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Monday, February 21, 2011

Prim Room ~ Part One

I'm finally back w/pics of my little prim computer room that I mentioned awhile back. We finally finished hanging everything right before the big Christmas Eve party we had, so now I can show you the results.
You've had sneak peeks of a few things in this room already, so some of you might remember some of the decor from previous posts and some of it was in other parts of the house/ craft barn.
The sun was shining brightly the day I took these, so keep that in mind. This is the only window in the very small room which used to be our youngest son's bedroom. As you can see, it is painted a dark burgandy color up above, w/wallpaper and border down below that looks like weathered beadboard.
We took this burgandy chair out of the craft barn and it fit this corner nicely. Some of you might remember the stitched piece that my sweet friend Shazy sent me for my b'day last yr. I made it into a pillow to fit the chair, backing it w/a golden homespun fabric.

This is the wall adjacent to the door where you come in. I turned my flash off, so it wouldn't look so bright, but it turned it a bit dark ~sorry.
This might give you a better idea.......

Remember the plate I received in my Valentine swap recently? Well, there it is in the middle...way too dark, but you can see where it ended up....
The little stitchery on the right is one I designed and framed myself a few yrs. back. I even sold a pattern of it at one time. Those exact same words are in the wallpaper border, but I made the stitchery way before we ever bought it.

Some of you might remember this wool sheep wallhanging that I showed in the very beginning of blogging. I finally hung it on that star hanger ~ LOL

Here's how it all looks together........

My hubby found this lampshade on sale for only $9.99!!! I was thrilled to say the least!!!

Well, you'll have to come back to see the rest of the room, there's lots more to share!!
Here's your quote for today: "Each opportunity we seize holds an untold number of possibilities."

See ya back here soon!
Have a great week!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Give~away Enabler

Jean, over at Prim Crafts is having a surprise mystery give~away. She makes the cutest things, so go on over and check her out, BUT be sure to mention my name, so I can get a few more entries.

Thanks so much! See ya back here in a few days w/pics of my prim room!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Hearts

Well, I'm a day later than I hoped to be posting the rest of my Valentine decor, but I'm back now. Yesterday(Valentine's Day) was our 24th anniversary, so needed to spend the day w/Mr. Fix-It and NOT my computer! :)))

This is the candle mat I made several yrs. ago when I had my shop. I designed it to teach a class on penny rugs. Back then all I had was wool felt to work with and sold it in my shop, and I still have quite a few colors of it left. Nowadays I love the look and feel of 100% wool much better, but I only have a small amount in a few colors that I've bought in recent yrs. (Someday I hope to rectify that problem, LOL)
Once again, here's the fireplace display in the family room.....

Some of these might look familiar from last yr. These next two pillows are from Pine Mt. Designs that I stitched several yrs. ago.

This is a new one I stitched this yr. It was from a freebie design.
Here's where I hung Sheila's pillows she made me.
This hangs on the back door, but I forgot to show the skeleton key that hangs down below the sign.
My little flag out front.....
This is the big flag that hangs out front as well.

I put the floating heart candles under the cloche this yr.....
I actually made two of something for a change. One I gave away recently as a RAK gift. I kept the other for myself.

I made a little hanger for hanging them. It's adapted from a SamSarah design.

Well, I didn't finish one more project for V. Day like I wanted to, but when I do I will post a pic of it anyway. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Here's your quote for today: "True friendship isn't measured by time, but by times shared."

See ya back here soon!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Sock Hop!

There's a crazy sock blog hop going on over at Parsley's, so hop on over and join the fun! All you have to do is post a pic of your crazy socks and then comment on her post so people can visit everybody!

These are the socks I just received from my Valentine Swap partner last week. I thought these would be appropriate for this time of yr.

I'll be back hopefully on Mon. to show you the rest of my Valentine decor! Hurry back! Have a great wkend!


Monday, February 7, 2011

RAK and a Giveaway Win

I was gone all afternoon today getting groceries and running errands (in the rain I might add) and came home to find not one, but two packages waiting for me in the kitchen. The one I knew about, but the other was a total surprise from my good friend Sheila ~ Seasons of Thy Heart. She sent me a sweet RAK including all Valentine items! She knows how much I LOVE her 'canned' flower arrangements and this one is just too cute! Plus two different handmade hearts w/wire hangers, a handmade tag and the most yummy homemade candy! Oh my, it was very hard to stop at just one! LOL The flavor was out of this world!!

Oops, you know me by now, I always have at least one pic where I got too close, sorry! :))
Thanks again Sheila, how did you know I wanted to add a few more things to my Valentine display on the fireplace mantel?? I love everything you made me! So sweet and thoughtful of you!

About 3 wks. ago I won a giveaway over at Brenda's over at Pumpkin Patch Primitives, but she totally forgot to send it out, so I finally received it today! Here's the pile of scrumptious flannel ~ 22 pieces (9 X 11 in.) of ............
plaids..............snowmen and prints...........
snowflakes and polka dots............
OOOOOhhhhhhhhh, I can't wait to make something w/these babies~ lol. Thanks again Brenda! These are wonderful to the touch.

In keeping w/shorter posts this yr. so far................ here's your quote for today: "The courage to try different things is one part curiosity and two parts the inspiration of a friend."

Ok, next post I should have a few more Valentine's decor and stitchy things done to show you. See ya soon!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Swap Goodies

I received the most wonderful box in the mail yesterday......my swap that Parsley hosted recently. Here's what I got from Sheila B. from Sheila's Stitches n Stuff. She sent me all kinds of fantastic goodies.... I already found a place to hang this wood plate.....you will see in the very near future where I put it. tee hee~ you will just have to come back to find out where it went. LOL

Some much needed, oops, I mean wanted candy. ha ha
My very favorite scent.......... a cinnamon spice candle.
Pink heart socks and a magnetic memo pad.........

A LK Summer ABC's snippet graph........

And last but not least, the handmade item...........here's the back of it.......my very first Biscornu!
I tried taking lots of shots w/and w/out the flash, but couldn't get a good close-up. I want you to notice the SHEEP on each corner.......
The fabric is really a bit more light tan than it's showing.
Her stitching is perfection and I think she did a wonderful job on it!

Thanks again Sheila! I love everything you sent me and the Russell Stover's candy didn't last long ~ tee hee.

Still working on finishing up some more Val. things, so will be back again in a few days. Until then, stay warm and safe! Have a great weekend everyone!

Here's your quote for today ~ "Meeting a new friend is God's way of asking us to open our hearts a little wider, make a little more room to be thoughtful, and take a little more time to express His love."