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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are You Ready for a Craft Sale???

Today's sale is for various cross stitch kits from designers~Hob Nobb Designs, Lizzie*Kate, and Bent Creek. These are older kits, but have NEVER been used, like brand new, only older and w/a big discount! All these kits are in their original packaging. Here's how it will work:

I prefer to accept payments through PayPal, which you can use even if you don't have a PayPal acct. These prices you see here will NOT reflect shipping costs. That will be added later, after I receive notice, along with your address, so I will know how much to add for actual shipping. It will be first come, first served. You will need to send me an email stating which kit/kits that you want to purchase. Please don't forget to add your address in the email. I will accept international addresses as well. I will mark it sale pending until I receive payment.

First up is a Hob-Nobb Design kit w/a large handmade Angel button(over 2 inches long), graph and also the fabric. Comes in a nice compact plastic box. $9.00 each OR all 3 kits below for $25.0016 ct. Hickory Heatherfield fabric included....A second Hob-Nobb Des. kit~'School Days'~comes with a darling handmade 'raincoat' button, graph and also the fabric. $9.00 each or all 3 kits for $25.00. This would make a darling teacher's gift!16ct. White Birch Heatherfield fabric included...(I still have some of this fabric left if anyone wants me to cut them a piece, just let me know what size and I'll quote you a price).Third kit by Hob-Nobb Des. is 'BOO', a cute ghost button and 3 candy corn buttons, graph, and also the fabric is included for $9.oo each OR all 3 kits for $25.0016ct. Hickory Heatherfield fabric is included...Next up is a Bent Creek Zipper kit~'Jack'. Included in the zipper bag is the graph, linen fabric, threads, embellishments and needle, plus you can re-use the 6 by 9 in. zipper bag for many things~all for only $12.50. I use all my zipper bags for carrying current small projects in.Lizzie*Kate kit~'Long May She Wave' comes in a cute little plastic re-usable 'purse'. Graph, fabric (hand-dyed relic linen), star embellishment, needle and exclusive chart for $8.00. (original price was $18.00).L*K kit~'Vinnie Von Fang' ~ is a special edition kit, complete w/hand-dyed 'Transylvania Green' linen, Mill Hill ceramic pumpkin button, silver bow, 2 yellow star buttons, sparkly crystal cufflinks, glittery silver fiber, crazy eyes, black seed beeds, needle and graph~ all for only $12.50 OR both kits(Betty Broomstick) for $24.00. (Each kit was originally $28.00 each). ***Both Vinnie and Betty have been sold~thanks Jo!L*K kit~'Betty Broomstick'~comes with exclusive hand-dyed 'Halloween' linen, pumpkin glass necklace, sliver bow, fuzzy black hair fiber, 2 yellow star buttons, sparkly crystal earrings, glittery fuchsia shoe fiber, black seed beads, bristly broom, needle and graph all for $12.50 each OR both Vinnie and Betty for $24.00. Edited~both Vinnie and Betty have been sold! Thanks! Bent Creek kits~2 Cracker kits available. 'Halloween' Holiday Crackers kit includes: 32 ct. linen, floss, embellishments, graph and needle. Asking $10.00 each OR $18.00 for both kits.Bent Creek 'Christmas' Holiday Crackers kit includes: 32 ct. linen, floss, embellishments, graph and needle all for $10.00 OR both Cracker kits for $18.00.
That's it for today, but I still have lots more kits/patterns(not all are cross stitch related), etc. to sell in the near future. Any questions~just email if you already have my email addie OR click on the 'contact me' button which is located on the upper right sidebar.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shopping!!! LOL

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Danice said...

These are really nice kits, Tanya. I love cross stitching. Happy weekend to you :)