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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 3 Winners are...........

Are you ready to find out who all won my giveaway??? Well, we had 123 entries for group A~the gingerbread lovers group! Lynn from 'Life on the Wienee Ranch' won!! She has several adorable wiener doggies, thus the name of her blog. Congrats Lynn!!Group B had the least amount w/only 27 entries. Felicia from 'Raggedy Creations' won this group. Congrats to Felicia!! She's already claimed her gifts.Group C had 42 entries. Patty C won from 'Hanging on by a Thread' blog. Congrats to Patty!! She has already claimed her gifts too.
Well, I hope everybody enjoyed jumping on board and playing along. I was pleased w/the number of NEW followers ~57, WELCOME!!!, as well as 192 total entries! Thanks again everybody!
P.S. I still need to hear back from Lynn, otherwise I will have to pull another name.(Actually my oldest son did all the name pulling).
Happy Stitching!

Monday, November 21, 2011


As some of you found out over the wkend, Google decided to do a magic trick w/my blog by making it DISAPPEAR completely!!! I clicked the refresh button a few nights ago and it said that my blog had been disabled, but gave NO reason as to why. I clicked on several buttons, trying my best to get it to come back on, but to no avail. Several of you contacted me to let me know you couldn't get on my blog either. After trying several things to make it work again and hopefully reappear, I found a 'help' button that had me fill out a short questionnaire, then a few hrs. later they emailed me, apologized, and told me it had been fixed. PHEW!! Boy, was I sweatin' it!!!

In the meantime, several of you sweet, caring blogger buddies had emailed me asking me what happened to my blog, etc. I emailed several back letting you know that I was fine, but my blog wasn't. LOL

But I'm afraid that I may have lost a few more bloggers who clicked on to join in my recent give~away and couldn't find my blog, so with that said, I am going to extend it a few more days, to give everyone a bit more time. I will draw 3 names, one from each group ~A,B, or C. then I will give the winners a couple of days to get back w/me so I can mail them out shortly thereafter. (Boy I can't believe how many gingerbread lovers there are)!!!

THE NEW DATE will be NOV. 30th at NOON~EST. You can find all the info on the post below.
(I only need 4 more NEW followers to make it to 200) so please let the word out if ya don't mind!
Thanks everyone and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday here in the states! I can't tell you how glad I am to be back on here again!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Are you ready to have some fun?? I thought I'd do something a bit different this time in honor of all my wonderful followers and my 2 yr. blogaversary! So here goes~READ carefully so as not to confuse any of you or myself~HA!! (it doesn't take much to confuse me, so I hope this makes sense)! I tried really hard to pick/make items for everyone's taste.

I'm going to give you all a choice as to which group of items you'd like to win!! There are 3 groups from which to choose, Group A ~ is mostly for gingerbread lovers. Group B is mostly for sewers/quilters. Group C is mostly for cross stitch lovers. There will be 3 winners chosen, one from each group!

In your comment, you will need to include several things, but all in the SAME comment. I do not want you to have to fill out several comments, so just make notes if you have to, LOL.

First of all this is open to the U.S, Canada and the UK. ONLY my followers can enter!! NEW followers are more than WELCOME to join in!! The more the merrier!! Just let me know if you're new, so I can welcome you!
You do NOT have to have a blog of your own, but make sure I have a way of contacting you.
Second, you will get UP to 7 entries per person. (I will explain this in a minute).
Third, you will need to include which group you prefer to win. Group A, B or C.

Here's how it works:
ONE entry for being a follower.
ONE MORE entry for making a separate post about it on your blog, linking back to me.
TWO more entries for posting on your sidebar about it~ (so it will stay up the duration Nov. 15th ~ Nov. 25th).
THREE more entries if I'm listed on your sidebar of favorite blogs to visit.
Group A ~ has all gingerbread themed items~ a handmade wooly homespun towel, handmade wool ornament(made by Valerie), a gingerbread saltdough boy and a great smelling fragrant sashet.
Group B ~ includes over a yard and a fourth of the blue holiday fabric by Debbie Mumm, a fat quarter of Deb Strain's new fabric line~(Making Friends) and a fat eighth of the green trees in the same fabric line, plus 3 sewing/quilting patterns~ A turtle pincushion, a darling patchwork bag and a quilted tablerunner, plus a needlecard that has 21 assorted needles and a threader in it, and a seam ripper.
Group C~ includes a Pine Mt. pillow kit(already stitched for you, w/a darling handmade clay mitten button), a holiday project bag (that I made up myself from 2 different patterns), a Heart in Hand snowman graph(Whee Willie) and an angel Mill Hill beaded kit.
Here's a few close-up pics of some of the various items I've included in the 3 groups.
That's it~PHEW! I hope you lasted this long~LOL. Good luck everyone and I'll draw 3 names late next Fri. nite on the 25th. I'll give the winners a couple of days to get back w/me, then mail the packages out early the following wk. so you'll have them in plenty of time to enjoy for the holidays!

