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Tanya (pronounced like the color TAN) : ))

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Happenings...

May is a killer month for us~ we have several family b'days this month and a friend or two, plus Mother's Day and we even had another death in the family too~ a cousin of mine who was only 42, died in her sleep this past wkend. I just saw her a couple of months ago at my aunt's funeral, she was her granddaughter. We hugged/talked and she took my cell phone # w/intentions to call me if anything happened w/in our family, since we don't take the newspaper anymore, but I lost my cell phone this wkend. and found out too late(about her) that they tried calling me to let me know, and I ended up completely missing the funeral yesterday, which I am still very sad about. As much as I hate going to funerals, I just needed some closure. I'm still in shock over it, don't really know the details yet. You just never know the last time you're going to see/talk w/someone do you??
This month our oldest son turned 20, my Dad turned 90, my MIL turned 73(yes, my parents are/were a LOT older than hubby's and yet he's older than I am), LOL. Plus my niece's b'day is this Thurs. and one of my best friend's is Fri. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. LOL

Yesterday, I did finally manage to finish something I started last wk. in my new C.R.(craft room). I made a 'purse' by Lazy Girl Designs, using some fabric I've had for a few yrs. now. I didn't 'quilt' the fabric, like the pattern tells you to do, but I still thought it turned out rather nicely. I made it in stages, over several days, a little at a time. There were lots of steps, but the pattern was fairly easy to follow, w/lots of great pictures.
I used fusible fleece once again to give it more stability, and I've been thinking about adding a button to the flap. What do you all suggest??
It has several pockets on the inside...... Handles down.........
This is the back side....
Also, I managed to finish the new LK 'Peep' right before Easter, but something is missing......
Take a closer look............
Yep, it's the button!!! I can't find the button. With all the moving boxes in/out of the house to/from the barn, I can't seem to find it. LOL

Here's another cr. st. finish I just made not too long ago. It's from 'My Big Toe' designs and was a very quick stitch. I used Crescent Colors overdyed floss in Caterpillar, which gives it a nice varigated look, but the pic doesn't show too well.
Here it is w/out the flash on. Check out the 'cookie' buttons.....
Here's some fabric my step-daughter loved when we went to the quilt shop in her town awhile back. I bought a fat quarter of it, not knowing at the time what I'd use it on, but thot this cr. st. would be perfect w/it.
Here's a close-up of the smaller buttons. Even a 'Hershey kiss' in the middle. :)))

This is our oldest son, Nicholas, holding one of his gifts he got for his b'day. His hair was a bit 'flat' that day, usually it's very curly. Yes, for all those single gals interested~ he's still available, LOL> he's a great guy, good/crazy sense of humor, very generous, but a bit 'LAID BACK', sometimes a bit too laid back(for his mama), but a hard worker, nonetheless! He's been great help to me figuring out how to do this whole blog thing, so I am grateful! YOU know I love ya, sweetie! (P.S.~ he HATES to shave, thus the beard)LOL!!!

Most of you probably know that Blogger had major issues last wk. I had several comments that disappeared into blogland, along w/a few followers too, I think, but rest assured, I did read those sweet comments BEFORE they disappeared and just want to thank you for them! I sure do appreciate them too!

Here's your quote for today~ "When lack of time prevents us from doing things w/our friends, perhaps we'll be given the perfect opportunity to do something FOR them."

Have a great wk. everyone!



Sheila said...

Looks like you've been keeping quite busy. Love all your projects too! I'm sorry to hear of your cousin passing. You are so right, we never know when we will loose a loved one. Had a rough one two weeks ago here too.
What a handsome young man you have there! (love his shirt!) and his beard looks pretty tame compared to my sons! Oh my, it can be wild, especially during ski season! LOL
Our month of May is busy too. I even got a bday card from my dentist today!
Sending you hugz, girl! TTYS

Christine said...

Hi Tanya! B/day wishes to you handsome son! May is your busy month and next month is mine - lots of family b/days.
So sad to hear of your cousins sudden passing - what a shock she was so young.
I love your purse too, the colors just sing 'summer' - perfect!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Sorry about your loss. 42 is young considering I am 46. You never know when you last day here is. I love the purse. You did an amazing job. The cookie piece made me laugh. I love my chocolate to.

Karen said...

The lady bug totes are so cute! I am giving up on making purses. Maybe a tote every now & then.

Amy said...

Tanya, that bag is really cute! So is "Peep". And I have some of the "chocolate" fabric in my stash - cute isn't it? ;-)
Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Your bag is just darling, Tanya--I think a button would look great on the flap--maybe a big white button? It's very well made!

So sorry to hear about your cousin, too--especially tragic to hear about someone that young...

Hope your son had a great birthday (my middle went through the beard growing stage, too--something they just all seem to have to do!)

Country Prims said...

You sure have a busy month Tanya-I'm sure you feel exhausted just thinking about it, or more like, your credit card!lol!

So sorry to hear of your cousins passing, how sad for your family.

You are stitching well girlie-tje new craft room must be working!

Your bags are all so professional looking.

Happy birthday to your lovely son-I bet he is spoiled with you as his mama:)

Have a good day,

Shazy x

Highland Monkey's said...

Your bag is absolutely gorgeous. My kind of thing!