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Friday, November 29, 2013

Did You Survive Black Friday??

Well, did ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving??  We sure did, w/11 people this yr. at our table.  Two new faces were added this yr.  I always love it when we have new guests.  Makes it more fun!!

I hardly EVER go out shopping on Black Friday, it is just too crazy out there for me and I just don't care to get into the 'mobs'.  There isn't anything out there that I need badly enough for me to go through all of that!

Just wanted to pop on here for a few minutes to show some things I've been working on.  Had this pillow finished a few wks. ago, but forgot to show it last time.  It's from Lizzie Kate, one of my favorite designers!  Stitched over two on 18ct. Raw Linen, so I used my favorite Pearl Cotton # 8, Weeks Dye Works, overdyed floss.
 This was the first dusting of snow we had a couple wks. ago.
 I tried to make it a bit rustic and added some wool 'holly' on the giant rick rack and some red beads for the berries.
 This is the fabric I chose for the bottom and the back of it.  It's a Debbie Mumm fabric and I thought it went perfectly.  Don't cha' love when that happens?  When you actually have something in your stash and it works beautifully w/what you have in mind?
 I also added some beads for 'snowflakes'.......
 Something else I finished recently was this monthly wallhanging, by Art to Heart.  I am in the midst of creating each BOM(block of month) using all WOOL and just the cotton around the outer edges.  I thought of this idea over a yr. ago and made one up, but never finished it into anything, so I started over w/ the month of January, this time finishing it!!  I'm actually a bit early for ONCE!!!  YIPPEE!!!

 Of course I always have to change the colors........

I also have another little snowman finished, but it is for a gift, so will wait till next time to show you.  I have had such a busy Nov. that I wonder what Dec. will hold for us.  We've gotten involved w/so many new things going on at church and also w/in our community this yr., which has been a LOT of work, but  also a lot of fun.  Met lots of new people and made several new friends for which I'm very thankful!

At our recent craft nite (at church) I made a sampling of little 'acorns'.  I saw it on the Cozy Old Farmhouse blog, but all you use is a Hershey's kiss, a mini Nutter Butter and a chocolate morsel.  Looks easy, but boy did I make a mess w/trying to get them to stick together w/melted chocolate.  Had it everywhere and in my fingernails!! ugh!!!  But everyone liked them and thought they were cute.

 This is what our table looked like last nite before the food.........I just kept it simple this yr.  Now I can get my Christmas decor out and start decorating for the next big holiday.  I don't like to skip over Thanksgiving, so I usually wait till it's over.
 I hope everyone found some time to..........
P.S. As a way of saying my heartfelt 'thank you' to all of my customers ~
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Away for too long........

Well, I certainly didn't mean to stay away so long, but sometimes, that just happens.  We had such warm and lovely temps the last couple of days (74* yesterday) and today it is the high of 51* and it feels like -35 w/the wind blowing, at least to me!  What a drastic change in temps, but it does keep me more motivated to do some of my favorite things, like sewing..........
 I gave you a sneak peek from the last post and this is what I made w/that 'word' fabric.  A giant tote bag! LOL  I originally thought that I could make it into a purse, but I guess I didn't realize just how big it really was until I started sewing the pieces/parts together.  I hadn't made a casing in forever and thought the pattern was wrong! duh!  It was just me!!   The pattern did have one mistake in it tho', but I figured it out BEFORE I sewed it like the pattern told me to do.
 It has quite a few pockets both inside and out - 6 on the outside(3 on each side) and 6 on the inside, one side is smaller than the other side.
 I'm pretty excited about how it turned out, altho' I probably should have made the handles longer than what it called for.
 All in all, it wasn't too bad of a pattern and it caused me to brush up on my binding skills a bit, too.
 Another favorite thing to do (any time of yr.) is BAKING.........now let me just say, I'm usually not much of a PIE baker, but I was in the mood for a pumpkin pie last wkend and so I thought I'd try one.
 Now you have to realize I have not made a pumpkin pie in about 30 yrs, so was a bit out of practice.  (My MIL always brings pies up for our household to eat, so why bother, I say)....well, my family thought it was pretty doggone good for the most part.  (you can see where the foil got stuck to the pie when I tried to pull it off).  But I still need LOTS of practice and my hubby and sons are all for it!!!
 Not too shabby w/some light Cool Whip added on top..........
 Next up is another book review, so I hope I'm not boring anyone too much w/all the reviews.
These books are FREE from Bethany House/Chosen books in exchange for an honest review.
 This time I chose some NON-fiction and I have been so blessed in reading them!!

"The Sure Cure for Worry" by Kent Crockett, is a truly wonderful book that teaches you how to learn to trust God no matter what happens in your life.  He gives clear,concise instructions, along w/many humorous and amazing true-life stories to help drive the point he is making.  I used it as another devotional book during my own private quiet time and gained a wealth of knowledge about how NOT to worry.  He also gives questions at the end of each chapter to help you remember what you just learned.  I only hope I can remember everything he taught me!  I highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles w/worry!  I can't wait to read more of his books!!
 "Blessings for the Evening" by Susie Larson, was written because of the author's own bouts w/nighttime worries.  In this refreshing devotional book, she gives a reassuring promise from God's Word on one page and then on the opposite side, she speaks blessings over you and tells you to 'sleep well'.  On each and every page are some of the most beautifully displayed pictures of nature behind each promise and blessing.  The photography is absolutely breathtaking!
This would make a wonderful nighttime devotional to read before bedtime each night or would make a very nice gift for someone special.  What a sweet book!  I highly recommend it!
 In his book, "Finding Your Heart's Desire", R.T. Kendall asks/answers such questions as 'Is it wrong to be ambitious?  to want to succeed? to strive for earthly significance?  He balances these questions and more w/Godly wisdom and principles from His Word, giving the reader practical insights as to the struggles we all face in the area of motives.  His main message is to stop seeking the applause of man and start living for the glory of God.   (Edited to say this book was not quite what I expected from the title).
If you've stayed w/me this long, I hope that as we approach the thanksgiving season(here in the states), you'll be blessed by how many things we all have to be thankful for!  Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous time of yr!