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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wooly Wed./Sewing projects

It has been really HOT the last few days and we are still getting some tremendous storms in our area, so I've been staying inside mostly, trying to be productive to some degree. I sure hate to hear about all the tragedies around the country because of this kind of weather and hope everyone keeps these people in their prayers! So very sad what all some have to go through! Ok, ok, I promise not to get too 'chatty' today! :))

Ok, for all you 'wooly' lovers out there, I actually used real 100% WOOL on this little hand towel and even some overdyed wool. I wanted to make something for THIS season, what I call 'flower/garden' season. It comes after Easter, but before 4th of July, Americana/summer season. It's the season in between that I always have trouble decorating for. A little close-up of the wool 'pot'. I used a buttonhole stitch around the entire pot, but a primitive stitch around the rest of the design. I used a little piece of flannel for the yo-yo center.
Remember this 'purse'/tote bag I made recently and showed you all last time on here? Well, I found the cutest little button at WW(we call Wal-Mart ~ Wally World, for those who live in other countries) for .67 cents!!! I think it matches perfectly!! and yes, I've been using it as a purse for myself. I hated to part w/it after all. LOL

Here's a project bag that I made recently and gave as part of a b'day gift last wk. It uses 'American Jane' fabric, which I fell in love with. Must be the schoolteacher still in me. I am planning on making another one in the reverse colors, w/red as the main print.
Also lined it w/the red print. Putting in zippers is easy peasy now! ha
Another project bag w/more 'primitive' colors.... and lined w/the black star fabric. These bags are really fast to make from start to finish.
Here's a sneak peek of the fabric I'm using on yet another sewing project that I hope to have finished today or tomorrow. I've had this fabric for a couple of yrs. now and decided it was time to use it.
......and little ol' BJ looking pitiful cuz he wants mommy to stop and play w/him and not my sewing stuff. We have this little 'chase' game that we play together ~ I chase him around the couches in the living room and boy does he fly! LOL
Today's quote~""Good company through life's journey makes the adventure seem more exciting and the road easier to travel. I thank the Lord for my traveling companions."

Hope you're not getting too bored w/all these quotes I share w/ya. Have a wonderful Memorial Day wkend for those here in the states and remember all your loved ones who've gone on before. See ya back on here next time!



Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Beautious finishes Tanya, love them!

Christine said...

SOOOOO Weird that we're posting almost simultaneously!!
I love your woolie flower mat - so pretty!
You have been v. busy too, girl! How many of those cute purses have you made now?!!!LOL!
Good to hear from you!

Myra said...

You have been sewing up a storm! Your project bags look great.

Linda said...

Lots of awesome finishes! Love the wool flower! Wool...my favorite! Bag is just darling!

Karen said...

I like the term "flower garden season". It does fit this time of year of in between.

Country Prims said...

Heres hoping blogger lets me leave a comment this time!

I love what you have done with the towel-great idea and of course I love the wool:)

Great finishes there Tanya, you must be enjoying your new room!

Shazy x