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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Sweet Gingerbread Christmas ~ Part One

Are you ready for some gingerbread???? LOL I counted over 72 pics taken recently of just gingerbread items alone, but I'm going to break it up into 3 posts(saving the best for last), hopefully all before Christmas Day, but don't hold me to it, lol.

Now that our house remodel is over, I have way more space to spread them out and ended up in 3 different rooms with them. I had way more pieces than I realized, so hopefully you can hang in there and not get too bored.

I have been collecting gingerbread for many yrs. now, not even sure what piece I started with, I've just always been drawn to them. They are just too adorable for me to resist!

Many of the pics are of a whole group, then I broke it up into close-up shots so you wouldn't miss out, ha. This cabinet/window shelf is in our kitchen and I have recently been changing it out w/the seasons.....

Maybe this is the one that got me started all those yrs. ago????? hmmmmm....

The tins in the middle I found at JoAnn Fabrics a couple of yrs. ago.

Found this big guy on sale last yr. marked down to only $5.00, can you say 'resist' ~ nope!

This little jar is ceramic and the lid comes off to hide something inside perhaps...
One of my favorite salt dough pieces.
This is the heavy duty shelf/plate rack that hangs behind the big farmhouse table.

My MIL gave me this ornie/tree 2 Chr's ago. They have a lot of glitter on them, but you can't really tell all that much in the pic.
To the far right(on the end) is a tea light. The tin next to it w/the handle has a front 'door' that opens.
Some of the older pieces I've collected are much 'cutesier' back then. I still like them, but prefer the more prim pieces now.

This one is really old and from a Mill Hill beaded kit that I made many yrs. ago. Sorry, I always have at least one blurred pic for you. The white/red parts are actually beads.

I bought this arrangement at a local craft fair last yr. It sits next to the island. Thank goodness Mr. Fix-It remembered to install plugs on each side of the island for my lighted decor, tee hee. It looks so cozy at night all lit up.
With the rolling pin, it just seemed to fit right in w/the other kitchen decor.
This is what I'm using for the island centerpiece, which we just recently stained. I waited almost a yr. for it(the stain that is) and I'm really pleased w/the way it turned out. I'll have to show a larger pic later on of the whole island ~ it's huge ~ about 4ft. by 8ft.
What, no candy??? oh my! I need to fill it w/Hershey kisses! This was a gift from my very dear friend(no blog) from Iowa, who recently got pounded w/several inches of snow and drifts out the ying yang!

Ok, that's it for part one, but hang on, part two will include mostly the gingerbread tree and ornies, and part three will include lots of gingerbread dishes and a tablescape, so stop back again soon!

Let me know if you enjoyed the tour and tell me what was your favorite piece?

I hope everyone is enjoying this season so far! WE actually got over 3 inches of snow during the night and no school, so was nice to sleep in and just enjoy the day staying home. Too cold to venture out much right now.

If you've been paying attention lately, the last few posts I've included a little quote from some different Christian authors/ministries which I'd like to try to do on every post if possible. Here's one for today from author/pastor Charles Stanley: "Some things are so important to God that they are worth interrupting the happiness and health of His children in order to accomplish them."



Country Prims said...

Howdy ginger collector!
Wow, you sure have some huge collections-it's well seen you live in the States:)What I'm wondering is, what size your storage bunker is? Ha!

What can I say.....my fav has got to be the display in the second pic, with the plate and the gingerbread tuck pillow. I also love the 'big boy' and the salt dough gingerbreads-I have a couple of them (only smaller).

You have been very busy and now I'm looking forward to seeing the gingers tree!!!

Thanks for visiting earlier-your comments are very much appreciated:)

Your little thought at the end helps give a little perspective to many situations we don't understand,

Have a great week,
Hugs, Shazy x

Sheila said...

Holy smokes! I thought I was a collector! I agree, they are all so cute and adorable who wouldn't want to collect them? The sign might have done it for me too Tanya! To pick a fav, hmmm? The canister with the red handle top~
I love the quotes you are adding. I wrote down the last one and included it in a card to someone who needed to read it!
Hugz to ya,

Christine said...

Did you hear my chin hit the floor?!!!!LOL!
And that's only pt 1!!
Soooo many adorable gingers but I think the salt dough one is a fav along with the little tree with them on it and the sweetie jar and ....
OK I could go on!!!
Loved seeing them all and looking forward to the next pt!
Best wishes

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

What an awesome collection of gingerbreads!! Love all the pics!

Karen said...

I think there is a slight chance that you like gingerbread things.

Karen said...

Oh my goodness...you do have such a nice collection. I love the simple little stitched pillow...very cute.

merry christmas...can't wait to see more.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Holy Moly! Your ginger displays are so cute!
I love them and I started collecting things
with gingers, although I don't have many. I
did buy 4 from Brenda of the Rusty Thimble
and I put three in a copper tub. I posted
the pic on my sidebar, then I added some
live greens, afterward. If you find you
have way too many to deal with, just send
them to me, I will give them a good home! LOL...I am looking forward to seeing the
rest of them.

Bear Hugs~Karen

nancy huggins said...

Loved the tour and my favorite item was the one with the verse that you said might be whay you started collecting them
What a cool thing to collect and you are right about resisting them..how could you? :)

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

This ginger-aholic definitely enjoyed the tour! Can't wait for the next one. ;)

I love everything! But I think I love the big guy you got for $5 the most. I want to make one, it wouldn't come out as wonderful as yours though.

Wendy K said...

Wow Tanya!!!
I'm in Ginger Heaven!!!!
Which is may favorite??? I can't name one....lol! I loved them all but especially the ginger plate, pillow, aaaaaalll the prim gingers and your '$5.00' Ginger... toooo cute! :)
I can't wait for more pictures....loved them, thankyou for sharing...even if I am a bit envious now....lol! ;)
Hugs Wendy x

Michele said...

Hello from a fellow Gingerbread addict! Come on over to my blog ~
www.abushelandapeck-frugalfanny.blogspot.com and check out my collection! Great photos!

bettyj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bettyj said...

I have never seen such a collection. Wow. I can't wait to see the rest of it. Truly wonderful. sorry I misspelled a word on the first post.(couldn't have that)

Elaine said...

Oh wow Tanya they are soooo adorable! My favourite is darling basket on the left of the shelf. I can;t wait to see some more.

Carol said...

Gingerbread City is alive and well in your home, Tanya! They just make you smile don't they--so cute :)

the primitive country bug said...

Wowza! I don't think I've ever seen so many gingers in one collection. Everything is a sweet as can be!
Blessings to you~ Birgit

Libby said...

Tanya that is awesome! Such a wonderful large collection of gingies! I have "The Perfect Man" framed art and love it. Thanks for sharing your awesome goodies with us!
Hugs Libs

Angie Berry said...

Girl, I'm a collector also... but you definitely have me beat!! It's too hard to pick a favorite, but I really love the vignette on the island. The cutters in the bowl, the fabric... it all looks so cute!

Looking forward to the rest of the collection!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Tanya this is probably the largest Ginger collection I've seen and it's not over yet is it? lol
Very nice though and so cute.