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Monday, September 13, 2010

Prim goodies ~Part 3

I'm back, and didn't make you wait a whole week this time~ tee hee!

Let's continue our tour of that darling prim shop I shared w/you on the last two posts. Weaving Stitches Gift Shop ~ where the owner and her daughter were just as sweet as can be. Eloise did not mind my taking tons of pics of her shop at all. I always ask the shop owner first and some of them seem really hesitant, but not her.
I loved all of her displays, but some even more than others. This one was a favorite of mine. I loved how the shelves only went across part way, allowing for taller items on the shelf underneath. (Notice the top shelves). I've had my eye on those dishes every since I first saw them a yr. or two ago in a magazine. They just might end up in my kitchen someday, ya never know! :)) Another thing I thought was a clever idea was how she used real vintage appliances as part of her displays. See how she used this old stove? One pic I forgot to take was of a blue vintage refrigerator~ the doors were open displaying kitchen items, I believe. It was darling and I've never seen that done anywhere else.
This is a fave color scheme of mine, black/white/red. It had a bit of a rooster theme.

There was soooooooooooo much to see and we only had a short time before closing, so I didn't buy much, but I did manage to snag a few cute items I will share later w/you.

I think she had something for everyone's taste.

This table had the cutest plates on it. There were so many different kinds of dishes in that store that I'd have a hard time picking out a favorite.

She even had some laundry room decor ~ I have that exact same valance hanging in my laundry room since last yr.

Notice the old vintage washtubs.
And even a bit of a woodland, outdoorsy theme was in the very back of the store.

Well, that completes the tour of her darling store, but I hope to go back for her Christmas Open House in Nov. Can you just imagine what all she'll put on display for Christmas??? I'll probably have to be revived upon entering her door that day! LOL
It's back to my chores before allowing myself 'playtime' out in the craft barn. I've been changing some things around in my little prim computer room too. It's just about finished, so I hope to be back soon w/an update to show you.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a great week! Let me know which display was a favorite of yours!


Parsley said...

Everything is just beautiful! I don't have a gift of decorating so seeing these shelves inspire me but frustrate me at the same time.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Oh my gosh, I love this shop! I am going
to write this one down, maybe I can stop
in, when I go to OH, next year...I will
probably be broke, when I come out! TFS

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures of this shop! I can't pick out a favorite display-I love them all. How fun for you to be able to have these kinds of shops around!
I'm almost ready to send you your goodies! ;-)
Have a great day~

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh what a perfect shop...only to be close to shop there and I'd be in heaven!
Thanks so much for the tour.

nancy huggins said...

Awesome pictures..I wish I had someone like her to help me decorate my new house next month. I always see things I like but then I never can get them to look as good as what I saw..I will just have to rely on the help of my blogger friends I guess :)

Christine said...

Thanks so much for even more wonderful pics. Now I'm really itching for a trip to such a fab shop - I NEED prim retail therapy!!!LOL!
My fav display would have to be the table with all the plates and penny rug theme as I love penny rugs. The colors are gorgeous!
Have fun

Country Prims said...

My goodness! Such an array of yumminess!!
Where would you start? Love it all really, but I'm like Christine-those plates with penny flowers and placemats had me 'whoohooing'!lol

Love the window in the laundry room display and oh yes, all the lamps and saltbox houses of course:)

Thanks again, I so enjoyed all your pics,
Hugs, Shazy x

Nanna said...

what a sweet tour! thnaks for stopping by, it was good to hear from you!I'm down to less than 10 days till show time & there's nakies & body parts all over the place over here LOL

Wendy K said...

Hi Tanya,
Can I go shopping with you...pleeeaaassseee! ;)
Just looking at your photos was wonderful, to actually visit.... Heavenly! How did you ever manage to leave the shop...? I think I'd probably have tried to camp out and stay there...lol! You have to go back for the Christmas displays, so we can see more...hahaha!
Hugs Wendy x

Angie Berry said...

OH WOW Tanya! It's ALL my favorite, lol! I am SO glad that I don't live by a store like that! So is my pocketbook and my husband, hehe! But really, I think I would have to ask the owner if I could work there and just use my paychecks to purchase things.