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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hello blogger buddies! LOL

I have several things to share that don't really relate to each other a whole lot, but thot I'd go ahead and put them all in one post anyway.

This snowman I stitched a few yrs. ago, but as usual, I never made him into anything until Sat. I finally dug through my stash of fabric and found something I thot would work ~it's an Angel Stitchin' pattern from several yrs. ago and I stitched it on 10ct. Sand Tula. I thot I'd try something different this time and make it into a 'pillowcase' pillow, fully lined. I also added the extra snowflake buttons surrounding the stitched part.

This pic didn't turn out too clear, but you can see I finally finished Jolly Jack, by All Thru the Night. For some reason, he seemed to take me forever to finish, but I'm glad he's done. I will have him framed later on.

This is my neighbor lady ~ Martha on Halloween night, who's been battling cancer for over a yr. She always brings so much spirit to our neighborhood and loves to dress to the hilt for the holidays, along w/decorating the front of her house for each season. She had to dress warmer than the rest of us that nite, due to health reasons.
I didn't mean to chop off the top of her 'mohawk' wig ~ it was bright green and very spikey. I thot I got a better view of it, but was in a hurry as the trick or treaters were coming down the road. LOL

Here's what she was wearing underneath her coat. She had fake 'tattoos' that were actually like 'sleeves or socks' that you pull up your arms. I thot they looked pretty realistic. She cracks us all up!

Here's a pic of her house all decked out. It was all lit up at night and that cat is new this yr. It stands 19 ft. tall and the eyes light up. Scary...............LOL

This little guy is Ian, not sure where he lives or how old(I'm thinkin' 3~ish), was soooooo cute. He kept pushing his buttons and Buzz Lightyear's voice would activate, then he'd fall down (in our driveway) flat on his back looking up at the sky and he'd just lay there. We all laughed and laughed over it, but I never did figure out why he kept getting down on the ground like that. He was a hoot!

Back to swap things. This is what all I sent to Wendy, she finally got her box from me, so now I can show you what I sent her.

The fabric I used doesn't show up too well, but it is actually Osnaburg, w/little flecks in it. I used real wool for the moon and stars.

I made a couple of these cute little owl ornaments, sent her one, but had to keep one for myself. :)) The wings were a light tan checked homespun, which doesn't show up too well.

This is something I just came up with, design wise. It's actually a homespun towel, turned into a candle mat.
I loved the wool on this one.

And I threw in a few non-handmade goodies as well.

She & I LOVE gingerbread, so it was actually hard to part w/this one. I later went back and had to buy myself one! LOL
Fall Medley buttons ~mostly acorns and leaves.

Another tin like the one I sent to Sheila. I put the buttons inside.

That's all folks. I need to start supper, so I best get going! This always takes me way longer than I think it will.
Always glad you stopped by! Have a great wk. everyone! Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet???


Christine said...

A fun post, Tanya! Your neighbor seems to be a fun lady - my hubby has arm skins something similar!
Love all your goodies for Wendy too, esp. the wool owls - too cute!
BTW I forgot to tell you last time that my snowman was from a pattern by Country Stitches - I could easily buy them all!!
Have a great week!

Patty C. said...


Karen said...

Love pillow case pillow. That fabric is perfect with that design! Great job....

Elaine said...

Love your Snowman pillow Tanya! Your Halloween display looks wonderful and your neighbour is amazing. Wishing her well at this difficult time.
Wendy must be thrilled with all those goodies, the pillow is so pretty.

Carol said...

Your snowman pillow is darling, Tanya! I love how you embellished it with the little snowflake buttons...

What a fun neighbor to have--I wish my neighborhood had someone like Martha to liven things up!

Country Prims said...

It sounds like you have a fun time there! I had to do a second take on Martha's arms!lol!

The little boy is too cute:) Such fun!

Love all your stuff once again-your pillow turned out great and all your lovely goodies for Wendy-swaps are exciting:)

Hugs, Shazy x

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Love your pics of the neighbor, sounds like
she has a lot of fun! The goodies for your
swap are cute and your cross stitch, too.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Nan said...

Hi Tanya,
Love the pieces that you stitched and finished. You are a talented lady. What a nice exchange you sent to your lucky partner.

Angie Berry said...

Very cute snowman pillow, love the snowflake buttons. They really stand out. Cute idea to make it a pillowcase!

How fun to have a neighbor like that! My kids would love her and her house.

You sent your swap buddy lots of neat things! One of these days I'll do a swap. Maybe I should start now for one NEXT Christmas, lol!