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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Americana Living Room Tour - Part Two

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the tour! Come on in! Get out of the rain! Are you all having as much rain as we are here in Ky.??? Mercy, I thought we needed to start building an ark this week! LOL
I have lots of pics to share w/you today, so I hope you enjoy!
This is the main wall in our living room, right behind it is the kitchen. I love using shelves to display my 'fun' stuff on and I love to make groupings whenver I can. I always try to re-use items I already have, so most of the things displayed just get moved around to a new place, for a new look. :))
Our red couches were bought last yr. during our yr.-long renovation and put in storage for several months. Before that I had country blue couches for over 20 yrs., so we were due some new furniture. The furniture store where we bought them were having a big sale, so if you bought the couch, the loveseat was free. I'll show it in a future post. Since the loveseat was free, it enabled us to buy new end tables, coffee table and sofa table as well. Hey, you just can't have one w/out the other, LOL.
I think red is my new favorite color!
This is a 'Snowball' quilt my MIL made for my hubby a few yrs. ago for Christmas. She does exquisite hand-quilting ~ they are teeny-tiny stitches in perfect formation. (Click to enlarge to see what I mean).
She has a shoebox or two FULL of ribbons she's won in quilt contests over the yrs. However, she is unable to do the hand-quilting anymore, but still pieces the tops and sells them on the side. We are fortunate to have a few of her quilts that we will always cherish!

Here's a side view of how it all looks together. I aimed for a more 'simplified' wall display this time around, but ya never know~ I may have to add something else later down the road, lol.

and the other side..........notice the far left is the chair and star I showed you last time from part one of the tour, so now you can get a better idea of where it's located.

The little ABC shelf I found a few months back at one of my favorite prim shops a few hrs. from here, up in Ohio. A man runs the shop(while his wife works a regular job) and makes some of the furniture he sells. He is very friendly and tries to purchase mostly American made items as much as he can.The two black wire stars were bought in Amish country up in northeastern Ohio. They used to hang on either side of the star shelf that is now in my kitchen. You can view it on an earlier post.

Here's a close-up of what's sitting inside the shelf. I still love my bears and try to incorporate them along w/the sheep.
Close-up of the sheep and star candles.

This pic turned out a bit bright w/the flash, but wanted to let you see what sits in front of the big couch.

Here's a better pic of the true color it is. If you look close, you will see 'lines' on either side of the coffee table. These actually are hinged underneath and open up for storage inside. This is where I keep some of my many magazines I collect. The knobs in the front are for opening the big drawer for more storage! A girl can't have enough storage I've always said, esp. to Mr. Fix It. :))

I ordered the checkers box from Terry's Village many yrs. ago. It has a drawer that opens on either side w/real checkers inside for actual playing. My boys and I used to play w/them when they were little, but of course I'd always get beat!

Here's a view of the end table to the right of the big couch.
A little 'anniversary' bear couple.

This little glass cloche I found at an estate sale last summer. I really wasn't sure how I was gonna use it at the time. I made several of the 'faux' cinnamon buns last fall for a craft show.
I borrowed a tutorial from the Pickled Pepper Patch blog. Char does really cool stuff on there for crafters. These were a lot of fun to make, but oh my, were they ever messy!!!
Another little Boyd's bear. I love his Americana sweater. He is holding a little stitchery I designed and framed myself. I painted the wood star button to match the floss.

Close-up of the other end table to the left of the couch. Notice the two are shaped differently.

Gosh, I didn't realize I had this many bears in my living room! LOL I love the little sign he's holding~'Prayer Changes Things' ~ boy, isn't that the truth!!! Amen to that!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed part two of the tour! I still have lots more to share over the next couple of posts, so make sure you check in again soon!
I'm trying my best to get my first Americana give-away all wrapped up to show you HOPEFULLY the next time I post, which I'm aiming for the early part of next week. So hang in there w/me. Things have been pretty crazy and busy in my neck of the woods, so that's why I'm saying 'HOPEFULLY'!
~ thanks again for stopping by!!
I sure enjoy your comments more than you know! You all have been very gracious for letting me invade your day! I'm really enjoying sharing my home w/you all, please come back again soon!


rachel said...

looks great!

Christine said...

I love the way the blue shelf really pops out above your couch and the ABC above it is great!
I'd surely love to visit up around that area with you and see Amish farmland and shops!

Love your choice of tables too - v. nice color!
Have a great weekend!


Country Prims said...

Hi Tanya,
I love how you have decorated your room-your shelves and tables are so lovely:)

Your MIL's quilting is amazing-such a treasure to have,

Have a great weekend and speak soon,
Hugs, Shazy x

Nanna said...

everything's comming together nicely, love the quilt on back of the couch

Sherri said...

What a beautiful post...love, love, love the snowball quilt!

michelle said...

wow just started to go through your whole blog and your home is beautiful.my mother in law gets the book to order from called terrys village they do have some cute stuff at reasonable prices.take care and god bless

Angie Berry said...

You are so fortunate to own such wonderful family heirlooms in the quilts made by your MIL! I love all your displays. The alphabet shelf is really cute! That would look great with my old school desk. I'll have to be on the lookout and see if I ever come across one. Or... I can get busy and make one.