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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm early for once

Doesn't it feel great to get something done way ahead of time?? I finally stitched something up a few wks. ago and forgot to post it. I was actually early for once and it feels good for a change!! I am rarely early w/stitching anything for some strange reason, unless I'm on a deadline for someone's b'day or something like that. I always start early, but never seem to finish on time. I get too distracted w/so many other things I want to work on. Anyone else have that problem? Wonder what 'disorder' that is called???

This is taken from a JBW Design and stitched on a huck towel. I have several of these towels in white and cream that I plan on making up for gifts. All you need to figure is the stitch count to make sure it fits in the rectangle space on the towel. I've also used L*K snippets before too and they work as well.

This was taken w/out the flash so you could see the color better. I used CC ~ Colonial Copper and that was it. LOVE the varigation on this one!Can you find the little motifs inside the turkey body? The pumpkin, basket, birds, acorn and rooster to name a few?? Isn't that neat how Judy Whitman incorporates those into her design?I also love me a bargain!!! I found this cute guy at a craft mall recently and he had a good price on him, so I just had to take him home. In fact, he practically jumped right into my arms! I knew right away where he would go. Right by the front door on our porch. I love how they used rusty stars for the eyes and mouth.Speaking of bargains, I found these luscious wools online recently and they were a very good price too! They have sweet little names, (left to right)~Bittersweet, Old World Santa, and Vintage Linen. Ooooh, la la. I can't wait to use these babies!!One more bargain I had to share w/you is this treenware scoop. It was made by someone locally and it is very, very heavy and I got a super-de-duper price on it too.This is how I decorated it.The rosehips are highly scented and boy do they smell great! I ended up putting it on the old quilt draped across the old black chair in the family room.

Next wk. is Halloween, then Thanksgiving is right around the corner, THEN CHRISTMAS!!! Do you realize we only have less than 2 months till Christmas?? EEEEKKKKKKK!!! Now that's scary(at least for me) cuz I'm soooooooooo slow at getting things done, but at least I'll have one thing done ahead of time this yr. Hopefully I'll get a few more done real soon!!! Right now I'm stitching something up for my give~away coming up soon, but I can't tell you what it is yet. I'll be back next wk. w/more hints and/or pics of it. Stay tuned.........

See ya next time~Happy stitching!

"Sharing adventures deepens friendships."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hurry on over!

The Hungry Hook Primitives is having a wonderful give~away ~just look at this awesome hand-hooked rug she is giving away! It's awesome! Go check it out!
I'll be back tomorrow w/some more goodies to show ya, so hurry back!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Things I've Made....

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. We've had gorgeous sunny warm days for over a couple of weeks now, w/just a little rain in between, but today feels like winter here in Ky!! High winds/rainy and overcast. Just makes ya want to stay in under the blankie and STITCH!!!

This wooly pumpkin pattern came out of the fall issue of the Primitive Quilts and Projects Mag. I gave this one to a very good friend of mine to finish, in exchange for a couple of travel pillows that I can't find anywhere anymore. Then I quickly went home and cut out another one for myself, which is very similar to this one. Now I just need to stitch all around the pieces and make it into a pillow. That magazine is 'sew' perfect for the prim lovers out there!

This is another give~away I won recently from the Wooden Acorn. Valerie just opened up a darling prim shop in Waynesville, Oh. and I am hoping to meet her in person one day soon! Thanks again Valerie~he fits in perfectly w/all my sheep decor!Here's another purse I made awhile back when contemplating what fabric to use for this time of yr. I started to make one more 'fallish', but this fabric was calling to me. LOL I've had it for quite sometime and thought I could use it any time of yr.It looks like stitchery on it.......... I am 'addicted' to pockets now, the more the better. There are several on the inside too.Looks a little 'lumpy' even tho' I used double the interfacing, not sure why it doesn't hold up better. Maybe I need to use cardboard next time, ha.

I wasn't crazy about how the pattern(Lazy Girl Designs) wanted you to make the zipper on the outside. Normally I really like their patterns, but probably won't make this one again anytime soon.

I had a really old Bible cover that I wanted to replace for quite sometime now, so I finally went thru all my patterns and ended up borrowing one that is an Indygo Junction pattern. It showed 3 different views, but I ended up combining 2 of the 3 and still had to cut it way down, as my Bible is fairly small. I almost designed my own, but thot I better stick w/a pattern for now. It's made from a few fat quarters of fabric. I added the 'flap' and still need to put on a 'closure' of some kind.I love rick rack on just about anything, so couldn't resist.Here's the old, ugly one..........LOL The last few yrs. it made me feel like it was way too 'young' for me! :)))Pretty pitiful, huh???Well, don't forget I've got a give~away coming up in the near future and some more goodies to share, so stop back again soon.

Hope you find lots of time to sew, stitch, read and/or quilt!


"The perfect weekend equals a good friend, a great movie, and only the best junk food."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Decor and More Project Bags!

Here's some fall decor that I thought you might enjoy viewing. This is an old picture frame hand-painted by my step-daughter~Amy. She doesn't use any stencils, it is all free-hand. She does such a great job and has this one hanging over her fireplace.
Amy gets so excited that she decorates really early for each season. I think she had this out back in Aug. LOL
I love the old fireplace....
and the old windows....She recently found this ladder~it's over 6ft. tall...Another piece she painted....These are some project bags I made back in the summer. I've made about 8 or 9 now and have given all but one away. They are so easy and fast to make. Front side.....back side.......another blue one.....back side.......
This one I gave to our granddaughter, Brooke. She keeps her hair bows in it.
Tried a different color scheme w/this one...
This is one I made recently. I made it a few inches bigger than the other ones. Basically it takes about 3 to 4 fat quarters of fabric and one zipper.
I always line the inside w/some co-ordinating fabric.

Well, that's it for now~ I hope you enjoyed the pics. I've been sending out several RAK's recently and I'm running out of names/addies, so if you'd like to be put on my list, just send me an email w/your full name/addie and who knows? YOU just might be next. Please put RAK on the subject line so it won't get lost.

Please check back again soon as I have lots more stitched goodies to share w/you(including a quilt top) and I'm also gearing up for my very own give~away in the near future, so you won't want to miss out.
Thanks to all of you who left such sweet comments on the last few posts~they really brighten my day and I appreciate all of them!!

Happy Stitching!


"Girlfriends are like rainbows. They brighten your life when you've been through a storm."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Winning streak! :))

I'm finally back once again wanting to show you what all I won while I've been MIA, ha. This is a handmade dolly I won from Pat C. over at All is Bright. Isn't she just the cutest little gal?? Thanks again Pat! She is adorable! I still haven't thought of a proper name for her~any suggestions?? She has a red/white strawberry dress on, so I thought she'd look cute sitting next to all my red/white cherry items.

Then I knew I needed to tweak a few more things on the shelf below, so I got out some cookbooks I had and put them in the background for interest/color.
The next thing I won was a Lizzie*Kate calculator!!! She was giving away 10 of these babies and I was lucky enough to receive one! I love lime green!!
But that wasn't all she sent me~ she also included a LK Halloween Quick-It, a bookmark and a handwritten note! Wasn't that sweet of her? Thanks again Linda, I love it all! go check out her blog~she is an amazing designer and has always been one of my all-time favorites!!
The third thing I won was from Lainey. She had made this from a Pine Mt. Design pillow kit and wanted to pass along the chart. She ended up pulling my name and wa-la, I was a winner again! LOL
Lainey(Elaine) and I decided earlier this yr. back in the spring to do a private exchange w/each other and so this is what all she sent me from Scotland! She sent me all kinds of goodies/trinkets; ribbon, tassels, fabric, linen, buttons, seam ripper, and a really gorgeous key chain w/the Scottish emblem on it, but the best part was her sweet cross stitched pillow she made just for me!
Here's a better pic of it. I love the way she used the ribbon/buttons on the sides! so very sweet! Thanks again Lainey!!
I'll leave you w/a fall display at a nearby campground we went to recently.

I think we are all 'winners' when we share our love of things that are close to our hearts! Whether it be family, friends, crafts or recipes, we're all here for the same reasons pretty much. You are all winners in my book!!!


"True friends are those who are better together than either of them could be alone."