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Tanya (pronounced like the color TAN) : ))

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Jammie Kind of Day

Yesterday it was rainy and cooler out, so I stayed in my jammies all day, which is something I rarely do, but it felt GREAT!!  It was one of those crafty days that you mostly dream about.  Normally it was my 'sewing' day at the local quilt shop, but who wanted to drag everything out in the rain?  Not me!  So I decided to have my own sewing day at home instead. 

I actually got one project done(well, except for the binding) and started another wooly project later in the day and now it's almost finished. (I will show it next time).  This project involved two of my three favorite things - WOOL applique AND a quilt block!!  Can anyone guess what the third thing is???

 I used some of my charm squares from the 'Phenomenal Fall' collection by Sandy Gervais and the rest of the fabric is from my local quilt shop.   The pattern is from Buttermilk Basin and I have one KIT left that is listed in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested.
Ok, don't look too closely, my points are off a bit, but it was my very first time making this kind of block, so go easy on me! LOL  
 I had a bit of trouble 'squaring' up my block w/this one, so hopefully I'll do better next time.
Well, today is my wonderful hubby's B'DAY, so I best get off of here and spend the rest of the day w/him!!  I already made his favorite cake - milk chocolate w/homemade white icing, so can't wait till tonite when the rest of the family is here so we can dig in!! 
Have a great day/evening everyone!  Everybody needs a 'jammie' kind of day now and then!!


merumo said...

Sounds like that's my kind of day, too! Love your finished project. And guess what? I finished stitching down all the wools of the kit I got from you last week. I will add some embroideries here and there and will finish the center piece some time soon :)

Enjoy your day with your DH!!

Karen said...

I recognized the Buttermilk Basin design. I haven't done any but think it is a great idea. Sort of like the mug rugs only bigger. I would have no use for a mug rug as I am not a coffee or tea drinker. But these I would. I like!

cucki said...

Sound like a super cool day :)
Lovely blocks..Sweettttttt
Big hugs xxx

Christine said...

Good for you! Sounds like a really FUN day and productive too! Lovely woolie pumpkin!
Happy b'day to your hubby and hope you enjoy a lovely day together!
Best wishes

Colleen said...

Very cute! Love it. And YUM about that cake! Hope you have a fun day.

Karen said...

Isn't it fun to have one of those kind of days...I really don't want a gloomy day right now but I could use a day when I KNOW I HAVE TO STAY IN and that's the perfect 'crafting kind of day'...glad you got to have one...and in your jammies no less - HOW PERFECT IS THAT.
Nice creation.

Rouge Cerise said...

Excellent choice, nice colors... so lovely !
Tuesday was also a rainy day here in Luxembourg:))) lol

Carol said...

I'm having that kind of day today (but need to get dressed soon for work!!)...it is cold, rainy, and gloomy--a perfect day to stay inside in your pjs!!

Lovely wool applique piece, Tanya--the combination of pumpkins, crows, and sunflowers can't be beat, can it?

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Delightful wool applique piece, Tanya! Neat that you had a fun day.

I'm new to your blog and had fun visiting your posts, I will visit you again, soon!


Country Prims said...

Hi Tanya, I'm loving your pumpkin mat-love Buttermilk Basin patterns sooo much.
Oh to have a jammie day just because I can, would be pure bliss:)we have enoght rain here to justify one but that doesn't sort the other responsibilities:)
Love what you have done in your craft room-I'm drooling!
Sorry I haven't been around much but life is busy busy for now.
Have a great week, Shazy xxx

Myra said...

I love your Buttermilk Basin project - their patterns are so nice. I am enjoying seeing your sewing projects - you do great work.

Julie C. said...

Hi Tanya, I love your wool applique! I have yet to finish a project with wool involved. I haven't mastered that technique yet, but yours is gorgeous. I've got your blog on my favorites list!