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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fishy Tote Bag

Hi everyone!
I've been having some computer problems lately and not sure what the cause is - my comp. or blogger, but it won't let me leave comments on many of your blogs and keeps telling me to 'sign in' over and over. So I wanted to say I haven't posted much lately because of it. Thank you to all of you for your sweet comments and for hanging in there w/me.

Last nite was the 'Friday Night Sew~In' that I try to link up to once a month. It's located on my sidebar if you want to see all those who join in and what all these other gals have been working on. It just motivates ya to work on something and hopefully get some project finished and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to even be 'sewing'.

I made this 'fishy' tote bag out of the Sandy Gervais 'Lollipop' fabric line charm packs. (for those who don't know what charm packs are ~ they are PRE-cut 5 in. squares) that I have fallen in love with. Saves so much time and your hand too from having to cut them all yourself. There really isn't a 'front' side or a 'back' side, but I tried to make them a bit different. It is really bright fabric, but I thot it'd be cute for summer. The middle squares are actually a small pocket. The key was to try not to put the same print next to another same print. Think it used about 31 charms all total, so it was a bit tricky to do that.
I don't like to badmouth anyone or any pattern company or designer, but this pattern was a bit 'VAGUE' in certain areas, as in VERY vague. So instead of sewing it wrong and having to rip it all out towards the end, I went over to my local quilt shop and let them help me w/the last part of the pattern. Thank goodness for knowledgeable quilters!

The pattern called for a completely different way to do the pockets, but I made one big on one side and 3 on the other.

Overall I was pretty pleased, but if I ever make another one, I'll do a few things differently next time.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer break! Last Sun. was my hubby's side of the family's 75th reunion!! Today we had another family get together at his cousin's house, celebrating a newborn baby girl w/a B~B~Q. We really enjoyed visiting w/everyone.

I'll try to come back sometime next week w/some more things I've been working on, so don't forget me, lol.

Here's another quote for ya, "God can pour on the blessings in astonishing ways."

Hope all the guys out there have a blessed Father's Day!!



Christine said...

Yaaayyy! So good to read a post from you at last! wink, wink!!
Your bag looks terrific - I couldn't even begin to tackle such a project!


Myra said...

That tote is just so bright and happy and cute! Perfect for summer.

Elaine said...

Tanya your bag is fabulous!! You sure have the quilting bug. Can;t wait to see what next. Hugs.

Country Prims said...

Hi Tanya-must be blogger, because I am having the same diffs with certain blogs!

Great job on the bag-I agree, lovely and bright for the summer. Glad you are finding some stitching time:)

Have a great week,

Shazy x