***Tanya***~email me if you're still confused or have any questions.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Give~Away Preview

Just wanted to get ya'll excited about my upcoming give~away I'm having real soon! I'm going on my 2nd blogaversary next wk. and thot I'd make a few things. (Sorry for the blurry pics~ya'll should be used to it by now)LOL. Here's a sneak peek, but I'll be adding more things over the next few days........
This is just a quickie post, nothing really exciting going on here except we for our grandson's b'day party was Sat. and we all had a great time w/him. Both sides of the family were there at Gattiland~it's a big pizza buffet place and then the kids get to play all kinds of games, almost like an indoor amusement park, sort of. Ethan will turn 11 tomorrow.

It is a gorgeous day out today around 70* or so and sunny skies and we're to have another wk. of Indian Summer~YAY! I don't want it to turn cold out yet for awhile, I'm just not ready. Can't believe the holidays are upon us already! Does everyone have their Christmas shopping done yet?? LOL

Check back soon for all the details of the give~away!
I hope you'll be as excited as I am!

Happy Stitches,

"Regardless of the direction I'm looking, I'm so glad my family and friends are part of the scenery."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wooly Stalker!

Remember when I posted recently about the sheep I won from The Wooden Acorn? Well, I was lucky enough to meet Valerie(blogger/shopowner) in person this past wkend!! As soon as I walked thru the door to her shop (a.k.a. ~prim wooly heaven), she and I hit it off instantly! We hugged, laughed, talked constantly and felt like we'd known each other for yrs. and yrs. And yes, Valerie hand-made her own sign! Isn't it gorgeous? She is just the sweetest person you'd ever want to meet and her shop is as sweet as she is!!I did manage to shop in between all the chatter between us and found some great buys! She has some great prices on her wool, too hard to pass up! I had so much fun w/her and her little shop that I went back the next day and surprised her! I just couldn't go home w/out some more WOOL, now could I???These pieces were great big~
These pieces were much smaller and stacked so cleverly in a cute little pile w/raffia and a cute 'acorn' tag wrapped around them, but I tore into it before I remembered to take a pic of it....
Valerie does the most amazing handwork and made several of her shop models, which I believe were also for sale.She hangs sweet little handmade seasonal ornies on her cute black spindle rack.
Just look at the details she puts into these ornies...Of course she had GINGERBREAD for sale!! Who could pass up those darling little men ??? LOLSee the rack that looks a bit 'bare'? That's because the wooly pieces had to go in my stash of course!!!Look at the clever way Valerie displays her patterns....
She told me she got these 2 ironing boards for a steal! She had darling gift items for sale as well....and look/drool over those colorful stacks of wool!!Thanks again Valerie for putting up w/me twice, I had a blast and hope I can visit again soon!We are planning to go to the International Quilt Show together in Cinn. next spring, but I hope I can see her again before that.

I accidently 'found' another much bigger, (but less personal) prim shop in a nearby mall, of all places! I could actually 'smell' the store before I even saw it. You prim lovers know what I mean...most prim stores have that candle 'smell' in them, that you can smell before you even step inside. Well, I only bought a couple of things in there that were half price for Thanksgiving, which I'll show later this month, now that it's NOV! But I did drool a bit over their displays!Last nite for Halloween, my youngest son~Steven, who will soon be 18, wanted to be a kid again just for one last time. He dressed up as an old man and his best friend, Shane dressed up in scrubs/and used a real wheelchair and they went 'trick or treating' one last time..... (don't be scared now)....We got the biggest kick out of those two as they raced up/down our street, laughing constantly! It was so funny to see in person! Shane was trying to do 'wheelies' w/the wheelchair. I was secretly praying that he wouldn't flip Steven overboard. LOLWell, now it's time to focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas......so back to reality!! I'm still working on some things for my upcoming give~away, so hopefully I'll get done in time! have a great week everyone!
"Surround yourself w/people who make you happy".