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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite

 I just haven't been in the mood to blog much lately~can you tell???  I've had a lot going on, but really haven't even gotten in much stitching time.  Been really having to push myself lately to get in the mood.  But I do have a couple of finishes to share w/you.  A WOOL table mat and a cute little flower clutch bag.
  The table mat is one I finished awhile back.  I love the way it turned out~it reminds me of when I was a young girl and the kites we used to fly were always so colorful and fun when it whipped around in the wind.
Sometimes when we've vacationed at the beach, there is almost always at least one family who still tries to fly their kites(in all that wind from the ocean) and it's always a treat to watch. 

 I used a blanket stitch around all of the kites, but used a stem stitch for the kite 'tails' and in person, it gives the 'bows' almost a dimensional look to them.  This time I used a bit brighter color scheme, but I still think it looks primish, (is that a word)????
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I love this time of yr~it's actually my favorite season, but it is hard on the ol' allergies some yrs.   This yr. has had it's up/downs.

 There is the most beautiful sunset of pinks and purples as I write this.  I love the way God's creation steps up to the plate every spring and just 'wows' us w/bursting colors from every direction.

This little clutch bag is about as colorful as it gets.  Now my future daughter-in-law wants me to make her one w/zebra fabric, some colorful trim, and pockets.  I'm one step ahead of  her, I already bought the fabric.  Just a matter of time before I get it done...........guess I'm taking orders for them, ha.

Happy Stitching to those who are still in the mood!! :))

P.S.  Our hearts and prayers certainly go out to all the victims of the tornadoes in the midwest!!


Karen said...

Morning....what a cute and different applique. Your work is so beautiful.
And the clutch - I like them too, they're so handy for so many things. I keep my two pair of glasses in mine in my purse.

Carol said...

What a cute finish, Tanya!! Love the kite them and the colors really show up well on the black... Your little bag is so sweet--can't wait to see the zebra one you make for your future DIL :)

Hope the stitching and blogging mojo improves--I am in the same slump right now!

Schulz Family said...

Hi Tanya. I love wool stitching and applique it is so effective. This is gorgeous