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Monday, June 25, 2012

Heads Up

Just wanted to stop in for a moment and give ya'll a heads up about my new wool bundles I just listed in my Etsy shop. I had a local customer recently who wanted me to make her up some bundles to sell her and she bought several, but I had some left over so I thought I'd just list them if anyone's interested. I had been meaning to do this since I first opened, but just never got around to it, until now. So go have a peek.

Also, I have a bunch of new patterns I just ordered late last wk. that should be here tomorrow or the next day, so be sure to stop in later in the week as well. Hopefully I'll have them all listed in the next few days. I've been busy making up a few kits for the wool applique patterns too, and trying to get a little stitching done in between, but nothing finished yet to show you.

Hope you're enjoying your summer~ we just got an upground pool put together over the wkend, so I plan to jump in after this as it's been terribly HOT here!!

Just a reminder - you still have a couple of days to put your name in the hat for the pattern I'm giving away (see last post). I will pick a name on Wed. at noon.

Thanks for stopping by!! I'm planning on a few fun surprises that I'll be offering on my blog and/or Etsy soon, so keep checking back!! (I've had these ideas on the back burner for quite awhile, but need to work out the details before I reveal them). Gotta keep ya guessing~ LOL

Just a couple of pics to tempt you............

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Hello there long lost friend! You've been keeping yourself busy, busy. I love the idea of your little wool bundles and will check them out on your site. Right now I'm trying to play catch up from having so much going on the last few months. We'll have to catch up soon. Busy time of year for everyone. Hope all is well.