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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Table Top Tues.~Sneak Peek Inside My Craft Barn~ Part One

Here, let me open the door for you. Come in, come in. Welcome to my craft barn my hubby made for me a few yrs. ago when I closed my cross stitch shop. Hey, a gal has to have a place to go with all her stuff, ya know. wink, wink.

This old Singer sewing machine used to belong to my hubby's great aunt, then my MIL had it for several yrs., then I was fortunate enough to receive it from her. It holds a special place in my heart being passed down to me, and I wanted it to have a special place out in the barn. It is the first thing you see when you enter.

This little snippet jar holds my leftover floss. I gave 12 of these out for Christmas one yr. to all the gals in my stitch-in group. We used to meet once a month for dinner and a stitch-in. What fun times they were and we'd stitch till midnight or later. The highlight of the evening was our show and tell, where everyone would show what they were working on and we'd all ooh and aah over everyone's piece.

This sewing desk area is actually a 'nook' that is about 4ft. by 8ft. long. I painted and sanded all the cabinets above and below, black, yrs. before it became such a popular prim color. Sometimes this tabletop is extremely messy, but it does a good job of holding what I need when I get in the MOOD for sewing. Yes, I have to be in the MOOD, LOL. Anyone else like that?
I love having natural lighting while stitching or sewing and I have a nice view of the back of the house.
I tried to talk Mr. Fix It into putting in more windows, but he thought I needed more wall space for cabinets and decorating, silly man.
One of the gals who worked part time for me stitched this towel as a shop model. I thought it looked appropriate on the wire towel rack.

Ten Commandments of my Sewing Room. I ordered this plaque yrs. ago and it has some cute sayings on it. Click on the pic to enlarge if you need to. Notice it has my name engraved on the sewing machine.
Hey, a girl's gotta have some color choices ya know. Actually I have more thread in a little basket.
After having a very simple Singer sewing machine for 20+ yrs. and a Kenmore that I grew up with, I must admit that I love my Janome my hubby bought as a Christmas gift two yrs. ago. Guess he got tired of listening to me stomp w/the old one everytime the foot pedal stuck. LOL

My MIL found these for me recently when she found out I was finally getting into vintage style. I think one of the first things I ever made was an apron for my dear sweet mama back in the 7th grade.

Thought I'd show just a few more pics of the adjacent wall to share a peek at what's to come in some future posts. Gotta tempt ya'll to come back. wink, wink.
I have lots more pics of how I organize all my cross stitch fabric and regular fabric, as well as all my floss, patterns, and two other walls, plus my craft closet, not to mention all my cardmaking supplies.
This little stitchery I designed and framed myself. The resin sewing items were a gift from a very dear friend of mine.

This is one of my oldest sewing tins I have. It holds a lot of my buttons.
Please join Marty for some more unique tabletop designs. Thanks for the visit and don't forget to come back again soon for the rest of the tour.


Christine said...

Well thanks so much for the invite to step inside!
So glad to be able to have a peek and I wasn't disappointed! You have a fantastic place to stitch and create! And you are sooo organized!
I have to be in the mood to organize myself!lol!

Have a good week!

Country Prims said...

What a haven!! Can I come and play too? No I'd be happy to just sit and drool! LOL!

You seem to have it so well organised-just can't wait now to see the rest:)

Yah, a gal makes for a better wife and mother if she has her own toys-the way to go!!

Thanks for visiting and your lovely comment-just had to burst your bubble incase you thought I was perfect-HaHa!!

Blessings, Shazy x

Kathleen said...

I bet you create wonderful things there!
Is that an embroidery machine too?

nannykim said...

I just love the display of all of the thread--so colorful and it says, "Come sew!". What a nice talent to have!

my post is at my spindlecottage blog here:


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh wow, what a fabulous room to do your sewing and crafting in. I have just drooled over every picture. I love all the old sewing machine images and items. I learned to sew on an old singer treadle machine. Boy was that a long time ago. You have everything organized and decorated with such lovely vignettes. It looks like a picture perfect place. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

Brenda said...

I love it! A playhouse for grownups! You lucky girl!

Shari said...

Tanya, I tried to leave a comment here last week, but blogger was wacky that day!! Love your crafting space!! So neat and organized! I have the same machine from the heart association! I love mine, but haven't used all the stitches, but One day....

Angie Berry said...

Wow! I am SO jealous!! You are one fortunate girl to have a barn for all your sewing, creating and crafting!