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Friday, July 20, 2012

Finished projects!!

We've finally gotten some much needed rain in our area these past few days, so I've been working on finishing up a few projects I had started awhile back. I never used to like the color 'brown' much, in fact, it used to be one of my LEAST favorite colors~ I always thought it was so drab, but ya know how things sometimes have to grow on you? Well, lately I have been buying fat quarters fabric in BROWNS!!! I know, shocking, isn't it??? LOL It is my new 'color' that I'm enjoying quite a bit actually. I love pairing it w/other colors that seem to 'pop' when combined w/brown. So here's another project bag that I made a couple of wks. ago that has those color combinations. I love the way it turned out! I was tempted to keep it for myself, since I've never kept any of the ones I've made, but this one is for sale for $20.00 plus shipping, if anyone is interested. This is my own design and I added some extra features on this one.

Another project I had started a long time ago, but finally finished recently is this cute 'Ladybug' by Country Cottage Needleworks. I love the varigated floss colors(Crescent Colours) that came w/this design. I'm thinking I'll make it into a flanged pillow when I find the right fabric for it. (sorry about the wrinkles, I still need to iron it)! I only had to change one color and that was the center of the flowers so they'd show up better on the pale yellow fabric.

Here's what I'm going to work on next~it's a brand new charm pack I bought on sale at a local quilt shop recently called, 'Phenomenal Fall' by Sandy Gervais. I love the colors in this one and again~there's a bunch of 'BROWN' in it!!!

Speaking of BROWN~I got my two baby quilts back from the quilter last wk. and here's how they turned out..........
Back side...........(I know I showed them before they got quilted awhile back)

My very first baby quilt I've ever made.............
Very easy pattern..........

One last thing ~ I finished reading this book I got FREE from Bethany House Publishers a few wks. ago and needed to post a 'book review' on my site about it. Well, I must say this one is just darling from start to finish. The characters are very down-to-earth w/a modern edge to them and there is a romance w/in a romance w/the secondary (older) characters that is quite charming. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part, although I didn't care for some of the phrases the author used in the storyline. They weren't all- out cuss words exactly, but I feel most Christians would find them offensive to some degree. (Thankfully there were only a few of them). The story line was believable and the characters were all endearing. I liked the way the main characters took their time getting to know one another and had such a great relationship w/the older generation. Mostly a good read if you like Christian fiction.

P.S. ~there is still one week left for the SALE going on in my Etsy shop(see last post for details). So stop by and check it out.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're still enjoying your summer!

Happy Stitching!


Daffycat said...

Awesome sewing, Tanya and I LOVE the ladybug SO much! Brown is one of my favorite colors so I'm glad it's growing on you!

Carol said...

Your ladybug is adorable, Tanya--it will make one very cute pillow... And your quilts look great--I especially love the blue and brown one.

Enjoy all those luscious new fabrics you bought--I'm sure you'll whip up something cute with them in not time :)

Christine said...

Oh-so-pretty sewing, Tanya!
The ladybug is a cutie stitchery!
I'm so like you when it comes to browns!! But I'm coming around to them especially for fall.

thanks for the review - don't know when I'll get time to read though!!