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Monday, August 23, 2010

Beachy B'day Trip ~ Part 2

Betcha' didn't think I'd be back so soon, did ya??? LOL Hold on to your seats people, cuz boy do I have a lot to share today! Ha

On my last post I gave you all a sneak peek at what one of my dear blogging buddies from across the seas sent me for my b'day. If you guessed 'Shazy' from Ireland, you were correct! She made this absolutely wonderful wool stitchery for me and added the verse herself, which was very fitting I might add. It's a really big piece in real life and I do believe I'll have it framed.
Here's something else she made for me~ she used wool and wool roving, I believe it's called. She did an amazing job on it and the stitchery! Love the colors and I found the perfect place for it already, which I'll share more of, on the next post.
She also included a darling sashet w/holder, a Yankee candle tart and a postcard w/a view of her lovely country, which I hope someday to visit, esp. since Irish blood runs through my veins. Thanks again Shazy, you really surprised me w/wonderful handmade goodies that I dearly love!

Another friend and walking buddy gave me this yummy smelling candle, Pumpkin & Cinnamon(my favorite scents) and threw some other little goodies in there as well just for fun. Thank you so much Ellen! That candle smells wonderful!

My best friend from Iowa sent me a pkg. too, which included a mystery book, a gingerbread cookie cutter and some cr. st. graphs from magazines, some goodies underneath, and not one, but two cards. Thanks so much, Miss Karen! She & I send little pkgs. throughout the yr. for various seasons or holidays. We are always trading good books or giving them as gifts, mostly Christian Fiction, but others as well.
Plus my M-I-L gave me a beautiful quilt she made for my b'day, so I'll show that next time too.

Now on w/the vacation pics! This is where we stayed when we finally reached the beach. We stayed here 9 yrs. ago and it really hadn't changed all that much. They did add a Lazy River and a few things, but mostly it looked pretty much the same.

Can you tell our boys were really excited when we finally arrived???

A view of the lake from where our camper sat.

The ocean is behind all those campers.

They had updated several of the bath houses.

The infamous Lazy River, which we floated around in every day we were there. It was so much fun and it would spin you around every now/then.

The pool was fairly good size and always had several life guards on duty. The pic below shows the deep end~ 9ft. deep. The arcade in the background stayed busy all the time and was home to an ice cream shop, where we had to try it out several times during our stay~ LOL.
The campground also had a small cafe, general store, gift shop and laundry room.
They also had a live DJ during the daytime hrs. and the lifeguards always had several activities going at different times during the day, including movie night in the pool and a duck race in the lazy river.

The indoor pool was nice in the afternoon when it was beastly HOT out or raining, which it only did once while we were there.

We had the perfect trip all except for one little misshap~ on the last day there, I lost one of my contact lens in the gravel/sand/dirt near our camper, close to where BJ is sitting in this pic and after many prayers and my hubby's help, our 'neighbor' lady from Penn. came over to help when she & her hubby saw what was going on. It was quite a sight, I'm sure~ two grownups, down on hands and knees w/a light, going over the gravel like a fine-tooth comb, like trying to find a needle in a haystack. She finally spotted where it had landed and I was very grateful!!

Here's a little diner called 'Breakfast by the Sea', which is on the campgrounds, very close to the ocean. They are known for their breakfast food, but they also serve lunch and lite suppers.

This pavillion houses the 'church' services they hold each Sun. and also the older kids/teen activities.

This condo was being built when we were there 9 yrs. ago. It was lit up really pretty at night.

BJ's first trip to the beach. He wasn't too sure about the sand the first time around.
Hubby just about had to drag him in the ocean, he didn't want any part of that 'moving' water.

We would go to the beach mostly in the evenings, as they didn't allow dogs during the day. But actually we preferred it that way cuz it was cooler and less crowded, still pretty hot, but always a nice breeze blowing.

The guys would go out so far until the waves would just about knock them off their feet. It was fun to watch them! LOL

The Apache Pier was about a mile down the road from us.(I used my zoom lens for this shot). You used to be able to walk on it for free, but now they charge for it.

Just some sights we saw around the campground.
I had some more pics, but didn't want to bore you too much, so that wraps up the tour, folks! :))
Ya know how by the end of most trips you are ready to come home, well that was NOT the case w/us. We didn't want this one to end! We had so much fun together as a family and enjoyed every minute of it~ well, except for the lost contact lens! LOL
Thanks again for stopping by! Have a great wk. everyone!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

wowzer what a vacation!
I love Myrtle Beach...although I've only been there once it was fantastic.

Country Prims said...

Hi Tanya,
That holiday just looks amazing-you might like to pass a little heat over here!lol! It is nice today, but we haven't had a great summer!

Love all your pics and love all your b'day pressies:) Sooo glad you had a good one and I am looking forward to seeing your new quilt:)

Have a great weekend,
Blessings Shazy x

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Tanya~
Thanks so much for you kind comment on my blog. I know that in time it will get easier with my son being gone. It's such a long ways away, we won't see him until Christmas break. The Lord is good and I will get through this in His strength.
Do you still live near BG? It's a very nice college from what we saw.
Your vacation pic's look so wonderful!! I would so love to sit back and float through that lazy river right now. It looks like you all had such a wonderful time. I'm glad you found your contact lens too.
Blessings~ Birgit

Christine said...

Hi Tanya! What a great post, full of pictures that make me cry, 'I wanna be there!!!' You surely had a fab time!
What a relief to find your lens!
Shazy is the best! Those gifts are so lovely.
Looking forward to your next post and goodies - you'll have to let me know when you post tho', as I still can't seem to find them on my blog roll even when I checked and made sure I had your blog listed correctly! Can't figure that out???
Have a lovely weekend,

Angie Berry said...

Shazy is a real sweetheart! I love that verse from Proverbs 31, it is among one of my favorites! The pear with the house is prim wonderful, love it! You received some wonderful birthday gifts, how sweet of your friends!

Looks like a very fun trip! I've had the contact thing happen to me once before only mine was never found so now I carry an extra one with me all the time. When I go on trips, I take a complete set with me just in case. So glad your family vacation was so enjoyable that you didn't want it to end. That's wonderful! I enjoyed looking at your pictures.