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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Organizing Still Coming Along....

I must confess I haven't been quite as productive this wk. as last wk. in the C.R.(craft room), but this 'organizing' bug has really taken hold. The meal planning I mentioned in my last post got quite a few positive comments, so I just wanted you to know that I have stuck to it like glue. It seems to be working out great! I now go grocery shopping on Mondays and only try to buy ingredients for meals chosen for that wk. (ok, well, I overshot my budget this wk., but other than that.....)LOL. Still need to work on that one!!

Also, I'm trying to incorporate NEW recipes each wk. It's another 'addiction' I have besides all the stitchy/sewing ones. LOL There are only about a thousand I want to try, so I bought myself a cute little folder (w/Beagle puppies on it) to store the freebie ones I run off of the internet. I also bought a BIG cheapie noteook, along w/some dividers, to hold them in after we see if we like that particular recipe. I do have a recipe box and an old smaller notebook that holds all of my recipes I've had for yrs, but this is just for the new ones. Before, I just stuffed the internet ones in folders and had to dig through each one looking for something new to try OR spent lots of time rummaging through all my bazillion cookbooks, so hopefully this will save me time in the long run.

When planning our meals for this wk. I grabbed one of my cookbooks(a Gooseberry Patch, for instance), got out a little notepad, wrote down the pg. number and beside it, the name of the recipe I'd like to try. Any ingredients I didn't have was written down on a separate grocery list. Then I went through my coupons to match up ingredients that needed to be bought. Waa-la!! it's been a hit so far!!

So as not to bore you w/all that~here's a few things I made last wk. Can't believe no one even tried to guess what they were. I even gave you all a HINT!!

This is called a 10-min. tablerunner, from that kit I won. Actually, I think they should name it 30-min. tablerunner, cuz it took me a bit longer than 10 MINS!!! :))) but I think the colors are gorgeous!

Very easy to make, but not sure how anyone could make it in 10 mins. LOL It took me awhile to get those seams just right.I had received one of these tissue covers in a RAK(you can read about on my last post) and had always wanted to make some myself. Talk about FAST and EASY!! I started out w/making two of them, then they multiplied.......and I ended up w/5, but gave a few away, so now back to two again. ha

I'm sure I'll be making plenty more of them in the future. I need to make one for myself too!

Well, thanks for stopping by~ I need to go start that new recipe for tonite's dinner(Enchilada Casserole and Taco Soup), so hope to see ya back on here again soon!


Parsley said...

Very cute runner. I was never taught how to sew, so I'm guess it would take me 10 hours not 10 minutes LOL

Cute tissue pouches. What a neat gift idea.

Sheila said...

Well, it sounds like you're doing pretty good with all you set out to do! I tried that meal planning years ago and it worked for a while. Then the kids moved out and we treated ourselves twice a week it seemed to eat out! Now, we eat lots of leftovers so that usually gives me a free night in between other meals.

Your table runner turned out great. Love the fabric choices. I made one for a gift and it took me about a half hour NOT 10 minutes! lol
Have a great night.

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I love to make new recipes and bake,I do alot from scratch and homemade bread. I really LOVE my crockpot. I make alot of great recipes in that crockpot.

I love your table runner and the tissue holders are the cutest things I have ever seen. You could make one for every season and I bet people would buy them. I keep a packet of tissues in my purse.

You did an awesome job.
I am doing the same thing this year. Hubby is helping me over the weekend when we can get alot done, we are de-cluttering, and hubby is making me shelves for my shop . I have a selling blog on my blog and in my office I have 2 closets and that is where I have all my inventory for my shop. Also I have a beautiful colonial cabinet in my office and inside the bottom I have all my Family heriloom coverlets, runners pillows etc., that I am selling too.

Have a great night.

Peggy Lee said...

Oh my now that's being organized! I have an old recipe book I started when my son was little. It still looks good and I'm still adding to it!
The table runner is gorgeous. I'm afraid it would take me more than 10 minutes too.
Love the snowman tissue holder. So cute!

Karen said...

The snowman fabric is so cute!

Myra said...

Your tablerunner and tissue holders look great! Don't you just love those quick and easy projects?

cucki said...

hello deary, it is a very sweet runner,,i love it so much..and tissue holder are so cute..they are so much fun and the material you used is super cute..
love for you cucki xxx

Sweet Sue said...

Oh Tanya, aren't those tissue holders the funnest project and very addictive ~ impossible to make just one! Pretty table runner:)

Elaine said...

Pretty table runner and tissue holders Tanya.
Sounds like your meal planning and recipes are going well.
Love the new blog look, happy crafting my friend!

Angie Berry said...

Organizing any room takes time, but it seems like it's triple that for a craft room, lol. Just stay with it and in the end you'll be glad you did.

Way to go on your meal planning! That's so awesome Tanya! The enchilada casserole and taco soup sound so yummy.

Well, your 30 minute runner looks great! =] I also love those colors!

Keep up your productiveness... I'm still trying to escape the Christmas laziness, yikes!

Barb said...

love your runner and other projects...

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Tanya,
What a nice post...I really enjoyed it.
Love your new runner...I know it would take me longer than 10 minutes - I'm not a machine stitcher...loooove those tissue covers. Too cute.
Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog...