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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stitchy things and lots more!

Hi everyone! I'm finally back w/bunches of pics to share w/you today, hope I don't bore anyone! It seems I can't just post a FEW pics, LOL!
First up is a stitchery pillow I made for a good friend/walking buddy of mine, as a b'day gift. She really liked it, so I was pleased w/the way it turned out. I tea dyed the muslin, but you can't tell all that much from the pic. :{
Next up is the MYSTERY gift I threw in the Americana give~away I had recently. It's from an old Mosey and Me pattern.
The gold star is stitched w/metallic thread.

The beard is stitched w/fuzzy thread. Someone I knew used to call it 'hairy' thread. :))

This pillow is a Blackbird Design that has been really popular w/stitchers recently. The fabric is WDW and really a bit darker than it shows, and it's filled w/crushed walnut shells, a.k.a ~ lizard litter. You should have seen the gal's face at the petstore when I asked for Lizard Litter! Now, I'm guessing she didn't think I looked like the type of person to OWN a lizard for pete's sake. LOL
I love the overdyed floss used on this design and I added the Mother of Pearl bird buttons I had leftover from my shop. They are from Homespun Elegance and I just flipped the one over to give it a different look. I didn't stitch the initial that goes in the upper right hand corner, because at the time I wasn't sure if I was going to give it as a gift or not. So far not....LOL

This is a hanging pocket I made for an exchange I was in recently. I made it on 18 ct. linen over two, using 4 threads. It is a SamSarah pattern called, Old Glory.

I added a little open brass star for an embellishment, which I thought went w/the star fabric.

And for that same exchange, this is the darling pillow I received! Blyn designed this herself and then made it into a flange pillow.

Notice the fabrics and the rusty pins on the corners. I absolutely LOVE it and think she did a wonderful job!

Love this fabric she used on the back!

Ready for some more?? I made a few aprons not too long ago. This one was from a panel I bought at a quilt store in Amish country last summer. I put a backing on it that it did not call for. I just think it looks more finished that way.

For this one, I basically traced a pattern from the panel above and made this a reversible apron. It is a bit deeper red in person.
This is what the back of it looks like. As you can tell, I love rick rack!

I draped some aprons over the back of the chair up against the wall in our new kitchen, for now.
Later I plan to hang them on the door going into the laundry room.

A table set for a recent dinner we had w/the in-laws. After eating off of a teeny tiny table for 23 yrs., we've certainly enjoyed having a much larger one. So nice when we have company.
I got the bowl trencher(centerpiece) at a prim shop recently and it was on SALE!! LOL The gal made her own candles too, so I thought 3 would look nice surrounded by rosehips.

This is the first completed stitched piece I finished earlier this yr. and had framed. It sits on that skinny black shelf in the corner of the kitchen. A LHN design, which is one of my all-time favorite designers! I have LOTS of her patterns, but haven't stitched that many. I will have to show another one I stitched awhile back w/sheep on it, but the pic was too blurry to show.

This was taken outside to show the true colors of the varigated floss I used.

The next few pics are stitched pieces I finished right before Easter, but forgot to post about them. The first one is a freebie from the Prairie Schooler. Still not sure what I'm going to make them into.
Last yr's Lizzie Kate kit.

This yr's L.K. kit. I changed out a few colors for ones I had on hand.

This is a wallhanging I made many, many yrs. ago and I remember finishing it right on the 4th of July that yr. It's from an old Fanci That pattern but I changed out a few things on it. It was when the varigated floss first came out.

This is my most recent finish and it is for an exchange I'm in. I'm still not sure how I'll finish it yet. The watermelon stitched up rather quickly, but the black/white checkerboard took forever it seemed!
It's from an old Sisters and Best Friends pattern, but I used my beloved overdyed floss instead of what it called for. I used to always have several pieces going at the same time, but this yr. I decided I was only going to stitch one thing at a time, and so far, it's been working out great for me. I actually feel like I'm getting more things finished for a change! It's still very tempting to get another project out while I'm working on another, but I'm really trying to be good! Ha

I did buy two flag buntings for the front porch, but next yr. I just might have to tea-dye them. Wasn't too sure about using the white ones, but thought they might look better w/the white bannisters.
Still haven't hung any hanging plants yet, as we've had horrible storms every few days, w/high winds. I've had to move things inside several times already.
Our Hostas are really growing and getting pretty big now.

This is my sweet little family at a recent reunion. My hubby's family has been doing this for 74 yrs. in a row! WOW!!
Mr. Fix It wasn't smiling like he usually is, probably cause he always blinks when pics are taken, ha.
Our oldest son Nicholas, is 19 and just finished his first yr. of college/tech sch. taking Carpentry. Following after his Dad's steps, ha. He just spent the month of June working on building a house for the needy, from the ground up. He has also worked at a local DQ for a yr. now, part-time and works for his Dad remodeling houses too.
Steven, my redhead, is 16 and hoping to get his license real soon! (can you tell we have Irish blood in us)??? He is helping out w/the lawn-mowing and various odd jobs.
God has blessed us w/ two wonderful boys and we're very proud of the young men they're becoming.

Well, if you've hung in there this far, thanks so much for stopping by and for all the wonderful comments you leave. I sure enjoy reading each and every one of them!
I hope to be back again soon w/some more pics of various things going on around our little part of the world.
Here's hoping you're surviving the heat!


Sheila said...

Hi there Tanya!
love your post today with all the wonderful items you've been working on. What a nice looking family too!
Our son is following in his dad's footsteps-he's been a carpenter for over 35 years now, so was his father, brother and several uncles. Our son is a finish carpenter and builds cabinets and specialty entry doors.
My hub feels like it's a dying trade so good to know that your son and hubby are working with their hands.
Sending you an email too.
Have a great day!

Jessica [beforethedawn.org] said...

You can post all the pictures you want, I love to look at them. :D Beautiful work on the pieces you made!

michelle said...

great post!i luv all your works youve done ,especially the uncle sams.I have been looking for a uncle sam pattern since your one post that had the cute little one with your dishes.i luv them all.hes such a cutie.you did a great job on them aprons too!have a great night.god bless michelle

Nanna said...

great job on all the stitcheries, love that big table!

angiesraggedypatch said...

All your work is wonderful!

Christine said...

I love seeing all those stitcheries! The little crow pillow is sooo cute with the crows you added to it! Great work!

And thanks so much for sharing a pic of your family - very special!

Hope you enjoy your beautiful gardens and porch!

Country Prims said...

Hey, don't know how I missed this post on my blog-just found it off someone elses!!

Wow, you have done some neat work, I love all those stitchings:)) You sure have been busy-LOADS to dec your beautiful home with. The varigated threads look great.

How nice to see all of your family-you will be well looked after, with three great men:))

Blessings, Shazy x

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I love all your cross stitch! You have a
great looking family and home...I tried to
look at this post right after you posted it,
but it wouldn't show me it! I think I have
over 200 bears, I am not sure, I will have
to do inventory... :)

Bear Hugs~Karen

Angie Berry said...

All of your stitcheries are wonderful pieces! Even the one you received is really cute! I am loving those aprons! I'm always on the lookout for vintage aprons at yard sales, flea markets, antique shops but can never find any. I wish some people would get rid of them so I can get some. Haha!

Your front porch area was so pretty before, but I will say the flag bunting completes the look for sure! I love it!

What a good looking family you have!