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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Craft Barn Tour Part 3

Hi! Welcome back to my craft barn!

First I'm going to start off by showing you some of my overdyed floss. I like to use a pegboard as I can arrange them alphabetically. This saves a lot of time hunting for the right color. I have them mostly separated by companies. This is the Gentle Art Sampler Threads to the right. (to tell you a secret, I still have several skeins that I haven't hung yet, but 'shhhhhhhhh', don't tell anyone)! LOL
This side holds mostly my Weeks Dye Works and Crescent Colors, plus a few Valdani.
A ring of my thicker overdyed Watercolor threads from the Caron Collection.
This corner houses mostly Six Strand Sweets, DMC overdyed and overdyed Pearl Cottons. Plus anytime I use one for a project, I just slip the remainder of the skein into a floss bag and alphabatize them on a ring.

I used to have all my regular #5 Pearl Cottons hanging too, but ran out of hooks, so tossed them into a clear box. Later on I will re-hang them in numerical order, when I get more hooks of course!
This is on another wall above the old Singer sewing machine. These bins are all of my wooden rubber stamps and the shelf on top has a lot of my cardmaking supplies on them. These shelves were added a few months ago.
The black baskets hold all of my 100% wool fabric.Another angle of the wall and corner.
This is another desk added recently to accomodate my stamping area. Notice the rain gutter ~ it holds a lot of my rolled ribbon. I have lots of loose ribbon in little bins that have compartments. I used to love making handmade greeting cards, but haven't been in the mood lately.
Here's some more shelves w/various craft items back in the closet. I love to label everything for easier access. I hate trying to guess what's in each storage bin.
By now you can tell how much I like to have my things in either bins or baskets. I love being able to find things easily.

This is another wall in my long, narrow closet. This shorter side houses the smaller items and the black baskets hold all of my wool felt, assorted by colors.
Since our major renovation last yr. on our house, my closet is a bit messier than it used to be. We used the barn to 'toss' things into while our house was a mess and it still isn't as neat as it used to be.

This wall holds another peg board that I use for the wreaths I made. It gets them up and out of the way so they don't get smashed this way.

For all you cross stitch fans out there, here is one of my clear bins that holds most of my bigger graphs.
I have them separated by theme.
This is one of my comfy chairs I use to stitch in. It is actually more burgandy in person (the flash makes it look lighter and more faded out than it actually is). It sits to the left of the old Singer machine/cabinet that I showed in the first barn tour.
Well, that's it folks, for today's tour.....but I hope you'll come back again soon, as I still have a few more pics of some things out in the barn, plus some stitched items that I've been working on.
Also, I have an Americana-themed first giveaway that I'm still working on and I'll be posting about it in the next couple of weeks, hopefully.
Thanks again for stopping by and have a great week!


Country Prims said...

Hey..is that perfect organisation or what!

You could still sell stuff-are you taking orders?LOL!

I love it all-especially all that floss and I see yummy scrummy wools!!

Have a great day, Blessings, Shazy x

Christine said...

Am I dreaming or something?!! What an amazing array of just about everything I love to craft with and you are so right having things labeled etc to find quickly! You are so lucky to have this craft barn and good for you on being so organized.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Catherine said...

Your Craft barn is divine! So well organized. It`s lovely.

Ellen S said...

Hey, Tannie!!!
The bran looks great!! I have personally seen the barn, Tanya and I are great friends!! It is absolutely to die fro and every crafters dream! She has given me some great ideas!!
Do you want to walk tonight?

Angie Berry said...

Just wonderful! I am really into organization too. My friends make fun of me for being so organized. I know they do that because they're jealous. Haha! But you are so right-- anytime I need to work on something, I know right where it is.

I've really enjoyed your barn tour! Thanks so much for sharing your great tips.