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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sneak Peek and Some Book Reviews

Here's a little something I've been working on but haven't finished yet.  I just love the 'word' fabric, found it at Hobby Lobby awhile back and just had to have a piece.  Not sure at the time what I would make w/it, but thought it'd be pretty w/the bright green fabric and maybe some rusty orange shades too.  But b/c I'm such a tease(LOL), I will make you wait to find out what it's going to be made into, ha ha.
You have to look really close, maybe even click on the pic for a larger view to see what I'm trying to show you in this next pic.
 I was out walking my dog the other morning, so had to take it from across the street, since there's no sidewalk on the other side of the street and I don't have a zoom lens on my phone camera.
 The people that live in this house 'decorate' w/pumpkins like the scarecrow is 'mooning' you and then they gave him a 'buxom' female by his side to boot!  It always makes me laugh when we drive or walk by.  They've put this pumpkin pair out for several yrs. now, but it wouldn't be fall in our neighborhood w/out them, ha.
And now onto the book reviews ~ I have been given these free of charge from Bethany House/Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review.
'Made to Last', by new author Melissa Tagg, is a cute, light-hearted Christian fiction that has a love 'triangle/rectangle' going on.
The main character ~ Miranda, is almost like a movie star, in that she has her own homebuilding tv show, which began w/a real fiance who ran out on her 3 yrs. before.  The homebuilding part of it really interested me because of my own hubby/son's construction business, but I still found myself learning some new things.
 She pretends to be married for the sake of ratings, then has to come up w/a real guy to play the part, which ended up being quite comical in itself.  That person, Blaze, was just a hoot and I found myself wanting to know about his character, hopefully in a future novel.
 Meanwhile, another guy, Matthew, is a handsome reporter follows her around, digging into her personal life to get a 'story', for his own personal reasons.  As she starts having feelings for him, she still has to 'pretend' she's married and then in pops the original fiance to make things even more interesting!
Overall, I felt it a very cute and endearing story, but it was almost a bit confusing in the beginning w/the story line and characters and there really wasn't much interaction w/the character's relationship to Christ.  Other than that, it was fun read and a great first novel.

"Unforeseeable' by Nancy Mehl, is third in the 'Road to Kingdom' series.  At first I wasn't sure I could get 'into' this book in the beginning. I had forgotten who some of the characters were from the first two books and  I thought it was going to be the same ol', same ol' as the other two, but boy, was I wrong!
The characters developed a little slowly at first, but as I continued to read, I was really drawn to them and their faith in God as the story played out.
The townspeople have another murder to solve and the main character ~ Callie is engaged to the new Pastor of Kingdom Mennonite Church. Levi seems to know some things that he isn't able to share w/her about the murder case, which puts a strain on their relationship.  They learn to lean on one another as the mystery unfolds and learn much about trust and faith.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book till the very end. There were several times when I thought the story line had a much deeper meaning.
 Nancy Mehl knows how to write a good mystery w/great characters and dialogue, but still focuses on the characters' Christian walk w/the Lord, which I find most charming.

This new book, 'A Bride for Keeps' by Melissa Jagears, was not your typical mail-order bride story.  I read it in two nights and didn't want to put it down!  The characters were charming and humorous and the storyline was adorable, w/depth.
 Everett  Cline had been jilted several times by other mail-order brides and vowed to never humiliate himself again, but his good friends go behind his back and order him another one!  Julia Lockwood is more than a pretty face, but most men don't see beyond that.  She is running away from her family back east because of some horrible things that happened to her and finds that a platonic 'marriage' would suit her just fine.
Only trouble is, Everett starts falling in love w/her and it isn't what she wanted, or is it??  He needs more than just a helpmate to run his farm and she agrees to the 'marriage' because she has nowhere else to turn.   She works hard to prove her worth, but keeps him at a distance, not allowing room for real true love to enter in their pretend marriage. She acts one way and he thinks it's for a different reason and vice versa, making for lots of humorous situations throughout.
But in the end Julia finds out that God's love is what proves her worth, not all of her hard work.  A simply adorable read and great story line w/strong Christian characters.


Christine said...

Hi Tanya! I'm so curious to find out what you'll make with the new word fabric! Don't make us wait too long!
Thanks for the reviews, I really want to read them now!

Raggedy Creations said...

I seen one of those pumpkin people the other day...too cute.


Carol said...

I haven't seen that word fabric before, Tanya--how cute! I'm sure you'll make something darling with it!! Thanks for the book recommendations and the photo of the "naughty" couple--too funny :)

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Tanya, I would love to walk by your neigbors yard, it is always fun to have a good laugh. The books you have read sounds wonderful! Love the reviews, I am ready "Bride for Keeps" now and like you said, I just can't put it down. Have a lovely weekend. hugs, Lecia

Danice said...

The word fabric is really pretty. Looking forward to seeing what great item you will make with it. Hobby Lobby does have some nice fabrics :)