piddling around, but b/c it's parked in front of the fireplace ~ I don't blame him one bit!  LOL

Well, that's all for today folks!  I know everyone is tired of this POLAR BEAR BLAST (is what I'm calling it), but just think, we're one day closer to spring!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

First Book Review of the Yr.

I have to say this book was one of the best real true-life stories I'v ever read!  "Prepared for a Purpose', by Antoinette Tuff is an inspiring story about how she herself kept a shooter at bay for over an hour at a school where she worked. She makes the reader feel as if they are right there in the hostage situation along w/her.
 Antoinette does an amazing job of telling the story while she gives an in-depth look at how she was brought up and how it all came together to this moment in time where God used her in an unusual way to keep a 'madman' from killing anyone. 
 What she was taught about God as a young child and the faith she had all the way through adulthood, the very difficult personal trials she went through over the years, the lessons learned along the way, were all part of the key elements in her preventing what could have been an otherwise massive tragedy.
I couldn't put the book down.  It made me both smile and cry at some of the things this woman had to endure. I hope that someday they make a movie from this amazing woman's life!!  You will not be disappointed in reading this book!!
Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for letting me review this free book!

I'll be back in a few days to share some more craft projects w/you!  Stay tuned and stay warm!!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Let it Snow, let it snow.......

LET IT SNOW and it is supposed to do just that, starting tonite after midnight ,we're to get around 6 in. by tomorrow afternoon ~ YIKES!  Just today it got up to 52* and was warmer than it's been in quite awhile.  I think it's sort of funny how everyone in blogland likes to mention the weather, but also it's quite interesting to find out about the weather from all over the country.  We are so used to living in our own little world sometimes and it's nice to know how other parts of the world are doing, don'tcha think?
 I still have my snowmen decor out, mostly on our front porch.  I don't put them out until AFTER Christmas, b/c most of you know that I have so many gingerbread items, I just don't have room for both! LOL
 This is the Decor Mesh that we used to make our snowmen during our last craft nite at my church back in Nov.  We've been meeting every other month and so far we've learned something new each time we meet.  (wish I'd remember to take pics of some of the other's snowmen, they were all different).  You can't really tell in the pic, but his red earmuffs are really sparkly in real life.
 This Fri. nite I volunteered(I don't know whatever possessed me) to teach a class on WOOL APPLIQUE.   So far 15 gals have signed up!!  I thought there'd be just a handful, so I've been very busy cutting out all the pieces to a kit that we're gonna make for Valentine's Day.  I designed a cute little penny rug w/hearts (that I'll show next time) and had to tweak and tweak till I got it just right, so I hope/pray they all like what I came up with.  I haven't taught a craft class in yrs.  I just hope I don't get too nervous and forget anything.
 Please don't notice that we still have quite a few leaves in our yard! Hubby likes to use the leaf blower on them and when he's not looking, Mr. Wind likes to push/shove them back into our flower bed/yard.

 This last pic says it all ~ it has been a bit shall we say, BREEZY lately!  LOL  So hang on to your hats everyone who lives near Eastern Ky.   You are in for some more SNOW and wind!!  Stay warm!!