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Thursday, April 19, 2012

This and That and a Book Review

I'm back with a few pics of what all I've been up to lately.  Is anyone else out there liking this new Blogger format, cuz it's driven me crazy trying to do this post.  My pics were all over the place and I played around w/them till I got them somewhat straightened out, but they are still a bit out of order, so just hang in there and hopefully at least some of it will make sense, lol.

After the quilt I finally finished in time for our granddaughter's b'day, I finished that 'special order' ladybug purse that looks exactly like the one I made for myself last yr.  Here is the brand new version and I also made a matching kleenex pouch.  The gal was thrilled w/both pieces and I told her to keep me in mind if she ever wants me to make her more 'ladybug' items for her MIL, cuz I have several more pieces in mind.  She told me her MIL/FIL live in a trailer that is totally decorated in ladybug decor.  Never heard of that one before, but 'to each his own' as my mother always said.

I even added some tiny rick rack to jazz it up a bit....

 Sun. evening I was coming out of our camper, had my arms full of pillows/sheets to wash up, couldn't see my feet and totally missed the last step.  I fell to the ground and knew I had twisted my left foot/ankle.   This is what it looked like last night!!  It actually looked worse 3 days later than it did the first nite.  (Our 18 yr. old son told me to 'get that thing out of here' when I showed it to him in his room last nite)~LOL!!  We had a good laugh over that one. (I normally have a long narrow foot, so I wanted to show you what a difference it made).  Even my toes get swollen.
 The strange thing is that it looks almost back to normal by morning, then as the day goes on, it swells up pretty bad by late afternoon/early evening.  I have been propping it up a lot late in the day, and try to stay off of it as much as I can, but it still hurts across the top and I can't wear regular shoes yet.  Good thing the weather is warmer, cuz all I can wear right now are slip on sandals.

Onto the book review.
 Awhile back Bethany House Publishers asked various people to post a book review(good or bad) and they would send you a book for free to read and write a review on your website and then write one on theirs.  Well, I jumped on the bandwagon cuz I saw the word FREE, and so I chose what I thought would be a great book to read.  Sorry to say that I wasn't as thrilled w/it as I had hoped.  Now, keep in mind that I did NOT read the first book in the series and maybe that would have helped, but I was very confused in the first few chapters as to who was who and how they were related.  It seemed like the story jumped into the 'middle' at the very beginning.  At times I really did like the characters, but other times I thought they were a bit lame.  All in all, if you like historical romance (Christian Fiction), you certainly may want to try this one.  It wasn't one of my favorites, but it wasn't the least favorite I've ever read either.  The author has written many other books that I would still like to read.  I sure hope she doesn't mind my honesty on this one.

On to other news~ my oldest son's girlfriend and I have become quite smitten w/one another, get along great and have regular girls' day out adventures, so I asked her a few wks. ago if she wanted to take a cake decorating course w/me.  She was more than thrilled!  I have always wanted to do this, but could never find anyone to take it w/me, until Bekah came along.   The class runs for 4 wks. in a row and the second wk. we had to take a cake to decorate.  This is what hers looked like.  Really cute!

 This is what mine looked like..... I had it in the cake carrier and as I was coming through our front door it just plopped out of my hands and landed upside down, but boy did it ever taste good!!  My DH said it was the best icing I'd ever made!!!  LOL

I wish I could say that I made this darling cake for our granddaughter~Brooke, but they ordered it from a bakery.  Her favorite color is bright green, so they made it a 'frog' theme.  It was a square cake and really cute, plus tasted great!!

Here's a better view of the candles.... and look at those 'shells' on the side, made w/icing.  Mine don't look quite that good......................YET! ha

Here's the b'day girl herself at her great aunt's house.

Anxiously awaiting the opening of gifts..........

If you've hung in there till the end of this rather long post, hats off to you!!!  Happy Spring!!


Sweet Sue said...

Goodness, plz do take care of that ankle, hope you're on the mend soon!

Christine said...

Oh Tanya - poor you! That's looks like a nasty sprained ankle and the only remedy is rest and patience until it heals and i know all about that at the moment w/my wrist!
The ladybug fabric is really cute as are the bag and tissue holder!
I do like historical romance fiction and never read any by that author so maybe I should try book one!
Rest up and hope you have a great weekend!

PatC - All is Bright said...

Love the lady bug bag. Ankle looks bad - take care of it. Hope the swelling goes down soon.


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Oh my goodness, you aren't having very good luck at the moment! Take care of your ankle and I bet that cake was good!
Love your purse, too.

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Danice said...

Oh my, Tanya do take are of your ankle. The cakes are so cute! I am emailing you in a sec, also :)

Carol said...

Oh, Tanya! Your lady bug creations are adorable--I can see why the recipient was so pleaded.

Hope your ankle feels better soon--take care now!

Angie Berry said...

Oh Tanya, the ladybug purse and kleenex pouch are so adorable!! If her whole trailer is decorated in ladybugs, then I'm sure she will love this purse, hehe!

Goodness sakes, your foot is very swollen! Yowzers, looks like it has to hurt a lot. I know it's hard to stay off of it but do your best. Hope it heals for you soon!

Oh no, your poor cake! It's not funny, I'm sorry, I couldn't help but laugh. I'm sure you did a terrific job on it! That's great that you and Bekah get along so well, count that a huge blessing if they decide to marry. =] Brooke's cake is darling! I've never seen a square cake before. Brooke is a pretty young girl, looks like she had a great birthday.

Have a wonderful weekend~

Myra said...

Ouch! Seeing that ankle makes me hurt. I hope it heals soon.
Love, love, love the ladybug purse- so cute!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Tanya,
What a fun post but then there was your poor foot...goodness it was swollen. Arms, legs, feet will swell as it gets later in the day - I was told why once but can't remember the 'clinical' reason. Just know it happens...same as when we're not feeling well we get worse towards evening.

Anyway...love your cake decorating! My cousin brought a cake like your once...lol Really, she dropped it bringing it in!

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - always nice to see you visit.