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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prim goodies~ Part Two

Hi everybody! I'm back w/part two, but realized that I'm gonna have to add a 'part 3', cuz I have way too many pics to show on one post, plus I gotta keep ya coming back for more. :))
This is the store I gave you a sneak peek at last time. It's called 'Weaving Stitches Gift Shop' in Pomeroy, Ohio, right smack along the Ohio River. It's about 2 hrs. or so from where we live, cuz if it were closer, I'd be asking her if I could work there ~ when I grow up, I want a shop just like hers! LOL
The shop owner's name is Eloise ~ she was super sweet and a lot of fun to joke around with, making us feel right at home. She told us she's been in business 11 yrs. and first started out weaving handmade baskets, thus where she got her name. Her shop feels like it's a mile long once you get inside and look all the way back, but you're too busy noticing(and oohing and aawing) over all the primlicious decor and displays along the way.

I loved how she used doors and other props in her displays.

She told us that a gal hand-painted the 'faux' wall to make it look like 'wood' in the background of this 'faux' country/prim porch. I loved the roof.

Some close-ups of what all she had displayed on the porch.

She had a lot of Halloween already out a couple wks. ago when we were there.

I loved this happy fellow~he was really BIG, but rather pricey- way over $300!! But oh so cute!

And even a few things out for Thanksgiving.....

More decorated doors.......

She had lots and lots of tablescapes and cabinets decorated.

That's it for part two, but hurry back for the rest of the shop tour. I'll try my best not to make you wait a whole week for the next batch of pics, but no promises! LOL
And of course I'll have to show you what I bought, on another post. tee hee.....

Thanks for stopping by and don't be shy! I love hearing from all of you!


Karen said...

There used to be a prim style shop in our area but it closed a couple years ago. And nothing anyways close by that is prim style. We are sadly lacking in this part of Florida. The shop you visited looks absolutely wonderful.

Christine said...

Ohhhh Wow! Just where I'd love to shop!
You haven't let us down - the photos are amazing!
And, of course, you got me hooked as I can't wait to see more!

Surely you must have bought loads of goodies!
Looking forward to your next post!

Country Prims said...

I'm sure you couldn't extract yourself from that shop! I can sense your excitement!
Just love all those colours and those sunflowers and pumpkins....never, have I seen so much Fall stuff!

Will be watching for your next post, so don't be long!lol!

Have a good day and will be in touch soon,
Hugs, Shazy x

Cindy's Stitching said...

I love stores like that. Creativity goes a long way.

Angie Berry said...

Well first, I want one of everything! But then I would have to have a huge home to display it in, maybe I could just move in her shop? Hehe!

Secondly, I absolutely love the way she displays things. She has some very clever ideas!