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Monday, March 3, 2014

MARCHing On!

Here in Eastern Ky. we awoke to about 5 ~ 6 inches of  brand new snow, along w/some icy road conditions, YEP, we got pounded again, hopefully for the last time this winter!
 Let me just say that a couple of days ago it almost felt like SPRING!!!  I've been telling everyone that I think SPRING will be everyone's favorite season this yr! :))  It's always been mine!

 I finally got my March BOM done that I'm doing w/WOOLS, of course!!  I promise in real life that the clover is NOT brown, it really is more greenish in person, but for some reason, it looks a little on the brownish side.  I tried all different settings w/it and just could not get a good pic of the GREEN!  the outer border however, is really sparkly in person.
 I took down all of my snowman on Sat. (our springy day) and was really ready to put them all away, if you catch my drift, no pun intended, lol.   But I had to show you one last snowman couple that I finished stitching recently.  It was a Bent Creek kit from a couple of yrs. ago and it is stitched over 2 on 18 ct. Natural linen, w/pearl cotton # 5.  I still need to add the snowflake charm and button to his hat and make it into something, but for now, he's finished.
 I LOVE the cute little penguin(I have a 'thing' for penguins now too~hee hee, like I need more things to have a 'thing' about, LOL) beside him and also his darling quilt design across the bottom of the snowman(or snow~woman) who knows??   It was a very fun stitch, as I love using pearl cotton.  Got any ideas what I should make them into??

Well, it's too cold to go hunt and dig out all of my springy decor, but I need to do that soon!  My front porch looks really bare and I always decorate for each season, so hopefully it will warm up soon so I can do that.  Told my hubby today as we were tracking through several inches of SNOW that I guess I took down my snowman decor too soon!!

Stay warm and hopefully SPRING is on its way!!!


Carol said...

Love your March banner, Tanya... I have that problem with my camera not photographing colors the way they really appear, too--mine really has a problem with reds for some reason. And your little snowman and his buddy is adorable :)

I think all of us in the north and midwest can't wait for spring this year--it has been one dreadful winter! Hang in there--it has to warm up soon (I hope!).

Barb said...

LOVE of your projects! I really have a hard time getting purples and reds to show up true to color when I take photos.
Hope you all survive til spring! You have had a rough winter!

Christine said...

Hi Tanya! More snow? oh no and just as spring seemed to be on its way! But it is taking its time!!
Love the wooly shamrock block and your snowman and penguin - so cute!
Heres' hoping you see more springy days soon!

Farmhouse prims said...

Love your projects, you have so much talent! hugs, Lecia

Danice said...

The March banner is so pretty. Yes, sometimes cameras cannot capture true colors. Snow? We are having colder nighttime and warmer daytime temps, but so far no snow expected :)