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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ok, what happened to April???

Ok, so where did the month of April go??  I am still trying to remind myself that it's MAY already!!  In fact, our oldest son just turned 23 yesterday!  Now how in the world did that happen???
 I completely forgot to show my APRIL BOM that I finished recently.  Ok, truth is I didn't get it finished BEFORE the month of April started, like I have w/the other months so far, but I DID get it finished before the month was over, and I haven't even begun the month of May yet ~ wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!  I'm getting behind again!  I started out getting them done early before each month started, but somehow managed to slow way down this past month w/all I've had going on.  Who knows when or if May will get done, but it IS on my to-do list!!
 Remember those gorgeous pastel colored wools I showed awhile back?? Well, here's where some of them ended up.  I actually put two separate patterns together to make this one.   I just played around w/them till I got the look I wanted and of course I had to change out all the colors, but I'm really happy w/the way it turned out.
 (sorry I could NOT get these next few pics to turn back around, no matter what I tried, so just turn your head sideways, tee hee).... here's something else I worked on the month of April........it's a LK kit from last yr. I think, but I totally changed out the colors(as if you didn't already guess), even the linen too.  I used a soft green evenweave and used all #8 pearl cotton from WDW.
 I'm wanting to make into a 'cube' using the fabric pictured beside it.

 Here are the other LK kits from previous yrs.    I just wasn't sure which way I wanted to finish them so I hope to figure it out before next Easter ~ I know, good luck w/that, LOL.  Some of you know how slow I am about 'finishing' things around here.
 Here's a little sneak peek from a wool project I'm working on right now.........
 I love using overdyed wools in my projects...........

Onto a few book reviews that I've been meaning to post about...........
These books come FREE from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

"Love Comes Calling" by Siri Mitchell is one I had mixed feelings about.  First off, I am NOT a big fan of first person style writing and that's what this one is.  At first I thought the main character was totally way too 'chatty', mostly with her 'thoughts' so I almost didn't continue reading it. It was almost borderline annoying at times, until I got further into the storyline. Also, it seemed like the main plot took a bit longer to develop than needed.
  Another thing that really bothered me was that none of the characters had any kind of real relationship w/God, so I thought it odd that this book could be considered 'CHRISTIAN' fiction.  There was barely the mention of God here and there, but very little throughout the book.
   The things I did like about it was that it was fast moving and it was written in a totally different era than what I normally read, set in the 1920's. I learned several things that I did not know about that time-span, so I found those things rather interesting.  The author did a good job of addressing several issues that were prevalent during that era.
 The main character, Ellis, was asked by a look-alike friend to fill in for her at work and 'pretend' to be her for two weeks. Some of the predicaments she got herself into was often quite comical and as the story developed, I found myself liking the characters more and more. (altho' the author never really told what happened to the gal she filled in for at the end, which was a bit disappointing).
 There is a bit of a romance as well, and that added quite a bit of humor in itself.  Wasn't really crazy about this book overall, but there were several parts that I did enjoy.
It was a very different kind of book for me to read, but all in all, I'm glad I did.

 I have been a huge fan of author Beverly Lewis for many yrs. so when I read the synopsis for 'The Last Bride', I knew I had to read this one. The plot seemed a bit different than many Amish fiction books I've read in the past.
 This couple(Tessie Miller and Marcus King) in the Amish community were forbidden by her father to marry, but since they are totally in love, they convince themselves that they should go ahead and marry anyway.  She is the last of her sisters to marry, so she's hoping that her dad will come around and see that they were meant to be together.
 The two finally make a decision to sneak off into the English world to elope and then come back and live separate lives, pretending nothing ever happened, hoping and praying that her father will change his mind in time.  Her father has his reasons, but won't tell them why he doesn't want them to marry, which causes some immediate problems when the 'unthinkable' happens.  Will they face shunning, be kicked out of their beloved community or will the families be understanding in what all transpires?
 (I am purposely leaving out certain details so as not to ruin the surprise element, one that will have the reader guessing how it will all work out in the end, and one part that I totally did not expect).
Beverly Lewis offers a little deeper side to some serious problems that the Amish people face in their everyday lives.  I loved how she wove one particular issue into the story line.
***This is a book that I highly recommend ~ great story, great plot and great characters w/great faith in God, make for a great read!!

  This non-fiction book, 'Knowing God by Name' is written by author/senior pastor David Wilkerson, best known for writing the bestselling book, 'The Cross and the Switchblade' back in the early 1960's, selling over 15 million copies in some 30 languages.
  I had a feeling that this would be a good book, but I did not realize until I started reading it, that it would also be such a powerful one that I will keep in my own personal library.
  Mr. Wilkerson's knowledge of the Bible is astounding and totally alluring as to how he can take the reader back to Bible days, learning the different Hebrew names of God and the meaning behind them, unfolding different aspects of God's character.  The author then digs further into God's Word, by relating how these 10 different names of God affect the children of Israel and many other Bible characters, as well as his own life, but also how Christians in today's world can learn so many things from the symbolism behind them.
I ended up using this book as a devotional, learning many new things I hadn't read or heard before and he showed me simple, but profound truths from God's Word that I can apply in my own life.  A great book for any Christian wanting to know God more intimately.

 I hope that things are 'blooming' in your corner of the world..........Thanks for stopping by!!


Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Tanya, I love all of your beautiful creations, love the wool bunny and your cross stitching.
Love your book reviews, I love how you give honest reviews. I really want to read "The Last Bride", and I remember reading "The Cross and the Switchblade" years ago, his book sounds great also. I admire how you are such an avid reader. hugs, Lecia

Sheila said...

Hello my long lost friend.....think of you often and pray for you daily. Life just has a way of moving right along whether we are ready or not. Things are about the same here-one day at a time!
Your projects and book review were interesting, I haven't read any of the Amish books yet, will have to put on my list!
Hope the weather is finally spring in your area....lots of much needed rain coming our way this week!

Anna said...

you have been busy girl! I agree...how is it that we are already in May!

Carol said...

Your April banner is adorable as are the cute LK stitched pieces, Tanya! I know you'll finish them perfectly when you figure out just what you want to do...

Sounds like you've been enjoying some good books--Beverly Lewis is so, so popular at my library :)

Happy May to you!!