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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prim goodies~ Part One

Hi everyone! Remember this pear from Shazy I showed you last time? Well, I found the perfect spot for it in a new cabinet my hubby gave me earlier this yr. for our anniversary. This is where it sits in between some other handmade goodies. The cabinet is painted a dark green over black, distressed, but has a very smooth finish. It is called a New England Slantback and the sides angles just a bit in the upper part.

The walls are painted a dark burgandy, a bit darker in real life than it shows here. Oh, and that 'yellow' star is really more gold than it shows here, too. Sorry, it's my flash again! LOL

This room used to be our youngest son's bedroom, but was really too small for much of anything, so we switched it into my computer room. This was the room where I had the bright pink and yellow flip flop room that housed the old washer/dryer temporarily while we remodeled. I will show more of the room when I finish decorating the other walls.

This is what I had on the shelf before the pear. Inside the basket is part of what I won from Shazy's giveaway earlier this yr. ~ rag balls in an 'egg' shape.

Here's what it looked like before. On the middle shelf is the doll w/sheep pillow and the framed print is a cross stitch rabbit that says 'spring', all made by Shazy herself. These are the rest of the things she made for the giveaway. She always does an amazing job on her handmade items, and I'm so thrilled to have them in my home.

Here's a close-up of the wallpaper to show why I have a green cabinet in a dark red room, LOL. There's quite a bit of green in the wallpaper, and I have so much black furniture in the rest of the house, so this time I wanted to try a different color.

Some more b'day gifts trickled in since last post, so I didn't want to leave anyone out. This is from another walking buddy and friend, Miss Billie. She gave me a resin plaque that has John 3:16 on it and a pocket calendar for next yr. Thank you so much Billie!

Here's the quilt that my MIL gave me for my b'day. I laid it out on our bed so you could see the pattern better. Thanks so much Janice, I love it and always admire your handiwork!! She makes the most beautiful quilts and has boxes full of ribbons she's won over the yrs! She used to do all the quilting by hand, but now has to have them machine quilted. I am one of her biggest fans!

It actually matches pretty close to our b'room colors, and I have a quilt border around the ceiling, which I'll show more of later on.

Yesterday I dropped off a couple of bags of clothing at the Goodwill store, but when the man told me they were having a two-for-one sale, I just had to go in and check out the 'WOOL'! I got both of these skirts for $2.50, so I'm gonna use them for my penny rugs or wool applique.
My hubby and I took a little 'day trip' on Sat. and here's the first of a few prim shops we stopped at. This one is in Gallipolis, Oh. It was really nice on the inside, lots of booths, but they wouldn't let you take pics inside.

Some of you may be familiar w/this shop~ it was featured in the 'Quilt Sampler' mag. This was in Belpre, Oh.
Decorated really cute and had to stay awhile just to 'see' everything~ LOL
They had a balcony that you could walk up through, accessed by two sets of stairs, one on either side. Lots of quilts hanging everywhere. They had a little bit of everything.
See the 'dry goods' sign to the left? That is where you entered into the quilt room, filled w/bolts of fabric, more patterns and shop models.

And since I took over 35 pics just of this next shop in Pomeroy, I thought I'd give ya a 'sneak peek' at how this gal decorates. She had the most amazing displays (and TONS of them) of any shop I've ever been in, and believe me, that's quite a few over the yrs. LOL
But you'll have to wait till next time to see all the rest~tee hee. You won't want to miss out! She is totally ready for fall and Halloween.
How about you??? I'm not quite there yet, but getting geared up.
As always, thanks for stopping by. Hope you're off to a good start of another school yr!


Christine said...

Hi Tanya!

I just love your posts chock full of photos - especially of those prim stores!

I've fallen in love with your slant back cupboard as we can't just buy or even order one over here, more's the pity. :-(

Aren't you so blessed to have a MIL who quilts and makes you such beautiful gifts?!!
Thanks for sharing and hurry back with your next post! I can't wait to see more of that prim store's fall displays!

Have a good week,

Sheila said...

What beautiful shops you got to visit! The last one especially looks chocked full and the quilt your MIL made you.......wow, so beautiful and special. Your headboard is gorgous too!
Loved seeing the pictures of your home and your new cabinet. Love the green/black finish and New England style. Might have to get my hub to build one this winter when he's off! We'll see what happens. (wink)
Wishing you a wonderful evening!

Country Prims said...

Woohoo-what amazing shops!! I soooo knew, I was born in the wrong country!!

Love your new quilt-such beautiful work your MIL does and I LOVE that cabinet.....trying sooo hard not to be jealous of all the yumminess you can get over there:)

Speak soon:))
Blessings, Shazy x

Karen said...

I love the pear pin cushion! I have been wanting to make one of the pear ones but just haven't taken the time to do it. Have a pattern. I think I like yours so well because of the house on it.

Prim n Raggedy said...

Loved those photos Tanya and what a gorgeous quilt! Carole x

Angie Berry said...

Don't apologize for your pictures girl, we all experience that! Good thing we have digital, I end up deleting 124 just to get 4 good ones, haha!

Love the slantback... the color and the way you have it decorated. Shazy is very talented and always makes the cutest hand mades! I ADORE the wallpaper border! It has so many of my favorite things on it! =]

What a beautiful quilt your MIL made! How fortunate for you! It looks wonderful on your bed.