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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Good Intentions

 Well, I always have such good intentions of getting back on here much sooner than I actually end up doing, but life these days has been flying by and I've been busier than usual, so I am just now getting back w/you all on just some of what I've been up to recently.
 So if you haven't been hearing from me in recent wks. just know that I'm still here in blogland, but my time is much more limited than it used to be.
I finished this wool project a few wks. ago and decided I'd like to frame it later on, so that is why the edges have not been finished out.  It is a Buttermilk Basin design.  I added red beads to the strawberries and a gold bead for the eye.
 This garden angel was a big hit w/my craft nite gals at my church last Fri.   I had my hubby cut out quite a few of these angels and he carefully scalloped around the 'wings', then put them together for me.  I then painted them white, gave them an antique look w/brown paint, added a rusty star, a planter, a pip-berry candle ring for the halos and stenciled the wings.
 I first got the idea from the Country Loft in California and asked the owner's permission.  She was very kind to give me a few sources for supplies, but I ended up finding them all in my neck of the woods.
 My hubby made his own pattern design, using poster board to trace around.  The big ones are about 3 ft. tall, but he recently made me a smaller one that is under 2 ft.  What is it about miniature things that make them so cute??  I will have to show it later, I don't have it quite finished yet.    Now I've gotten orders for a few more ~ I sure hope hubby doesn't mind!!  tee hee

 The planters had several different designs to choose from, but they all had flowers on them.
 On top of all my other 'things' that keep me busy lately,(I must be a glutton for punishment), I recently rented a small booth in a craft mall in another city to boot!!  I had always wanted to try it, so when the opportunity came knocking at my door, I went for it!  Wish me luck!
I also need to do a book review that I'm a bit behind on!   This book was FREE from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

 "Here to Stay" written by a new author Melissa Tagg.  This is her second book and I loved the way she intertwined a few of the characters from her first book into this second one and gave them a whole new story line.   I fell in love w/the secondary character of Blake the first time around and now he is one of the main characters in this new book.  He's just as charming as ever, but I like the way the author gave us way more insight as to why he is so charming, but also vulnerable (he was running from things that happened in his past).  He comes home after traveling around the world for five yrs. and he's not sure what kind of homecoming he'll receive.

Autumn knew him yrs. ago (her sister dated his brother), but she never really got to know the real Blake until circumstances throw them together where they have to work on a big Christmas project for their beloved town.  She's been running her family's inn for the past several yrs. and longs to travel the world, but  would especially love to live in Paris.  Her inn is in desperate need of a makeover (so that she can sell it and move on) and he needs help coordinating the annual Christmas festival so he will be offered a dream job (so he can stay put for a change).

They decide to team up and help each other out, but end up in more than one comical situation after another and of course, they are super attracted to each other as well.  Will she move away, or does she stay?   Read it to find out!  You won't want to miss out on what happens in between!!  I liked this second book even better than the first!

Ok, that's it for now folks, but I hope to be back sooner rather than later!!
Happy Crafting!!


cucki said...

Everything is just so beautiful..
Big hugs my dear x

Farmhouse prims said...

Tanya, I love your new wool project, it is beautiful. And your garden angel is adorable! Wish I lived near you, I would get in on the classes. Your book review is awesome, makes me want to read the book, thanks for sharing. hugs, Lecia

Karen said...

Your wool strawberry basket is wonderful. So patriotic looking. And I love strawberries!

Rebekah Davis said...

Aw your such a busy Bee nowadays! But so glad that your post was easier than other times! Maybe it will make you want to post more! Looking forward to our trip! Lots of Love!

Your future Daughter in law! Xo

Carol said...

Your wool project is wonderful, Tanya--I truly love it! I love all the patriotic creations everyone is coming up with this time of year...

Great job on the garden angels, too--sounds like your husband (and you!) will be busy with future orders.

Oh, that is so exciting that you've opened your own craft booth--you are one busy woman!! Hope it is fun and successful--I'm sure you'll meet lots of nice people...

Enjoy your week!