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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is it SPRING yet???

Ok , so I took all of my snowmen decor down last wk. as I thought perhaps I put a 'jinx' on us by having it all still setting out, so I got out a few of my spring decor and started a mad dash placing bunnies and garden decor out on the front porch and around different rooms in our house.  I couldn't find everything just yet, but here is some of it ~ LOL.  I know I still have a LOT of STUFF!!

 Please forgive me for not taking the time to IRON any of my pieces, I just wasn't in the MOOD! hee hee.
 Made most of these items over the yrs......

 I still need to 'tweak' the displays just a bit........
 Here is a recent purchase for some SPRINGY colors of WOOL, which is very hard to find I might add and this was the last of this ladie's wool in these colors, just sayin'!  I just love looking through this luscious pile as I'm in the midst of choosing different colors for an upcoming project I'm working on.
 Oooohhhh, la la, don't ya just love these pastel colors???  I love flippin' thru this pile and can't seem to put them in their perspective baskets just yet...
 Stay tuned to see what all I make out of these 'sherbet' colors...........
 I want to share my latest book review for those who enjoy reading Christian fiction.....
                                                This book by author Leslie Gould came to me FREE from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. 
 No offense to the author but this was just not one of my favorites of hers.  She is typically a very good author (I've read other books of hers) but this one just did not really grab me from the beginning like most of her other ones I've read in the past. 
 I found the story-line a bit jumbled from time to time and some of the characters were not all that realistic to me in the way they related to the main character of Molly Zook. She seemed to fall in love instantly with a guy from Montana named Leon, but her mother wanted her to marry Mervin, their employee/long-time friend in order to save their home and farm, even tho' he had originally been interested in her best friend Hannah. A love triangle/square developed when her new love interest seemed to have more in common w/her best friend than w/her.  
Molly's sister was another strange and somewhat complicated character, but she did point out to Molly how controlling she was w/everyone when Molly couldn't even see that in herself at all.
 Her best friend, Hannah, did not act like a best friend should at times, in my opinion, but that's not to say that there weren't parts of the book that actually did speak to me and I enjoyed. I just wished that it had been that way all the way throughout the book. It did end the way I hoped it would, so overall, it was still a good read if you like Amish fiction.    

Ok, well here's hoping that SPRING is on its way!!  We had a 'taste' of it the other day w/73* temps and the next day it snowed! LOL  So get those bunnies out and hopefully warmer temps will be here before we know it!!

Happy creating!!


Danice said...

All pretty Spring decor, especially the rabbits and that watering can. I am also ready for warmer weather. 'Love the new pastel colors wool. Looking forward to seeing all that you create with them. The book sounds like a really good read. I love Amish novels.

Raggedy Creations said...

your spring goodies are all so pretty.


jennifer768 said...

Lots of pretty Spring goodies! I am ready for warmer days and bright sunshine.Love the wool colors.Have a great day.Be blessed,Jen

Carol said...

Your post full of spring sure made me smile today, Tanya! YAY! It is finally almost here... I saw my first robin this past week so I know it is warming up :)

Love all your little pillows--it is always such a joy to bring out all the pastels and pretty things at this time of year, isn't it? I'm sure you'll be making some cute things with all of those gorgeous wools--enjoy!

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Tanya, Love all of your Spring decor, and I am drooling over that beautiful pastel wool, I love it. I almost picked the book that you read for my book, but picked a Janette Okes book. I love your honest reviews. Happy Spring, hugs, Lecia