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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Good Friday/Easter everyone!


May we never forget the true meaning of EASTER!!! If we're a child of God, we can rejoice knowing that our Savior rose from the dead and has gone to prepare a place for us w/HIM in heaven! Oh Glory! How my heart sings w/anticipation of meeting Him one day and reuniting w/my loved ones who've gone on ahead!

Thought I'd show ya a few dollies I made about 2 yrs. ago. I especially loved the ladybug material used for her dress. This one got sold. It was from a Bowl~n~Annies pattern.
This one I named after my sweet mama, Iva Jean, who went home to be w/the Lord this past Oct. This will be her first Easter up in Heaven w/Jesus, whom she loved w/all her heart. This one I can't bare to sell.

This one turned out kind of goofy looking, but I thought her freckles were cute. Her hair is 2 colors of yarn used together.
This one was given away.

This is from a Threadbare Primitives pattern. I painted, sanded, and grubbied her. She never goes anywhere w/out her buddies ~ crow and watermelon. She now sits on a rocker in my living room.

This one I named after a great aunt of mine, Iona. We used to call her~ Aunt Iona, but we thought it was all one word when I was a kid. LOL
She was a very fiesty lady and a lot of fun, but she loved the Lord too.
A Sue Allemand pattern. Notice the pinched nose for a more prim look.
The same pattern for the body only I used darker material and added the apron and sheep. I free-handed the stitching on the apron.
This one got sold recently.
This little dollie is real tiny. I named her Keisha. I love her bright colors and her cute little face. She is a 'My Raggedy Dolls' pattern.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to be back soon w/some more house pics and maybe even give a sneak peek of what's inside my craft barn (on my header).
Stay tuned and enjoy this gorgeous weather we're having. It's supposed to be in the low 80*s today and over the wkend.
P.S. If anyone is interested in buying any of my craft items, just send me an email and I'll get back w/ya.
Have a blessed Easter everyone!


Christine said...

Wow!! What a truly talented girl you are! Your dolls are awesome and I love them all!

Have a wonderful Easter celebration for it is so good to rejoice in a risen Savior!

Prims and Annies said...

I love your dolls and I enjoy making dolls from Bowls and annie patterns. I will be checking back to see what's inside the barn. I would like to have a barn like that in my back yard.

Nanna said...

what sweet Annies, , keep up the good work! thanks for visiting me today

Country Prims said...

happy Easter to you and your family buddy! Isn't it such a blessed time, just to think what our Saviour went through because He loved us all so much?
Such amazing annies and I sure love those prim ones-you certainly are soooo talented:)
Love the rest of your kitchen tour-your black units are beautiful-I think if I was there I would sit and stare!LOL!
Just home and perished here with the cold:(
Easter Blessings, Shazy x