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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Last of the Fall Stuff

A few wks. ago, hubby & I had gone out to dinner at a local restaurant and right after we got inside there was the storm of the century.  Thank goodness we got inside in time ~ LOL.  No sooner than the storm quit, I noticed a double rainbow out the window!  Another patron beat me to the front door to get some pics of it, so I took a few pics through the blinds at the front window, then waited my turn out the front door(for a better picture), ha.
 I hadn't seen a rainbow in yrs. and it has very special meaning to me and to others I'm sure.
 It went clear across the sky, from one end to the other.........
 Just gorgeous!
 but didn't find my pot of gold at the end of it, rats!!!

 Here's some more pics of some fall decor on my front porch.....
 Made this little Autumn Angel awhile back, hubby cuts the wood out for me and puts it together, then I get to decorate.........and boy did I burn my finger w/the hot glue gun putting the big flower on!  It took about 2 wks. to heal completely!!  Wow, did that ever hurt!!
 The little string of 'leaf' lights actually light up, they are battery-operated.
 I can't even tell you how many I sold of the bigger angels, they have been quite popular, but hubby wanted to make me a smaller size to see how I liked it.  You know how I love miniature things, hee hee.

 I finally finished a Pine Mt. Design kit that I've had for over 10 yrs. but I still love it!!  I made the insert pillow out of an older piece of Debbie Mumm fabric, remember her???

 It's called 'Tie One on' cuz you tie either end w/the ribbon that's already attached.
 Couldn't help myself, just had to take a couple more pics of these gorgeous trees on our street.

 Just wanted to show you all some new fabric I got in recently for my Etsy shop.  This is 28 ct. Opalescent White Lugana.  It has a very pretty shimmer to it and so does the Tula in the next picture.
 Ornaments, Christmas and winter scenes looks gorgeous on either one....
Have you seen these cute little sleds yet?  The designs from Foxwood Crossings are all so cute and she has several to choose from, (and I do too in my Etsy shop)!  You stitch on perforated paper(which I also offer), then attach the ornament to the sled and hang on your tree or prop them up on a cute shelf, etc. in your home.
 I saw a bunch of these done up recently and hanging on a small Christmas tree and they looked adorable on there!
 Here's a couple of the latest from Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.......the Christmas one actually comes w/a little piece of sheet music....so cute!!  I've got some gorgeous 40ct. fabric very similar to what it calls for, only mine has SHIMMER in it!!
 This fall one I absolutely adore too...........how pretty!  Don't forget that I discount just about all of my items I carry in my etsy shop.  I hope you'll go check these newest items out and let me know what you think!
Happy Stitching and enjoy the end of fall, ya'll!!



Christine said...

Gorgeous rainbow,Tanya! I am always blessed when I see one.
LOVE that angel! so great you and hubby work together on prims!
Your decor looks terrific, you sure have put in the work!
Have a great week!

cucki said...

Beautiful rainbow dear :)
Lovely sweetie angel and I love everything so much..
Have a blessed days xx

Anna said...

love, love, love rainbows! and all your holiday decorations are so adorable!