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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lodge Family Room ~ Part Two

Hi everyone!
I'm finally back to bring you the second half of the family room tour. Last time I showed you glimpses of various lodge decor, but today I will show you close-ups of several items in this room.

This shelf is very, very heavy and is made out of barn wood. I wasn't even sure what room I was going to put it in when I originally bought it, but I loved the curvy scalloped edge at the top and the rustic look to it.
My stuffed moosies all dressed for winter....
I love her little scarf.

and even a baby moose...
This is a close-up of the table runner I made about 2 or 3 yrs. ago. It is made from Moda charm packs and the pattern actually called for a much wider border, but I made it to fit our sofa table. I love the colors in it.

Here is the full length of it.
Most of you know that I ususally like to decorate the mantle of the fireplace according to each season, but I wanted to show you what it looks like in between the seasons.

Inside this book is the sweetest little stories and poems and shows pics of the cutest little bears too.
Mr. Moosie himself.......
My dear friend from Iowa gave me these two little tealight lamps a few yrs. ago as part of a Christmas gift, if I remember correctly. She didn't even have pics of my house at that time and I thought she did a wonderful job of matching it w/my decor to a tee.

This hangs to the right of the fireplace.

This hangs to the left.
This sign used to hang in our living room, but now it hangs above our tv and reads, 'Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you.' Good food for thought and a gentle reminder! As Christians, we certainly need to live this way and I hope that it rings true in my life.

The candle is battery operated and has a flickering light. It stands on the floor in between the sofa table and the corner fireplace.
Even our ceiling fan has a lodge look to it.

I forgot to take a full-size pic of our rug and maybe one or two other things close up, but that is the jest of it. I will try to remember to add them at a later time. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

If you love gingerbread, you won't want to miss the next post! I have recently taken over 45 pics just of my gingerbread collection alone and still have a few more to take, so it will be a post filled with gingerbread goodness! Maybe two or three posts! LOL

During this busy season of the yr. I hope you are taking time out to think about the true meaning of Christmas. I'll leave you with a little quote from LeAnn Rice, Exec. Dir. of Prov. 31 Ministries. "True wealth is not measured by the size of my bank account, but by the size of my heart."

See ya next time, I'll try not to make you wait too long! Thanks for stopping by and for all the sweet comments.


Christine said...

Hi Tanya I'm so pleased to have got to your post before I turn in for the night!!
It's been a real treat to see how you've coordinated everything - i love the lamps - well as I say, it all works! :-)
Can't wait to see all those gingers!

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

Oh my goodness. I love your family room!! Can I move in? lol j/k

And did you say gingerbread? I adore anything gingerbread so I will be patiently waiting for your next post! :D

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Does your friend from Iowa have a blog? I am from Iowa and would enjoy finding other Iowa bloggers.
Love your lodge look. I had done our guest bedroom in a moose/bear style--kind of Yellowstone decor. But now it is - well different. Antiques......
Make your page more blogger friendly by losing the word verification. So much easier to leave comments.....

Sheila said...

Hi Tanya! you sure have lots of wildlife living in that room! I have a customer here that has Moose everywhere!
Everything looks great and I'm a huge gingerbread lover so I'm anxious to see your goodies!
Love the quote at the end-I might have to work up a stitchery with that one!


Wendy K said...

Hi Tanya :) I'm still catching up....I love love love all your mooses! :)But I can't wait for the Gingers!! hahaha!
Love Wendy x

Angie Berry said...

The barn wood shelf works perfect for this room. Your table runner is beautiful. The muted colors work wonderfully with the decor. Love it all Tanya!