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Friday, July 23, 2010

Is it FALL yet???

Hey blogging buddies,
I don't usually post this late on a Fri. nite, but decided to take a chance that someone just might be on the computer instead of out in the HEAT. Everyone staying COOL this summer???LOL
It is still BEASTLY here in Ky. and doesn't seem to be cooling off anytime soon, so I decided to make some FALL decor. These 3 pillows are from a kit I ordered from Farmhouse Woolens recently. It came w/the Silk Matka, the plaid homespun for the backs(which I forgot to take a pic of) and the wool, plus the pattern. I love the way they turned out. I just used a buttonhole stitch all around each one. The pattern didn't call for it, but I decided to add a little button on the acorn.
Love the way the 'leaf' looks dimensional on this one.

Remember this one I showed a 'sneak peek' of last time?? I finished it up the other night while camping recently. It is a pattern designed by the Stitcherhood, w/just a bit of Quaker motif added.
It was an absolute joy to work on. The floss was wonderful(Valdani) and just stitched up so fast for a change! I'm thinking about framing it myself, but would need to find the right size frame first.

The watermelon I showed on an earlier post, but hadn't finished it into anything at that point. This was for a recent exchange I was in, so now I can show it all finished up into a floss holder. (The floss rings fit through the holes at the bottom and that's where you hang your floss).

Awhile back when I gave you a tour of my craft barn, I had these unfinished mini cabinets, so I finally painted them black, then sanded them. I left the drawers unfinished for a more unique look.

Here's another WIP(work in progress) and a sneak peek of something else I started working on before the 4th of July. Better late than never. I would have had this finished by now, but got into stitching some fall items. At least I'll be early w/them! :))
I have stitched on it since this pic was taken and it is now almost finished and I'll post when it's done.
This is from a Shepherd's Bush pattern.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do LOVE primitive decor, but just NOT primitive camping, so here's our 'home away from home' while camping recently. We only went 2 hrs. away from here to the Ky. Horse Park right outside of Lexington(Horse Capital of the World), home of the 2010 World Equestrian Competition thingy~LOL, I can't remember the proper wording, sorry for all you horse lovers!
We have camped all over the eastern parts of the U.S. and only a few Midwestern states for 13 summers now, but would love to travel more extensively when the boys get out of school.
Slide~outs make all the difference! We started out very humbly yrs. ago and worked our way up to this 31ft. wonder on wheels!
In our first camper, you could literally sit on the potty, lean over and lay your head on the bed! we used to make jokes about it all the time. LOL
This is our third camper and it's 4 yrs. old this yr. but our fifth yr. of camping in it. I had a dear friend of mine come to visit for almost 2 wks. a few yrs. ago and we let her stay in it because we didn't have a spare bedroom at the time, and she nicknamed it "the Camper Hilton". LOL

Sorry about the glare! This was taken through the window as we were leaving. Despite the major heat wave we've had, our grass is still fairly green. (Maybe due to all the thunderstorms we've had pass through).
All the sites are paved and are a good distance between you and your neighbor. It is one of our favorite campgrounds close to home.

This was where we spent most of our time. My body was actually craving chlorine!!
It was not all that crowded at the pool each day. The right side is 12 ft. deep and they employ several lifeguards, who change seats every half hr. (who knows why, maybe cuz of the heat)??
It's one of the biggest pools we've seen at a campground.

We had a little excitement on our last day there. We were inside eating our lunch, because the lawn guys needed to mow all around us on those big LOUD turnaround lawnmowers and we felt a 'boom', like a rock or something hit the side of our camper, but later discovered that the lawn guy hit the camper w/his big machine. BJ our doggie, came running under the table it scared him so bad.

Please ignore the dirt, but here's the damage it did.

So hubby went to the office and told them what had happened and they sent this guy to check it out. Hopefully we'll hear from them soon w/an insurance check to cover the damages(keeping fingers and toes crossed) ha.

And that's what we've been up to so far this summer! Hope you're enjoying what's left of yours!
Take care, thanks for coming by and please stop back again soon!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love all of your needlework. It is all gorgeous. Your trailer is fantastic. We had a motorhome with the slideouts for a few years and loved traveling in it. I am so sorry we sold it a few years ago. Just got to expensive to travel with gas so high. Sounds like you are having fun. Enjoy. Hugs, Marty

Sheila said...

I love all your projects, especially the pillows Tanya!
Everything is so lush and green and I've always wanted to visit Kentucky-maybe one of these days.
Your home away from home looks quite nice. We still take the large tent and rough it, just not as much as when we were younger. One day we'll get a home on wheels.
You liked my little "Spotty Dotty Chicken" huh? She did turn out kinda cute! Making more tomorrow.
Have a great weekend.

Parsley said...

Sorry for the car damage. We just went through that too.

Love the autumn crafts. Makes me long for cooler weather.

Wendy K said...

Hi Tanya,
Love your little Autumn / Fall pillows ...soooo cute! Can't believe how big your 'Motorhome' is! (we call them caravans here in the UK)And I've never seen those slide out sections before...reeeally impressed, definately beats camping in a tent... lol!
Hope your summer continues to be fun.
With love Wendy x x

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Great projects! I live the fall pillows.

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

oops...LOVE the fall pillows!

Country Prims said...

Hello there, doing a bit of catching up here on my fav blogs!!

I just LOVE those little Fall pillows-very cute and your x-stitches are amazing-you sure are busy!lol!

Wow-massive trailer girlie-sounds like such fun, with all the lovely weather as a bonus-we are puddle jumping here:(

Hope the mishap to the trailer gets sorted out,

Enjoy the reast of your hols,
Blessings, Shazy x

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Now, that is what I call camping in style!!!
I love your little pillows, you did a
great job on them, and I love your cross
stitched pieces...I don't know if I told
you, or not, I used to live in KY.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Christine said...

Don't know how I missed this post? But just to let you know I adore those little fall pillows and your stitcheries!

That is quite a motor home - def. not primitive!lol! Hope damage is fixed soon.
Keep cool!

Berit said...

I love your autumn projects, and your blog overall--SO glad I "found" you and can add to my Reader.

Have you seen this site? I also recently found it and was reminded of it while reading through some of your backlog of home posts.


Angie Berry said...

I love your new fall pillows and the button on the acorn is the perfect finishing piece!

Both of your stitcheries are beautiful Tanya! Nice and tight. I love the variegated flosses. It really adds just the right touch, doesn't it?

So glad you all are getting to enjoy some nice, fun summer time activities together! You are making wonderful memories that your boys will never forget! Especially in that wonderful camper!!

Daffycat said...

OMW those Autumn pillows are just the thing! I am so ready for fall, it isn't even funny. At this moment my computer says it is 106 degrees. Yuck! How wonderful that trailer looks. I'd head somewhere cooler, that's for sure!