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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring and a Heads Up

Happy Spring everyone(a day late)~lol. It is a beautiful time of yr. here in Eastern Ky. w/all the gorgeous trees/bushes/flowers in full bloom! I keep forgetting to take my camera w/me when I go out and about, but I promise I'll try to capture some of these bright spring colors soon!

I have been busy working on a couple of Christmas presents ~early for once ~ and yes, I'm even scaring myself!! LOL so I can't show them just yet. I'm still working on that pinwheel quilt(that I showed last time) and finally got the blocks sewn together today. Still more to do tho' and I'm running out of time and STEAM!!!

Yesterday, I had an early morning Dr. appt. so my DH asked me to meet him for breakfast afterwards, which I did. While there, the manager came over to ask us about our meal and noticed my handbag,(remember the yellow ladybug purse I made last yr??) She then said that her mother or MIL(I forget which) was absolutely crazy about ladybugs and would I make her one???? Of course I said yes, w/out even knowing whether I had enough of the fabric, etc. to make another one, so that is something else on my to-do list, which seems to be never-ending lately. But I was so excited to get a special order! And speaking of special order, I finally placed my first order w/one of my distributors and part of it came in the other day. The other part is on back-order and not sure when I'll get it, but they say it'll be soon.

Here's a few of the things I ordered recently. Keep in mind that this is all brand new stuff, that I offer in my Etsy shop, at a slight discount to help out w/the shipping costs. Thankfully I have sold most of my older kits I had for sale and hope to add many more new things in the coming months. It is a big guessing game as to what all people will buy, but I tried to get a variety. So have a peek and let me know if there is anything you NEED, want or can't live w/out!!! LOL
I do offer international shipping also. I even ordered some 40 ct. fabric for those of you who love the smaller count, and a brand new shade called, "Milk Chocolate"!!!
Valdani Pearl Cotton....John James needles and even some PETITES....Also Punch Needle patterns....This is NOT all of it, but just wanted to give you an idea.Lots more to come, so keep checking back!! Hope you're enjoying your spring so far!! I had to finally turn on our a/c it got so hot here the last few days!!


Debbie said...

hi there, nice to meet another fellow blogger! Hope the nice weather keeps going on for you....

Sheila said...

Looks like a lot of wonderful kits for your customers Tanya!
Glad you are enjoying some beautiful weather; we finally hit 60 today!
The boys are here riding bikes and enjoying time with their new train set.

Catherine said...

Congrats on the special order and wow, that's some stash!!

Christine said...

Hi Tanya!
I'm really impressed - Christmas prezzies in March! Way too organised for me lol!
Fab stash you have too - just might have to count pennies in my piggy bank!

Angie Berry said...

Wow, Christmas presents? You go girl!!

How exciting to get a custom order like that! That would make my day. =]

Wow, all kinds of fun stuff for your Etsy! The linen is beautiful and so many neat kits! I'm sure you will have lots of sales.

We had to turn on the a/c here also... well hubby did. I was fine with just the windows open but it did get up in the 80's today.

Have a terrific week, my sweet friend~