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Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Things I've Made....

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. We've had gorgeous sunny warm days for over a couple of weeks now, w/just a little rain in between, but today feels like winter here in Ky!! High winds/rainy and overcast. Just makes ya want to stay in under the blankie and STITCH!!!

This wooly pumpkin pattern came out of the fall issue of the Primitive Quilts and Projects Mag. I gave this one to a very good friend of mine to finish, in exchange for a couple of travel pillows that I can't find anywhere anymore. Then I quickly went home and cut out another one for myself, which is very similar to this one. Now I just need to stitch all around the pieces and make it into a pillow. That magazine is 'sew' perfect for the prim lovers out there!

This is another give~away I won recently from the Wooden Acorn. Valerie just opened up a darling prim shop in Waynesville, Oh. and I am hoping to meet her in person one day soon! Thanks again Valerie~he fits in perfectly w/all my sheep decor!Here's another purse I made awhile back when contemplating what fabric to use for this time of yr. I started to make one more 'fallish', but this fabric was calling to me. LOL I've had it for quite sometime and thought I could use it any time of yr.It looks like stitchery on it.......... I am 'addicted' to pockets now, the more the better. There are several on the inside too.Looks a little 'lumpy' even tho' I used double the interfacing, not sure why it doesn't hold up better. Maybe I need to use cardboard next time, ha.

I wasn't crazy about how the pattern(Lazy Girl Designs) wanted you to make the zipper on the outside. Normally I really like their patterns, but probably won't make this one again anytime soon.

I had a really old Bible cover that I wanted to replace for quite sometime now, so I finally went thru all my patterns and ended up borrowing one that is an Indygo Junction pattern. It showed 3 different views, but I ended up combining 2 of the 3 and still had to cut it way down, as my Bible is fairly small. I almost designed my own, but thot I better stick w/a pattern for now. It's made from a few fat quarters of fabric. I added the 'flap' and still need to put on a 'closure' of some kind.I love rick rack on just about anything, so couldn't resist.Here's the old, ugly one..........LOL The last few yrs. it made me feel like it was way too 'young' for me! :)))Pretty pitiful, huh???Well, don't forget I've got a give~away coming up in the near future and some more goodies to share, so stop back again soon.

Hope you find lots of time to sew, stitch, read and/or quilt!


"The perfect weekend equals a good friend, a great movie, and only the best junk food."


Teresa S. said...

I have had the same problem with interfacing-seems like the patterns don't call for stiff enough. But I love that purse anyhow--the zipper looks fine on the outside. The design is great and your use of contrasting colors was beautiful!

Christine said...

LOVE the pumpkin pillow you're making - I'll have to think about subscribing to that mag.
Great job too on the bag and Bible cover - I'm fond of ricrac too!
Have a cozy day sewing!

Karen said...

I like that pumpkin with stars design. I guess I should get busy and make myself one.

Country Prims said...

Hi Tanya, enjoyed seeing all your work-absolutely lovely. The pumpkin is on my todo list!lol!
Great job on the bag and the Bible cover-you are very talented.
Love the quote for the weekend-if only!


Wendy said...

Hi Tanya,
You've been a busy little bee :)
Love your Pumpkin ... how did I miss that? Lol, will have to dig my magazine out ;)
And your bag and bible cover are lovely too ...
Mmmm you like ric-rac, I'll have to remember that ;) haha
Hugs Wendy x

Solstitches said...

Your bag turned out great and I just love that fabric. I really like how it looks like stitchery.