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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Down Gingerbread Lane, Part Two

I hope everyone is enjoying this last day of the year!  Can't believe we are about to begin another new yr. tomorrow.  I've had a pretty good yr. for the most part.  In the latter part of this yr. I was able to renew several old friendships of gals that I hadn't seen/heard from in yrs. and that is always a wonderful blessing.  I'm so very grateful to the Lord that He allowed me to reconnect w/them.

I agree w/several on here that have mentioned how the blogging community has changed in recent yrs.  It is rather sad to me that no one seems to bother to comment much anymore, let alone 'visit' many on here.  I have even thought of closing my 'doors' so to speak, but deep down I still enjoy visiting w/so many of you and would hate to not have that connection anymore, so for now, I will continue to blog when I can and continue to visit and comment like I always have.  Thanks to those of you who visited me this past yr. and especially to those who continue to comment from time to time.  I really appreciate your sweet thoughts. 

Without further ado, here are some more pics of my Gingerbread collection.  This is my corner cabinet that I decorated a bit different this yr.  Usually I stack the 3 wooden blocks on top of each other, but this time I gave them each their own shelf.

I hope you enjoyed my little 'tour' and I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Down Gingerbread Lane, Part One

Some of my longtime followers might remember my obsession w/gingerbread!  Well, it turns out that I have way more than I thought I did.  It looks like an explosion went off in my kitchen!! LOL
So I'll start w/my island and how I changed it up a bit this yr.

Here is the cookie jar, not sure where I found it, but it is one of my favorite pieces.

 This was made by my dear friend Wendy from across the ocean.  She is one talented lady!!
 These were the only things I bought new this yr. and they were a big hit!  The vinyl placemats were on sale for less than $2 a piece!  Now that's a bargain!

 In the middle is a recipe book I made at a Scrapbook store a few yrs. ago.  It has a teeny gingerbread cookie cutter on the upper left side.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as we did!!  So much fun and laughter around the table last night!  Just a wonderful feeling of family love that only grows more dear to my heart each yr!!

I'll be back w/part two in a few days!  Stay tuned!  Lots more GINGERBREAD coming your way!