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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flag Kit, Pattern Winner and New Patterns!!

Hi ya'll, (said w/a southern twang) hee hee hee.
Just wanted to pop on here for another quickie post to let ya'll in on some more 'goodie' news, LOL.

I got my newest pattern order in and will be spending part of today and tomorrow getting everything listed in my Etsy shop, so keep checking back cuz there's lots of brand new patterns offered and I offer them at a slight discount too! Lots of the Buttermilk Basin ones back in stock and some I hadn't ordered before, along w/several other companies, so you won't want to miss out!

Plus I have one, yep, count 'em~ ONE Flag kit made up so far(I know, I know, I work sooooo fast, LOL), that I will be offering on there as well. It is from one of the new Buttermilk Basin patterns and works up really fast, so you still have plenty of time to use it this summer. (I do plan on making up more kits when I get a chance, so if there's any patterns listed that you would like a kit for, just let me know). I've already made up a few for some of my customers, so I really don't mind.

Also, the other day when I was floating around in the pool, I was able to get a lot of 'thinking' time in(I know that's a scary thot)LOL, but I finally had a chance to iron out the details of my upcoming 'Summer Fun Give~Away' that I mentioned on the last post. I've had this on the back burner of my mind for quite some time, so I will be sharing all about it hopefully on my next post. I hope ya'll will want to join in!! It will be something for everyone and it does involve my Etsy shop, but also a give~away as well. So stay tuned for some summer fun! ha

Here's a glimpse at just a few of the patterns I got in yesterday, but there's lots more. I really try to offer a nice variety of patterns and hoping to get more notions in soon too, plus I have the latest cross stitch patterns/booklets ordered that should be here any day.

July Buttermilk Basin kit.........And now for the pattern give~away, (which I plan to have several more to offer over the next weeks/months).............TERI was the winner. I will email you shortly so you can give me your addie.
I did get my pink/brown baby quilt back from the quilter's and now I just need to get it binded. So now the blue/brown one is at the quilter's and I should have it in a couple of wks. I found out that my niece is having a boy, so the pink one will go to another family member or close family friend later on and I'll have it all ready to go for once!

That's it for now~have a wonderful day/evening everyone!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Heads Up

Just wanted to stop in for a moment and give ya'll a heads up about my new wool bundles I just listed in my Etsy shop. I had a local customer recently who wanted me to make her up some bundles to sell her and she bought several, but I had some left over so I thought I'd just list them if anyone's interested. I had been meaning to do this since I first opened, but just never got around to it, until now. So go have a peek.

Also, I have a bunch of new patterns I just ordered late last wk. that should be here tomorrow or the next day, so be sure to stop in later in the week as well. Hopefully I'll have them all listed in the next few days. I've been busy making up a few kits for the wool applique patterns too, and trying to get a little stitching done in between, but nothing finished yet to show you.

Hope you're enjoying your summer~ we just got an upground pool put together over the wkend, so I plan to jump in after this as it's been terribly HOT here!!

Just a reminder - you still have a couple of days to put your name in the hat for the pattern I'm giving away (see last post). I will pick a name on Wed. at noon.

Thanks for stopping by!! I'm planning on a few fun surprises that I'll be offering on my blog and/or Etsy soon, so keep checking back!! (I've had these ideas on the back burner for quite awhile, but need to work out the details before I reveal them). Gotta keep ya guessing~ LOL

Just a couple of pics to tempt you............

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tweaking and a Pattern Pass~Along

Well, it has certainly warmed up in our corner of the world (Eastern Ky.) this wk. and supposed to have a major heat~wave all week, so I've been staying in mostly and tweaking a few things around the house just a little.

This little Americana vignette is in our laundry room. I just grabbed some things from our Americana living room and put them together to switch out the seasonal decor in there.

I love draping old or new quilts on a bench or couch or even from a quilt rack. There is just something about a quilt that is so timeless and cozy.....

These are my new 'star' dishes I got awhile back(actually a Mother's Day gift from hubby, which first started out as a Christmas gift, LOL). Had them in lay~away and finally got them out! (trying to make the kitchen a little more primitive).....Then of course I had to tweak the side cabinet and star shelf on the other wall....Just went w/a very simple look this time.....Stole, oops, I mean borrowed some things from different parts of the house.....and tried to keep it looking 'prim'.....The other day I finished another quilt top ~ 'Blue Boy' - just like the pink one I showed not too long ago, only in blue/brown this time. 'Pinkie' is off at the quilter's being machine quilted this wk. My very first quilt I've ever sent off, so I should get it back next wk. Then I'll have to do the same w/this one.....

Which brings me to the pattern pass-along~~~Since I bought 2 separate kits for the baby quilts~Pinkie and Blue Boy, I have an extra pattern that I don't really need, so I will give this one away, FREE of charge and send to just about anywhere.

All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post only and I will put the names in a bowl and pick one out, then get ahold of you for your addie. All I ask is that you are a follower of my blog, that's it. So if you aren't, all you have to do is click on, it's that simple. No advertising, no jumping through loops or a big list of rules, just be a follower and comment on this post only. You can have till next wk. ~ Wed. June 27th at NOON(Eastern Daylight Time) to leave a comment on here.

Ya never know, I just might add a little 'goodie' along w/the pattern.

Until then, I hope all of you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!! Thanks always for stopping by!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Did It!!

Last week I told you I was working on a baby quilt for my niece who is due in late Oct. and I actually 'did it'~ I actually finished it!!! I bought a kit at my local quilt shop and it is called 'Pinkie and Blue Boy'. I love kits cuz all the cutting was done for me!!
I did the pink version and now I need to get it machine quilted, then binded, but otherwise the top is finished!! Ta-da!!! Now I need to make a blue/brown version, as she won't know what the sex of the baby is until later. So hopefully I'll have one left over for someone else in the family later on. (That is my plan anyway).

It is mostly half-square triangles and you just randomly place them all around. Not too hard for me, in fact I enjoyed playing around w/them on our dining room table. It felt like I was playing a kid's matching card game or something. ha Anyway, one down and one to go!!

For those of you who've been waiting for the new Buttermilk Basin patterns to come in, well I just got mine in today's mail and can't tell you how excited I am about these new ones Stacy has designed!! Here's a sneak peek at some of them. These are not all, but just a few of the ones I ordered for my Etsy shop, which I hope to have listed in the next day or two. I wasn't able to get all of them that she came out with, but I did get quite a few, however, I have limited amounts of each one. Just leave me a comment on this post if you're interested OR you can email me if you want.

I do offer them at a slight discount (to offset shipping costs, not to undercut anyone), just an added perk I like to offer my customers, and I do offer international shipping to just about anywhere. In fact, about half my sales come from overseas, so I really don't mind at all. I might even try to do kits on certain ones.

I can't wait to get started on these two!!And I just got a few more cross stitch charts for those interested.....Well, I sold out of my hand-dyed linen, but I have a few more ready to go and I'll be offering on there as well, so stay tuned and check back again soon!

Thanks for your visit! I always enjoy having you stop by!!