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Monday, April 30, 2012

A New Twist on an Old Design

First of all I want to thank all of you who asked about my sprained ankle(see last post) from a couple of wks. ago. It is much better now, I am able to put a shoe on and walk fairly normal for the most part. It still hurts now and then, but not as bad and still swells a bit later in the day, but not nearly like before.

I have been making good use of our rainy weather we had last wk. by sewing quite a bit and wanted to share some of what I've made lately. Some of you might remember that I made lots of project pouches last yr. in all colors and sizes, but this yr. (well, actually last fall when I had my giveaway) I came up w/a new twist on making them.

After much thought and recalculating on my part, I decided that most stitchers would probably like the zipper on TOP of the bag and not a few inches lower on the front side. It just makes more sense to me to not have to 'tuck' your items in under that 'flap', thus making it easier to slide your project or goodies inside. SEW, I made them bigger, added a pocket for keys, cell phone, scissors, etc(or whatever), and also a handle for easier carrying. I finished out the ends of the zippers(w/a 'tab') for a more professional look, and LOVE using contrasting fabric to give it more 'pizazz' and wa-la, came up w/a new design.
I just sold my last one awhile back of the 'old' way of doing them, so I wanted to make some more to sell of the new design.........(would make a great Mother's Day or birthday gift) hint hint. :))

***IF anyone is interested in buying them, I am selling them in my Etsy shop. Just click HERE or on the right sidebar, near the top~My Lil' Craft Room. I also added some wool applique patterns recently and am getting ready to 'kit' some of them up for those who are interested.

I use good quality quilt shop material and these first two are from the 'Civil War' Reproduction fabric. I love these color schemes. Black/tan......

Look closely~there really is a pocket on the front...........I also made a matching Kleenex tissue cover to fit in the pocket....And added a charm.........see the finished zipper 'tab'??Dark red/tan......the pocket shows up better on this one......This is a totally different style of fabric, but I thought the colors looked good together......Flip it to the other side for a completely different color scheme............yep, this one actually has TWO pockets ~ one on either side.....

I do need to make some smaller ones too and if anyone wants one in a different color scheme, just ask ~ I have TONS of fabric!!!

On a different note..........This past Sat. our youngest son decided at the last minute that he wanted to go to his Senior prom w/some friends of his, so he quickly got dressed up and I had to tie his tie for him. Hubby was gone, so I did the best I could. He's never worn one before in his life. (Our church is very casual).I still thought he looked so cute, even in his 'tennies' and spiked his hair just a bit. LOL

Well, May promises to be a very busy month for us~we have our oldest son's b'day in two days- May 2nd, he'll be 21, then my dad's is the 10th~he'll be 91, then our son's girlfriend's mom is the 13th, (which is also Mother's Day here in the states), then my MIL's is the 14th and my niece's is the 19th, plus a couple of good friends thrown in and it's almost like Christmas!!! LOL Oh, and our youngest son is graduating on May 25th~so we have a very full month indeed!!
Hopefully I'll get to put my new cake decorating skills to good use, since I just finished up the 4 wk. Wilton Cake Dec. class. But, boy do I need to PRACTICE!!!!!!!!! LOL

SEW, who knows when I'll get back on here, but I am in the midst of making a darling wool pincushion and also some Americana items, so when they're finished I'll try to post pics of them. In the meantime, happy crafting!



Christine said...

Clever and crafty you, Tanya! You really are a dab hand at making those pouches! They look fab!
Happy birthday to all those relatives - May is going to be one big party for you!
Best wishes

Patty C. said...

Wonderful pouches -
Have fun with all of the birthdays ;)

Carol said...

Wow! So many pretty pouches, Tanya--I love the fabrics you've chosen for them...

Hope your son had fun at the prom--his tie looks fine to me. I've never attempted to tie one before either :)

Enjoy all those birthdays and the accompanying cakes!

Country Prims said...

Wow but you are very gifted! Those pouches are just perfectly made and beautiful!!
You sound very busy with all your activites-ENJOY!

Soooo sorry to hear you had sparined your ankle-I have been missing recently. Hope you recover fully!
Hugs, Shazy

Myra said...

Your pouches look great Tanya! Awww, your son is cute - I hope he had a great time at the prom.