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Tanya (pronounced like the color TAN) : ))

Monday, November 21, 2011


As some of you found out over the wkend, Google decided to do a magic trick w/my blog by making it DISAPPEAR completely!!! I clicked the refresh button a few nights ago and it said that my blog had been disabled, but gave NO reason as to why. I clicked on several buttons, trying my best to get it to come back on, but to no avail. Several of you contacted me to let me know you couldn't get on my blog either. After trying several things to make it work again and hopefully reappear, I found a 'help' button that had me fill out a short questionnaire, then a few hrs. later they emailed me, apologized, and told me it had been fixed. PHEW!! Boy, was I sweatin' it!!!

In the meantime, several of you sweet, caring blogger buddies had emailed me asking me what happened to my blog, etc. I emailed several back letting you know that I was fine, but my blog wasn't. LOL

But I'm afraid that I may have lost a few more bloggers who clicked on to join in my recent give~away and couldn't find my blog, so with that said, I am going to extend it a few more days, to give everyone a bit more time. I will draw 3 names, one from each group ~A,B, or C. then I will give the winners a couple of days to get back w/me so I can mail them out shortly thereafter. (Boy I can't believe how many gingerbread lovers there are)!!!

THE NEW DATE will be NOV. 30th at NOON~EST. You can find all the info on the post below.
(I only need 4 more NEW followers to make it to 200) so please let the word out if ya don't mind!
Thanks everyone and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday here in the states! I can't tell you how glad I am to be back on here again!!


Pam at Antique or Not said...

So glad you got it all worked out, Tanya. I'll bet it nearly gave you a heart attack! LOL


cucki said...

hello dear, so happy that it is all sorted out now..it happened with me as well few days ago and i started crying..thank goodness it came back..same procedure..like you did,,
keep well dear and happy monday xx

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Wow, that is scary! So glad they got it fixed, for you. It doesn't matter how many gingerbread lovers, there are, you are gonna pick my name, anyway!..lol!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Ali said...

Glad you are well, thought something terrible had happened when I couldnt find your blog (which I thought I was already following but it was just in my bookmarks - doh!!!) lol xx

Carol said...

I'm so happy you got your blog back up and running. Cute background too.

flutterbygone's said...

Is it still being quirky?? It won't let me get to your giveaway post!!! I also thought I followed you but it let me in again! Weird stuff!!!!

Sheila said...

I thought I'd already entered! Eeek! I almost missed out. Please enter me for "A".

Thanks Tanya!