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Monday, December 27, 2010

Gingerbread Chr. Part Three

I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas w/family and friends! We ended up having 25 people(from hubby's side, w/a few missing from out of town) over on Chr. Eve and my kitchen had never seen so much food at one time! It turned out great and I think everyone enjoyed getting together again. It had been a few yrs. and we used to always gather every single yr. for many, many yrs. It was always a magical time for the kiddos and adults alike. Good motivation for DEEP cleaning your house, lol.

Here's the last of the gingerbread posts, and it is a long one so I hope you'll hang in there w/me. I promise I'm not trying to win any kind of award w/having the most. It only looks that way, ha.
(Click on any pic to make larger).
This is the darling gingerbread doll and 'baby' that my good friend Wendy made for me and sent all the way from England! I was totally surprised and thrilled when I opened the box! She made it out of wool felt and zigzagged around the outer edges for the 'icing'. I just love her outfit and hair bow, and the baby is too cute! Thank you again Wendy, I hope you got my email awhile back.
This is a stitchery I finished last wk. from Chestnut Junction. I might make it into a pillow. If you look closely, you'll see the fabric has little candy canes in between the gingers.

Here's a tea towel I finished last wk. as well. I used the over dyed wool, from a Backyard Friends pattern.

I also finished this valance for the kitchen last wk. too. Guess I was in a 'stitchy' kind of mood. LOL

Here's some random pics of more gingers I've collected........
Sorry about the blur, it looks better in person. A really old pattern I stitched on perforated vinyl.
The corner cabinet......
Another gift from my MIL...
Found this towel at HL last yr.

Bought this off of a gal I met recently....
made from wood, w/a hanger......

I found this resin 'cup' at a craft fair back in the fall....... it says, 'Serve w/milk, expires Dec. 26th'.
I made some Eggnog cookies and used my ginger cellophane bags/ribbon to wrap them with. Let me know if anyone wants the recipe. It really doesn't call for Eggnog, just uses several eggs.
Had to have at least one Boyd's Bear w/ginger baby!

This is what the table first started out looking like........ a bit plain to say the least....... but wait, first I'll show you the close-ups, then it gets a bit better...(hubby bought me the 3-pc. matching ceramic set ~ bowl, pitcher and dish a few Chr's ago).
Salt/pepper shakers...
Another set.......

awwwwwwww, now that's better, don't ya think??? Here's the tablescape I mentioned on an earlier post......notice the napkin rings are gingers too.......(but I only had 4~ wahhhhh!)lol

Found this whole set of dishes last yr. but never got to use any of them because our kitchen wasn't even finished until Chr. Day, so it was really fun getting them out and using them this yr. for the first time.Mug w/buttons....
Mug w/heart.......

These are wax tarts that I put on top of the pie safe in the laundry room....
right next to this cutie.........found him at a craft fair last yr.
Don't ya love his smiling face???
And one little magnet on the fridge.

That's allllllllll folks, lol. End of tour! Whew! I never realized how many gingers I actually have, goodness! I also have a gingerbread apron I made a few yrs. ago, but couldn't find it, so maybe next yr.

I hope you didn't get too bored w/such a long post! I decided to wait and show you the other stiched pieces I made for Chr. presents on the next post, which I hope to get in before the end of the yr. (just remember I didn't say WHICH yr.) LOLOL

Have a quiet and relaxing week everyone! I'll leave you w/a short quote, not sure who originally said this, but I heard it on tv once. "If you look back over the course of your year and you don't cry either tears of joy or tears of sorrow, it was a wasted yr."

Let me know what ya think.


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I love, love, love your gingerbreads!
I found some more in a box, that I put
out, but I didn't post pics of...
You have inspired me to hunt for more
gingers! I have some red material with
gingers, that I could make a valance
with. Thanks for showing us!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

Once again, I love everything! I need that pattern from Chestnut Junction. I must have it! lol.

Country Prims said...

And here was me thinking I had gingers!!!! My goodness girl, such a collection you have there!
I bet you were excited getting those dishes all out this year:)

So glad your entertaining went well-did you serve ginger wine too?Ha!

What cute doll and babe Wendy made for you-she has such an eye for detail and stitch perfect too!

Love the towel you made and the stitchery-I enjoyed your tour, thanks so much for sharing:)
Speak soon and Happy New Year in the meantime:)

Shazy x

Sheila said...

What a huge collection Tanya! Your table looked so festive with the gingers and snowflakes and the ginger doll is darling.
Glad you had a wonderful gathering of family and friends to help celebrate the holiday with.
Blessings to you,

Christine said...

How wonderful to have such a big family get together on Christmas Eve!
Unfortunately it was so snowy here our family gathering was called off :-(
I absolutely LOVE the gingerbread tableware!
As well as everything else!
Thanks for your friendship this year and i look forward to visiting often in the coming year!

bettyj said...

Never have I seen so many gingers! You have the largest collection ever and I bet it continues to grow. Those dishes are cute as can be.
betty, Through My Back Door

Angie Berry said...

I LOVE having a house full! My family is another state away and my husband's family is very small. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!

What an adorable ginger doll Wendy made you! I love the icing stitching, very cute!

The stitching and tea towel are very cute, love the fabric backing you used to match the stitching.

Now will the valance and some of the gingers stay up year round? I have some in my kitchen that stay out year round, I love em.

Your dishes are beautiful! I love the colors, design, and their sweet little grin. They go perfectly with the tablecloth too. I bet you were giddy with delight to finally use them this year! =]

I really enjoyed your ginger tour Tanya, You have an impressive collection!

Wendy K said...

Hey there! :)
Soooo glad you liked your little Ginger mamma and her baby! :)
I love all your Gingers but Loved the dyed woolly gingers on your tea towels...too cute!
Chat to you soon ;)
Hugs Wendy x