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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Howdy!  I'm finally back after over two weeks of working daily for hrs. on end(except Sundays) on our room switching.  We actually just started out w/switching two rooms around and ended up w/a total of four!!!!  Four rooms totally switched out since the first of Jan!!  Whew!  What an ordeal and we're not totally finished, but about 3/4 of the way there!  Here's a recap of what all we did(see if you can keep up)LOL~ we needed a 'guest' room, so turned my old craft room into the new guest room for a guest who is now staying w/us.  So needed to repaint that room entirely.  
 Then we moved all the stuff out of the little 'prim' room next door(which housed my computer, put the comp/desk temporarily in the laundry room) and put most of my cr. room stuff in the little 'prim' room, until we realized it wasn't all going to fit! So my hubby came up w/the idea to give up his hobby room(he's into trains/model kits, etc) and move into the former prim room, which is a much tighter fit for him too, but he doesn't mind.  Then we moved our master bedroom(which has very large furniture into his old hobby room, (which is much smaller, but cozier) and had to find other places to put the extra furniture in, etc.), BUT it gave me a much larger room for my new craft room w/a walk-in closet AND a FIREPLACE!!!
I deep cleaned as we went and purged a bunch of stuff, in between moving all these rooms around.  Still need to do some more rearranging/cleaning, but we are really pleased w/how it all turned out.  The really NEAT news is, it didn't cost us a thing to do all of this!!!  We already had the paint from awhile back!!  YIPPEE!! 
  Also had to repaint the new master b'rm too, and had to do all these room switches in stages.  Had to move everything out, before moving all the other furniture in.  So still a few more piles of STUFF in places here/there, but the majority of it has all been put in their new space.  Now if I can just remember where to sleep!! LOL 
 R U confused yet???
Here's a sneak peek at one wall in my new craft room(the old master b'rm). We didn't repaint this room, it has been a light sage green w/a quilt border at the top for yrs. and it still goes w/my decor, so decided to keep it.  This corner cabinet was out in the 'barn'.  I wanted to use it to showcase a lot of my sewing theme decor I've collected/made.  Several items on here and around the room are from bloggy buddies I've swapped with over the last 3 yrs.
cross stitch bins..........

 This cupboard was in the prim room, if you recall.  (showed that room awhile back).
Wooly bins........
A little close up of the top.....
corner fireplace.....
I absolutely love having a fireplace in my new craft room!!  It is so cozy in there.  Yes, I still need to find another wood plate for the other plate rack on the right.  (Those were already in the room, so decided to keep them).
Well, gotta get back to work! :))   Thanks for stopping by.  Hope I didn't confuse ya too much! ha  Next time I hope to show you more of the craft room,etc.  Stay tuned!!.........Needless to say, I haven't had any time to stitch or sew ~ YET!!!  But I did get some new items listed last wk. on Etsy and I plan to get some more kits made up real soon!
Happy stitching!


jennifer768 said...

Loving your new room!It would be fantastic to have a walk in closet let alone that beautiful fireplace.Hugs,Jen

Catherine said...

Wow! Just a little green over here, as I don't even have a room to call a craft room!

Sheila said...

Yikes, girl when you take on a project you go big don't you?! LOL But I'm sure the changes and especially no cost to do it all will be so worth it when you finally get to enjoy it all. I'll have to check out your shop again. I'm doing some organizing and rearranging myself. S-L-O-W-L-Y...
Most of the changes I need and want to do require warm weather and that won't be for some time! Man, o man it's been freezing here.
Think of you often.......even more now that VD is upon us!
Bless you,

Country Prims said...

Wow Tanya, you sure have been busy! Must be the time of year but I am fighting a huge urge to move rooms about, but can't get it together in my head!lol!
Glad you have a bigger craft room and look at all that yummy wool!!!
you will soon be able to sit back and enjoy it!
Hugs, shazy

Carol said...

Oh--a craft room with a fireplace!! I'll bet you're exhausted, but thrilled with all of your room switching and purging, Tanya. That is always the best feeling to get a room cleaned out and a fresh start :)

Rouge Cerise said...

ohhhhhhhhh love your woolies bins ! I want the same:))) lol
Enjoy your new craft room!
x o x o

Fiona said...

You sure have been busy. Your new craft room looks fantastic and love your bins of cross stitch stash.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I just want to move two pieces of furniture and my husband is protesting - four rooms would put him into heart attack mode. :) blessings, marlene

Ray and Jeanne said...

Hi Neighbor! Marlene sent me over and I can see you are really busy - whew! I am just starting the journey of switching my craft rooms - I'm sure it's more fun to be done! ~Jeanne

Ronda Walker said...

Hi Neighbor, Visiting you from Stitchin at the Lakes, meet your neighbor day. I love your blogs title and your page it is very pretty. I'm new to blogging and I think the thing I love most is meeting new friends. Ronda

Brenda said...

Wow that is a lot of work! I only manage to get one room a year painted and spruced up. I came over for a visit from StitchinByTheLake. Glad to have spent some time getting to know you. I will jump in and follow also!

Grammasheri said...

What an undertaking! So glad it turned out so well for you and that you can soon get back to stitching.

I "met" you several days ago through Marlene's (Stitchin' at the Lake) "neighbors" introduction when you left a really nice comment on my blog. I got the chance to visit your place finally and am so glad I did! Lovely blog! Will drop by again!


Trace4J said...

You have been so busy. Love your room.
But I bet you were soo tired.
Woolie HUGS